Friday, June 11, 2010


Welcome! You are a kit. What is your name and who are your parents/siblings?
I am Wolfkit! My parents are Fireleaf and Willowbranch. I have only one other sibling, Dawnkit. She's quieter, but just as energetic as I am!

Nice name! You are left alone with your siblings (If you have any). What do you do? (Ex: Run away into forest, stay...ect.)
Together we race to the elder's den and see if any of them have good stories. We promise we'll stay awake this time.

It's your apprentice ceremony! Who is your mentor?
My mentor is Ripplewing, called so for his speed. He is kind, but quick-thinking and sometimes goes too fast for me. One day I'll beat him in a race!

Great! What is your favorite kind of training? (Ex: Tree climbing, battle training...ect.)
I love tree climbing. Touching the sky and tasting the's very soothing if I want to get away for a while. Maybe my warrior name will be Wolfsky.

Oh no! Shadowclan is attacking! What do you do?
Rush into battle, trying to find my sister, Dawnpaw. A warrior pounces on top of me, causing me to end my search. Frantic, I twist and land a blow to his shoulder. The tom cries out, and bites my scruff. Suddenly, Ripplewing comes out of the fray to help me. Together we defeat this tom. To my surprise, it's the deputy! 

Shadowclan has been defeated! Because of your bravery, you get to go to the Gathering tommorow at Moonhigh!
I smile and nuzzle Dawnpaw, who also is going for excellent hunting. 

At the gathering, you see a cute cat from a different clan. S/He's from Riverclan and is an apprentice too. What do you do and what is her/his name?
Heat surges underneath my fur as they approach. Dawnpaw grins at this newcomer. 
"Hi!" the cat says, "I'm Nightpaw."
"Wolfpaw," I mutter softly. Dawnpaw introduces herself, but I barely seem to hear her...

What a fun gathering! Now it's time for your warrior ceremony! What is your new name?
Wolfsong. :D

You meet a really nice cat in your clan that likes you. What is her/his name? Do you like her/him or that Riverclan cat?
His name is Redfire. Confused, I climb a tree for solstice. After going through my feelings, I decide that I like Nightpaw, now Nightmoon.

You now have three kits! What are their names?
Firekit (for the cat I nearly loved)
Starkit (for she belongs with her father, just as the stars belong in the night)
and Dapplekit (for her tortoiseshell coat)


Jayden Black said...

Whoah!! Cute! You mind if I take this quiz myself? I love the Warriors series!

Icewolf said...

*bows* go right ahead!

Jayden Black said...

Thank yas!