Saturday, October 30, 2010


Soes: Icewolf for the plural version of 'so'

Anyhow, just here to chat. I walking into my house today and nearly was knocked out by the candle scent. Wtc? *nearly faints* My poor nose. A candle has been burning since this morning and it's owwie for my nose.

But fall has finally arrived!!! It's nice and chilly outside, and I stepped out and was overcome with so much wonder and appreciation for God's creation. I love fall. It's my favorite season of the entire year! ~yay~

Thanks for still coming and visiting my blog guys!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

*rubs back of neck*

Heh, sorry Squeaks for freaking you out a little. Just excited about finding a book that I've looked for about 5 years.

So, yeah. *sigh* My blogging inspiration is dwindling. Racing against a clock doesn't help much either. :( But I deserve it. Once I gain my mom's trust I'll go back to longer posts.

*glances at clock* I have a little more time. So at school, I've been doing this clay project of a dragons and it is WICKED. The wings are huge but it stays put, and the only thing I need right now is the head and neck. Which I will confess will be the hardest part.

Auditions for the next play at our school coming up! ~yay!~ Pray for me!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time Cat

Squeaks, I love you.

I have constantly looked for that book.

And now it is found.

I love you!

~happy happy joy joy!~

Again, blog curfew. Thanks! icewolf

Monday, October 25, 2010

I need to remember....

Okay, so here's the thing: I remember reading this one book, I sorta remember what it is about, and I know exactly what was on the cover.

But I don't remember the title. I read it when I was a kid, and I remember loving the book! BUT I DON'T REMEMBER THE NAME. If you have and do know, please help me!

The cover: A black cat, sitting on a pier that looks like it was from ancient Rome, arrows flying in the background, possible a pyramid too, but there was an ankh shape on the cat's chest.

Summary: The boy goes with the cat through all of it's nine lives in the ancient times. I can't remember much other than that. But it was really neat, they went to Egypt, Rome, America, Europe. *narrows eyes* BUT ARG THIS IS ANNOYING.

Anyway, if you know a book like that PLEASE help. Thanks!

~Again, sorry for the shortness

Sunday, October 24, 2010

*shame* *shame* *shame*

Sorry guys. I'm being limited now until I earn back my mom's trust. From now on I can only do blogging and stuff from 8:30 until 9. It SUCKS! But I understand. Just sorry for not posting much for now. *shame*

I drew Inora and profiled him today. That was fun. :D He's actually happy in the picture, so I put a note that the emotion drawn is not a common emotion for the character.

Not much else. Currently I'm working on a puzzle though. Oh, and I know World of What-not is getting slow, and I'm so sorry, but lack of time...:( :( *SHAME*

So sorry guys.

~With much shame, Icewolf

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Question: How to you top the title named 'Fall and Inny's mind"?

Answer: Fall in Inny's Mind.

Inora: How is that better? And you were thinking about clay dragons.
Icewolf: Shush! Stay out of my thoughts.
Inora: I only come when you want me. *smiles quickly, blushing slightly (rhyme!)*
Icewolf: *stick out tongue, ignoring brief awkwardness* Yeah well, my thought are
Inora: Full of the smell of grilled cheese.
Icewolf: X-filer! If you burn that....*dashes to make sure younger sibling isn't killing himself*
Tamiki: Hewoo, you tortured creature of yonder currently under the sway of our lovely author here. 'author' not 'Author'.
Inora: *glares* And what brings you here?
Tamiki: to alert you that I'm setting up a Halloween Party, which is going to be a dance party, at your house, just like we did to Kovvie.
Akov: I'll say only this *appears* do NOT harm Icewolf in any way, shape, or form. Hurt her in anyway and I will not, can not stop myself from hurting you 100 times more.
Inora: Yeep. Why are you threatening me like this?
Tamiki: We know you.
Inora: You don't.
Akov: We know a bit.
Tamiki: We know enough.
Inora: *scowls, and retreats from them and sinks into his own mind*

~The scene changes to fall~


Eh, I don't know what else, Inny shut me out of the part of my mind labeled 'characters' and the sub-part labeled 'Inora/Inny'.

