Friday, June 18, 2010

Writer's Relief

For my fellow writers out there, have any of you guys gone through 'writer's relief'? What it is, is when you've been writing way too much, and your brain starts to hurt, your mind explodes onto a piece of paper. Like, doodling, random writings, etc. Its a brain break for writers and it feels REALLY good after writing too much. I've done it twice during Outcast writings, and once for Ice Crystals. It helps A LOT. Seriously, if your brain starts to feel heavy and tired from writing, just find a scrap of paper (I usually do it in the notebook I happen to be writing in :P) and let your pen do the drawing for once. Just let go....

I did that last night and boy, was I happy. X-filer laughed at me. I laughed with him. And there was much rejoicing.

I'll come back later with an example of what I mean. Laters!


The Golden Eagle said...

Absolutely. I usually do it through physical exercise though, but yeah, I know what you mean.

Icewolf said...

Well, Ima doodler, and me and physical exercise (but I'm not fat!) just don't work together.

Physical exercise: Work with me here!
Icewolf: Nnnnnnnnn-oh!
PE: You make me irked
Icewolf: Nya!
PE: Gar, just say something in English!
Icewolf: FEH! No.

We just don't get along. *laughs*

Jayden Black said...

AMEN!! I doodle...though I usually don't give my mind rests too often...hence I get a lot of blocks! I should try that sometime! Thanks!!!