Saturday, June 5, 2010


Akov: How do you know he hasn't run away?
Tamiki: Knowing the poor soul, he probably has.
Icewolf: He hasn't! There a sign of a struggle!
Sauntoyi: Well, that's an issue.
Tamiki: What sign?
Icewolf: He forgot his teddy bear, and there were claw marks at the door, so I conclude that he was fighting to get to it.
Everyone: .....O.o?
Icewolf: Inora NEVER leaves without Mr.Fuzzums. Never!
Tamiki: Well....let's think of suspects...
 Charry (right, hugging victim)                           Inora's Evil sister who has no name
Motive: obsession                                               Motive: hatred, loneliness, or just 
((copyright to Shimmer))                                     no other reason

Easter Bunny
Motive: bad day, and hates Inora
for trying to kill when he tried to 
hide Easter eggs in his house.

Icewolf: Well, that helps a lot. 
Tamiki: Better than nothing, right?

 Tune in next time for the interviewing of the suspects.

 End note: Shimmer, on Da Lovely World of What not, could we interview Charry? NO ONE ELSE GO, UNLESS YOU WANT A SPOILER!!!



Shimmer the Cat(Admin) said...

Of course! Anything to find Inora! *Snatches up magnifying glass* Shimmer is on da case!

Icewolf said...

Great! We awl miss Inny...
Akov: speak for yourself!