Anyhow, about those clay dragons, I made one! Tis awesome! I'll post pics, but it's not fired or glazed, so it's going to be a while. That's all for now!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall and Inny's mind

Apple pie. Apple crisp. Apple cider. Apple butter. Apples. Apple Jacks.

Apples. Apples. Apples. Pumpkin. Apples. Apples.

I've noticed apple everything.

Anyway, just a little blurb. Sorry I haven't gotten to posting much, but my grandparents are over, so I'm limited...:D

But hey, they took me to a HUGE theater production. It was about the story of Joseph, and I got to get out of school at 10am. So I only got three classes in before *grins* nevermore.

OH! Today, in Drama class we had to act a part, and I decided to have a sarcastic personality as my character. Since I needed a character to slip into by name, guess who I had to call upon?

Love you Inny.

Inora: All I did was give you words and how to say them. No biggie.
Icewolf: *taps him playfully on the nose* Ah, but without you, I'd would have been stuck.
Inora: *shrugs*

I just found it neat how I called upon my characters in the realworld. Maybe you fellow authors should try that sometime, just act how your characters would for a bit, and maybe you'll understand them better. As for me, I got to glimpse into Inora's mind...which is a bit fascinating. Sometimes loathing but very cutting. It's neat.

Inora: Glad you like my depressed world.
Icewolf: *smiles*

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I wonder where this is going to go...

            “He’s wonderful,” breathed Raven.
            “He’s the first one of them all,” Fox commented. “Now tell me his story.”

            “Catch that thief!”
            The boy raced away from the marketplace. His bare, dusty heels slapped into the dust, each step gaining more speed than the last. Maybe this time he could make it.
            Behind him, two top-heavy men raced after the boy. He grinned. They didn’t have a runner’s build, giving him the advantage. He willed his legs to move faster, and they granted him his wish. The men chasing him howled. They were going to lose to this scrawny scrap if they didn’t do something fast. The boy felt a surge of hope. At last, he could have a meal!
            Suddenly, a third man broke from the ranks of his pursuers. He was a tall, lean man, with long legs and a determined face. The boy jumped in surprise and doom. This was a runner, and most of all, there was no way he could escape if he ran all out.
            Quickly the boy veered and jumped up, grasping the wall for a hold. The hard material didn’t yield, and the boy plummeted back down. Oh come on, he thought, if I can just get to the edge of town…The boy dodged pedestrians, left, right, right, and left. He veered into several alleyways, but never once lost the tall man.
             Finally, the boy breeched the town’s edge. There were scarcely any houses, and all of them were abandoned. And another thing: who would believe the man of what would happen next? The boy stuffed his prize, a long loaf of bread into his mouth, and jumped up into the sky.
            The man skidded to the halt, barely believing what he saw.
            A four-legged beast took to the sky on large wings. Scales covered the body, and the predominant color was orange-red. A long tail was spiked at the end.
            It was holding a loaf of bread in its jaws.

