Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just for the weekend

Bad news: I'm leaving for the weekend
Good news: Jesus, I'm going camping, and I get marshie-mallows.

*laughs* So yup. Things are a bit tense with my characters, but that's okay, I get to talk to them before I go to bed.

And may I confess..........I'm a bit confused on how I feel for Inora. I mean I love him as a character, but....I dunno, it's not like the way Auth likes him. And right now, Inora doesn't want to comment on that. Akov is fuming. *wince* His anger hurts my head a bit. And Tamiki...I sense deviousness coming from him. Something must be brewing in that odd mind of his.

"With word of mouth or pen,
I cannot vivify to you
How serious our love-lives in spirit are.
May you see Jesus as the tender
One He is and be satisfied
With no other."

Isn't that beautiful? Squeaks wrote it. The rest of the poem is on her blog, but I liked this part the best. "With word of mouth or pen". Heh, I could never be really poetic. I'm more of a writer than a poet. :P That doesn't mean I haven't tried...

But alas. 

Later blogworld, Monday or Sunday! <3

~Icewolf and characters


Squeaks said...

Awesomeness! Thanks for link (well, it's not really a link, but it's cool that you used my poem :) I'm glad they're being "broadcasted" so to speak).

You sound really close to your characters :P That's so's a good thing for an author, except it would be so very heartbreaking if you had to ... *clears throat and whispers* dispose of one.


The Golden Eagle said...

Have a great trip over the weekend. :)

Icewolf said...

Squeaks: Well, sometimes if they're annoying it's a joy to kill them

Eagle: Thanks!