            “He raised his head to the stars, and breathed heavily. How beautiful they were. But none of them had beauty even close in comparison to this planet. The life, the elements that he hadn’t known existed, and the landscape was outstanding and exceeded his hopes.
            “‘Come on Xylok, we must get you to Quon! She’ll help you get better, I promise!’ A red female hovered over him, eyeing him in panic. ‘Please! Please don’t just lay there!’
            “Xylok only could gaze at her. How beautiful she was. Not even this planet of which he loved so much could compare to his feelings for her. Pain tore itself in his chest, creating a chasm between his heart and his mind.
            “‘Oh Sofl,’ he gasped, ‘Sofl, Sofl, Sofl…’
            “‘Don’t! Don’t do this to me! Xylok! Xylok!
            “Xylok glanced at Sofl, then to the stars, and then back to Sofl. ‘Fly. You can’t let them get you. They’re scared, but they’re powerful. Go to the Opia. You’ll be safe there. Take the whole colony and go to the Opia…’
            “And the great Xylok breathed one last ragged breath. The wounds on his flank were too great, the bones in his body too broken, and his heart in his chest was too saddened by his love’s pain.
            “‘Opia,’ he said with his last breath, ‘Opia.”
            Fox’s green eyes were wide with the sparkle of tears. Even Raven was crying, smoothing the edges of the sketched fallen dragon.
            “He was a very brave dragon,” Raven told her child.
            “Braver than a lion?”
            “Braver than a lion.” 
            “What an interesting story. Not a typical story told to a child,” a teenage girl walked in and set a basket of produce on the table. Dove glared at Raven with the soft blue eyes of her father.
            “Mom you can’t keep telling her such odd stories. It’s not good for a child,” Dove scolded. Raven set Fox’s drawing on the table next to the basket.
            Dove was Raven’s other child born by the same man that was Fox’s father. She was very much like her father, skeptical, sarcastic, pale blonde hair and soft blue eyes that resembled water given to merchants. She was also tall and skinny for her age, 17, but was also very elegant in figure. The men of the town seemed to fall for her at first glance, but none was good enough for her. Even if she did like anyone, Dove played a difficult came of try-to-get-me-if-you-can under the philosophy “if he doesn’t try hard enough he isn’t worth it”.
            “I just say what came to me,” Raven replied, “how was the day at the market?”
            “Was Basal there,” asked Fox. Basal was Dove’s new love, and Fox was old enough at age 10 to know that it would annoy her sister to frequently mention him. Dove stuck her tongue out at Fox.
            “Well, there was a thief at the bread stand and the pursuer came back swearing upon everything he could that the thief transformed into a beast at the edge of town. I think he couldn’t stand the fact that somebody outran him.”
            “Who was the pursuer? Don’t tell me it was Voil. The man can’t stand being beaten at anything,” Raven scoffed, rolling her eyes at the thought.
            “It was. Is this another creature, Fox?”
            Fox fetched the dragon Xylok and handed it to Dove. “His name is Xylok and mommy just told me his story!”
            “Hm,” commented Dove, “and Xylok was the one that died?”
            “Sadly, yes. He was a magnificent dragon,” Raven sighed. Dove raised a skeptical eye brow.
            “Dragon?” Dove turned to Fox, baring her height over her sister.
            “It’s a dragon,” she stated firmly. Dove looked at the paper again, her skeptical eyebrows knitting together.
            “Weird,” she said, “Voil described the beast very much like this. But dragons don’t exist.” Dove gave Fox back her drawing. The girl clutched it to her chest and glared at her.
            “Of course they do, you just don’t see them!” protested Fox. Dove smiled slightly at this, remembering the days of her childhood.
            “Dragons or no dragons (“They’re real,” insisted Fox), Dove, help me make dinner and Fox why don’t you go play outside? Don’t talk to any strangers mind.”
            “Yes, mama,” both girls chorused.

            A dragon dropped from the sky not too far from the village, smiling to itself. Whipping his tail under his belly and drawing his head up so that his entire body aligned itself at an angle, Quiv landed heavily on the ground. Finally, he could eat!
            To consume the bread on a smaller stomach, thus killing his hunger quicker, Quiv transformed back into his boy’s form. He extracted his prize from his mouth only to break bits off the bread to put back in. The sweet bread melted away in his mouth, and flavor burst onto his tongue. His stomach welcomed the food in a savoring sensation.
            “Are you the thief?”
            Quiv started guiltily, spinning on his heels. A girl about his age stood there, hands clasped together and eyes staring curiously but not accusingly. He relaxed some, but wondered how much she saw. Unless he was careless (which he had been when he was escaping his chaser), no one could see him in dragon form. If she saw him ‘pop’ out of midair, she might call the police on him for witchcraft.
            The girl only smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you’re a dragon.”
            Quiv nearly dropped his bread if had not been his hunger.
            “W-what?” Words felt odd coming out of his mouth, since he hadn’t really spoken since 3 years ago. But this girl had caught his so off guard that he wasn’t thinking.
            “I can see you when you’re a dragon,” the girl sat down in the dust, and gestured him to do the same, “I see all the creatures that others can’t. It’s a bit sad sometimes that everyone misses out on them so I draw them for my kind.”
            “Your kind? What are you,” Quiv asked. He didn’t sit, wanting to be able to run if he needed to. But he didn’t think he would, he was too curious as to how she could see the Mythical Races.
            “I think I’m human, but I and my family have odd talents that I noticed. Aren’t you going to sit? I’m not going to hurt you, I’ve never had the chance to talk to a dragon before,” the girl reached for him, but Quiv sat down before she could touch him.
            “Odd talents?”
            “Are you just going to ask questions? Yes odd talents. I draw stuff, my mom can give you the stories from those drawings, and my sister…well she has a great memory for things. So what about you?”
            “What about me,” Quiv retorted, taking a bite out of his bread. The girl rolled her eyes.
            “Again with the questions. Just talk,” she sighed, “I’ll start. My name is Fox. What is your name?” Quiv shifted, but decided that he rather was starting to like this Fox.
            “Quiv. Dragons are capable of transforming into humans, if only for a day at a time.” 

This was introduced to my by Cx2. And here is my entry!

Hope you likee!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


So you know that dragon story I did for the blogfest? Well I experimented...

Chapter One

            “Tell me a story,” a blazing red-haired child swept into the room. “Tell me a story about dragons.”
            Raven, a tall woman who had the hair color of her namesake, leaned away from the wooden table and smiled at her child. Dragons were a great story topic for Fox (names in their family were traditionally animal) and it entertained her.
            “But Fox, why? You know dragons aren’t real.”
            “But daddy always said there once was,” Fox chirped, plunking herself onto one of the chairs and beaming at her mom.
            “How about you do this,” her mom grinned, tapping Fox on her small nose, “you’ll draw me a dragon, and I’ll give you a story about it.”
            “He. It’s a he,” the girl frowned disapprovingly at her mom.
            “Alright, I’ll tell you a story about him.”
            Fox jumped out of her chair and fetched a sheet of paper and charcoal that her mother had paid a fortune to purchase. She had noticed her daughter’s abnormal ability to draw life-like fantasy animals, and naming them bizarre names. Such drawings she would ask Fox if she could sell them at the market to earn their family a bit of money. Sometimes she would yield, but other times she hung them up in her room to keep. There were things called ‘fairies’, ‘unicorns’, and even ‘griffons’ that seemed to be real animals morphed together. Even though the combinations should have scared Raven it didn’t. Though there were no such creatures to have ever existed, they seemed to have their own beauty.
            The only recognizable name Fox produced for her mother was ‘dragon’, but the picture was very unlike the stories. The stories presented dragons as large winged snakes, with the ability to melt anything with some sort of magic. But her daughter drew them with four powerful legs and paws, a broad chest, a lashing and long tail, and a lengthy neck with a diamond-shaped head. In some pictures the dragons issued fire from their jaws.
            Fox had never allowed her mom to sell any dragons.
            “I’m done!” Fox grinned, and handed her mom a picture of a magnificent beast with branching horns. His eyes seemed to stare into Raven’s soul, and the dragon seemed to radiate authority.
             “He’s wonderful,” breathed Raven.
            “He’s the first one of them all,” Fox commented. “Now tell me his story.”

Grant me this rant

Heh, rhymes doesn't it?

So let me talk to you about a 'friend' of mine.

'Uh-oh', thought Icewolf's vivid readers, 'here she goes on another rant that doesn't really matter. Ah well.' Well well well my dear readers, yes in fact this is a rant that doesn't really matter but something that has been bugging me for at least 5 years.

Let me start with this:

One night, a girl was having a birthday sleepover, and the next morning she wanted to go with her group of six-some to a restaurant. But the next morning, oh woe is her, the road is a bit icy. Her mom pulls one of her friends aside (who in fact could easily walk home in about a distance of a yard away) and tells her that she is worried about the future weight of the car and asks the friend to go home. The friend, dejected, walks back to the others she has come to known and starts to pack.
"Why are you packing," the host girl asks.
"Your mom is sending me home because the road is icy," the friend said back, a tone of hurt quite obvious. You'd think the host would pick up on it, and try to do something about it.
"Oh," she said, blinking, "sorry."
And did nothing.
So the friend, hurt and sad, walks home with her belongings, and bursts into quiet tears, thinking of the warm breakfast that she didn't get to eat with her friends.

And that friend was me.

So I've been friends with this girl who lives by me for years now, and let me tell you, for it's long life it hasn't been a very good friendship. My 'friend' had an awful habit of lying way back, and constantly told me lies. One day (I was a very gullible kid), she told me that one of my favorite characters in one of my books was out to get me. I was too scared for three days to open anything in fear that this character would get me. Finally on the third day she told me that it was a joke and it wasn't real.

I got angry, and I think I told her that she needed to go home.

I did that often. I'd hint that it must be getting late and she needed to leave whenever she irked me but she wouldn't yield and stay until I told her outright that she needed to go. When we grew up more she would stay for a few minutes then have to leave. She was constantly trying to get me to be girlier, buying me lip gloss and make-up for my birthday.

She never seemed to understand how I felt or even tried to see me for who I was. We constantly got into fights about me not being girly or something like that. To this day she doesn't even seem to care about what is going in my life and all we ever talk about is homework. She doesn't seem to try to start a conversation about anything else.

And I'm sick of it. I'm done.

"No more," I told myself, "I can't go on with this anymore."

I mean, what friend would do nothing about them leaving, but do a lot to change who their friend is?

Anyhow, if you read this, thanks for bearing with me. And thanks for being friends for me as well.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Blogfest post!

             My post: Dragon

            The sun slowly slid behind the horizon. Excitement sent tremors through my body, and I couldn’t hold my tail from twitching to and fro. As soon as darkness swallowed the land I launched myself from my perch. My wings pushed the air aside in waves, and I tucked all of my four paws underneath my warm underside.
            Pumping my wings rapidly, I soared above the trees and into the night sky. Cool darkness washed over my slender form, traveled gaily around my wings, and tumbled around my tail. The tail in question steered my flight. A devious thought formed in my mind, and I put it into action.
            Deep in the back of my throat a rumble vibrated. Angling my diamond-shaped head down and throwing my tail up to descend, I issued a jet of fire in front of me. Using my momentum and weight to drag me down, I plunged head-first into the flames. The sensation felt good over my scales.
            Satisfied, I jerked my head up and my entire body followed. Not too far was a new perch for me: a relatively small mountain. I banked and clasped my large paws into the rocks, claws crunching stones into pebbles.
            Tossing my head to the stars that were just starting to twinkle, I roared with all my might, redefining my birthright and my majesty. My tail lifted and clashed with the mountain, and the earth shuddered. Nothing was mightier than I. Nothing was larger than I. I was one of a kind, and would defend my rights to my last fire-laden breath.
            Dragons had arrived.
            “Hear my cry, creatures of Earth,” I roared, so loud that my voice could easily be heard across at least ¼ of the way across this small planet, “Do not fear us, but grant us your respect. I and my brethren have no wish to harm you, but we will defend ourselves if attacked. Lo and behold, DRAGONS HAVE COME TO THE EARTH!”
            Behind me, creatures of my kind, who have come a very long way to inhabit this wonderful and interesting planet, streaked across the sky and bellowed their agreement. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So I've been writing quiet randomly lately. And ~heh~ I've been writing in my Geometry notebook...which isn't really good...

"Write the inverse of the following: If 7+2 is x then x is... She fiddled with the camera and smiled gainly."

*laughs* Or something like that. Maybe I'll post them later, but I just put my binder away. Also I just go back from being a geek freak and watching Yugi spazz out. I like reading Yu-Gi-Oh way better than the show, spare the part when I see Yami (other Yugi basically, aka, the spirit within this Millennium Puzzle or the Pharaoh) come in play and hear his awesome voice. It makes me smile and want to screech happily. He's just so...epic. And when Yugi's voice gets deeper, you know serious shiz is about to go down. The books can't really show you his epic voice, now can it?

School so far is okay. I don't really enjoy lunch period because I'm basically alone, but I like most of my classes. Spare gym. X-filer saw the post I wrote earlier about this and his favorite quote is:
All the jock: YAAAAY!
All the preps: Eeeeeeee!
All the emos: *sighs*
Me: ....eep.....

Speaking of X, his birthday was yesterday. Isn't that great?! He's such an awesome kid...when he wants to be. ;D

*rocks back and forth* Not much else. I'm about to go check out WOW. Later.

Oh! I want to thank the new followers who joined me recently. I'm very glad you decided to enter my world of absolute randomness. WOW stands for World of What-not, which is another blog that survived. And my characters like to roam free, but right now it's a tad bit of awkward-

Akov: A BIT?!
Icewolf: *throws a brick* You better chill or I'll seriously hurt you.
Inora: Can things go back to normal now?
Tamiki: Yeah, I want to be devious but I can't really do that if half of us are moping or po'ed.
Icewolf: Whatever. IF Kovvie calms down that is.
Akov: *to new followers* Don't call me Kovvie. *to Icewolf* Fine. Whatever. I want a cookie.
Icewolf: La di da.

Well, I finally figured out why I don't really have any other characters that come onto this blog that are female: I hardly get along with them.

Crystal: You get along with me.
Icewolf: Hm. Would you fit in with the others?
Akov: *looks Crystal over* I guess so.
Inora: Whatever.
Tamiki: HIYA!
Crystal: Alrighty then...

Crystal is another of my characters. She's in Ice Crystals though, not Outcasts.

Alright, NOW is goodbye.

~Goodbye~ Icewolf

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Deep down at heart

Quick, simple and easy tag:

-Find a picture of your favorite animal or one that you think that describes you
-Go have fun at Picnik *YOU MUST HAVE THE FOLLOWING WORDS ON YOUR PICTURE: Deep down at heart... ...I'm a (blank)....
-Explain in the post why you have that certain animal

And I know you're all going to think I chose a wolf. Fact is, you're wrong:

Reasons: I swim very much like one. I love being agile, I love seafood, don't mind getting wet, sleeps, and overall, otters are just so awesome. They are cute (like me :D). We both like cold temperatures, we play more than most do, legs are short (mine aren't that short, just shorter than others) but powerful (heck yeah), we burrow through snow, and one thing that is different is that otters live in pairs or alone, and I like a pack.

I tag:


Seven minutes until I need to get off. *yawns again*

I have play practice (yush, I'm doing another play) everyday this week, and it's a bit chaotic. But that's okay, it's all fun. Also pray for me, I have auditioned for the next upcoming play and am hoping I got a part.

So, let me just talk. *slowly blinks* Wow, I'm beat. I don't even have energy cuddle with Pookee - wait yes I do. *holds Pookee* Who cares if I'm too old to have a stuffed animal? People are never too old for stuffed animal.

Sorry I don't post as much as I used to, but with school and everything, I'm finding it hard to get a decent amount of time here. And yet here I am yammering uselessly.

I'm thinking of creating some tag or whatever. Be back tomorrow or sooner!


The cookie dream

Once, when I was a little child, I had a dream where there was a cookie army after me. Scared, I plunged into a dark house, but the cookies surrounded the house trying to get in. And woe is me, the chant they were saying was "Now it is time for you to die die die..."

Freaky or what?

Anyhow, I wrote this last night to establish a bit of sanity:

"So what are you hoping to accomplish here?" 

I paused in the doorway of the room of my mind, glancing at Inora. He looked back at me, emotions unreadable but clearly there. 

"Sanity?" I suggested. 

"Fat chance," scoffed Shadow (she's Inora's future girlfriend). She pushed herself off the wall, glaring at me. "What are you going to do when you're supposed to be writing a love scene between me and him?" She jabbed a finger at Inora. "It's almost like you're so lonely that you just create romanced for yourself to dream about." 

Both Inora and I flinched. Shadow and dropped her hand, eyes still glittering angrily. 

"And I can't dream?" I muttered. "I'll work something out, and you'll get your love scene," I spat. Shadow continued to glare. Then, she dropped her gaze. 

"Technically she wrote me out of a stroke of inspiration and then decided to put us together," Inora pointed out.

Intense unrecognizable emotion caught me and I sat down quickly. 

"I've let you guys grow too much. You make your own choices and shape your own future. Most authors just write. Somehow I'm different," I hissed remorsefully. 

"And what is so bad about that? Let's stay on topic here," Shadow snapped. Inora leaded back, folding his arms. I looked at him, trying to gauge what he was thinking. Nothing.

"I'm tired," I glanced from my mind to the realworld clock, "See you guys in my dreams."

"Hmph," snorted Shadow, "Get a life."

As they began to fade, Inora suddenly reached out and yanked me into a hug.

"I'll decide my future, okay?"

Shadow was fully gone, but I willed Inora to remain.

"But I'm not a character in Outcasts. What are you going to do when book three rolls around?"

"We'll see." And he was gone. 

I sighed, pulling from my mind and feeling sick with myself. What a mess. And Shadow was right - I need a life.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Operation Combat

Just wanted you all to know about Emily. I don't really know the full details off my head, but this girl named Emily is going to be in isolation for cancer, undergoing a lot of radiation-what-not. Operation Combat is for a month, and fasting while at it. Squeaks suggestions:

·         1 meal a week/day (for older teens, you can give up lunch for one day a week or once a day)
·         Fast food from 6pm till breakfast the next morning (that means no snacks, just drink water)
·         Fast gaming devices (Wii, iTouch, gameboy, etc), junk food (chips, pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, prepared foods)
·         Fast words (this is a cool one); don’t speak for a certain time period each day (if you go to school, you can’t choose those hours, lol!). My suggestion would be to not speak from 5 or 6pm until the next morning.
·         Fast books; many of you are readers and love your fiction; a good way to focus on prayer and healing for Emily would be to give up reading fictional books (not including books you’re required to read for school) for 1 month. Read the Bible and pray for Emily instead.
·         Talk with your parents and discuss what you should fast. They might be able to come up with other creative ideas. If you’re under the age of 18 make sure that you talk with your parents before you begin to fast anything; they need to give you permission.
·         If you’re over 18 or already done growing, pray about taking on the challenge of a full fast (no food at all; just fruit juice and nutritional liquids) for 1 month.

Me? I'm going to not each lunch every Wednesday and instead pray for Emily. It sounds harsh. See Squeaks' post about it here.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hi blogworld. It's Inora. I need to rant a little.

Did I ever mention how scary it can be in Icewolf's world? Or how glorious?

And did I ever mention how scary and inglorious Akov's assassin skills are?! I fear for my life. I mean sheesh, you'd think a dude who wasn't really attached to a someone wouldn't be so upset over this kind of thing.

Well, let me say, Author, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Please don't hurt me...

And Icewolf, when you get to read this (I'm right here!!! I'm typing this at your command dumbbutt. Inora: oops...) well, as you read this I don't mean to put you through confusion. I hate complications, so lets keep this simple:

I am a sarcastic character (and proud of it) that cares for those around him even though he may never show it. I'm just one of those people, er, werewolves.

*sighs* And I'm off, now that I have made things clear. And if Akov kills me before the next post, Micheal you may NOT have any of my stuff. That goes for you too Eagle. Definitely not you Charry. Actually, no one may have my possessions. Just leave it to collect dust.


Just for the weekend

Bad news: I'm leaving for the weekend
Good news: Jesus, I'm going camping, and I get marshie-mallows.

*laughs* So yup. Things are a bit tense with my characters, but that's okay, I get to talk to them before I go to bed.

And may I confess..........I'm a bit confused on how I feel for Inora. I mean I love him as a character, but....I dunno, it's not like the way Auth likes him. And right now, Inora doesn't want to comment on that. Akov is fuming. *wince* His anger hurts my head a bit. And Tamiki...I sense deviousness coming from him. Something must be brewing in that odd mind of his.

"With word of mouth or pen,
I cannot vivify to you
How serious our love-lives in spirit are.
May you see Jesus as the tender
One He is and be satisfied
With no other."

Isn't that beautiful? Squeaks wrote it. The rest of the poem is on her blog, but I liked this part the best. "With word of mouth or pen". Heh, I could never be really poetic. I'm more of a writer than a poet. :P That doesn't mean I haven't tried...

But alas. 

Later blogworld, Monday or Sunday! <3

~Icewolf and characters

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And so....


Icewolf: *hums* Interesting turn-out at World of What-not huh?
Akov: I'll say. Now where is that fiend Inora?
Tamiki: He's in hiding. He knows you're mad.
Tamiki: Hence him hiding.
Icewolf: Akov, we were never really an item.
Akov: Yeah, but, still!
Icewolf: That sentence isn't very informational.
Akov: *growls, and flies up*
Icewolf: *sigh* I'm going to go find Inora myself.
~she walks away~
Tamiki: Aw. I'm all alone.

Icewolf: Inora? Inny? INORA? *knocks on his bedroom door*
Inora: ....
Icewolf: *sighs again* Inora...
Inora: I'm not coming out.
Icewolf: Inora, the party didn't mean anything.
Inora: ...
Icewolf: Nothing awkward between us, right?
Inora: *whips open door*
Icewolf: I thought you weren't coming ou-
Inora: Awkward?! You're asking me if things between us are awkward?! Well, there's only the small minor fact that you know my feelings for you. *green-eyes glare*
Icewolf: *swallows* Well...
Inora: And the fact that Akov wants to kill me. That might cause a bit of an issue.
Icewolf: Inora! Stop, I get it.
Inora: *lets out an angry breath* *slams the door*
Icewolf: *leans against the door* I'm sorry.
Inora: For what?
Icewolf: I should've ended the party when Author when storming out and-
Inora: Don't blame yourself.

(somewhere else)
Tamiki: *laughs* Well that's just corny.
Akov: *swoops down* *muttering*
Tamiki: *rolls eyes* Oh come on sour puss.
Akov: Hmph.
Tamiki: We should do something fun for the next event at WOW. Something....epic....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet Pookee

Meet the legendary Pookee. He is awesome and I love him. As we type, he is next to me. His fur is soft and fuzzy, and I love him to death.


Sunday, October 3, 2010


Thanks SO much Eagle! I feel really special to be among the 15 bloggers out of 120-something followers you have. You lucky bird. And since I'm not that fortunate to have that many followers, you all get this award!

So, I got this stuffed animal otter and he is AWESOME. I named him Pookee, which is said just like it spelled. Poo-key. I'll post pics later (and I promise that a lot don't I? Heh) but it's way too late for me to do that now.

Also, my friend painted my nails, so it feels odd to type currently. *glances at nails* Oh's a pretty midnight blue sparkely color, so at least it isn't anything MAJORLY girly.

Okay, so let's talk about Pookee. His weapon: the pokeblade. Which is a poke thing. Which I'll also post pictures of later. He is epic in every way, shape, and form. He is soft, but he doesn't talk, but reminds me a lot about the characters from Shimmer's book Seastars (which she needs to get working on, I'm waiting...:D)

And that's really all I feel like typing tonight. Bye blogworld!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tell me somehow

Okay, if you can't comment, please tell me somehow, like a post or through someone else's comments. Shimmer told me she couldn't comment, so if you can't comment to this, I'll try and see what is up. THanks!