Thursday, February 25, 2010

Name Contest!

 This poor fellow needs a name. Profile-


Personality: kind, shy, semi-sarcastic, serious, fun, caring, and most times withdrawn

Lives: moving to Forest of What-not

Gender: male

Likes: forests, trees, quiet, and butterscotch

Dislikes: loud-noises,  over-optimistic creatures, and Wizard of Oz (sorry fans if you're out there)

Age: i have no idea. 'round the 1-100 area. ( ;D )!!!

I love love love photobucket! I go there for all my wolf pictures! Of course I then edit them on paint. Examples:


I had a hectic morning anyway.  I thought we had a two-hour delay and my freaking alarm clock died on me. Thus, I got up at 8:40 when I'm to get to the bus stop 9:03. So I jumped out of bed, cursing my alarm clock, and rushed to wake up JK, my twin. He saunters downstairs while I try desperately to tame my wild hair....until he tells me only the school office is open.

So then my mom and I try to make eggs benedict. First we didn't have and hollandaise sauce mix and had to make it ourselves. Which was fine besides the fact that the recipe called for WAY to much lemon juice... Second, my mom was trying to save our hollandaise and told me to whip up the eggs. Then she realized that we needed fried eggs and not scrambled. So we took out a muffin pan, poured in the egg batter, and threw it in the oven with our bacon. The bacon was the only thing that actually came out right.

But at least it snowed and we have no school, right?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Akov's children

For those who have read Outcasts through and through, you know Akov. If not too bad. I have no idea who the mother's going to be yet, but get this-

They're all magic, and all black and white.

This one is a female named Keela. She's a slender wolf who's mostly black spare her chest, belly and hind paws. She's quite, but a fantastic fighter. Her favorite activities are running and hunting. Keela is open to anybody, but when she feels threatened or wary, she is good at hiding the important things.

This is Quesra, named after the saying "Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be" for her laid back attitude. As seen to the right. What separates her from her sister appearance-wise is her shinning silvery eyes, just like her father's. Quesra loves the cold seasons, winter and fall, and she also loves to tell stories.

Fyro on the other hand, is the black (and white) sheep of the family. He's mostly acting tough, but Keela has caught him crying late at night. Fyro is strong and also an excellent fighter.

the tech geek fails

Geek: The freaking settings won't let me do as I wish and upload my old template that could have the old comment settings so that it would go back to normal. I tweaked the HTML multiple times, replace the template, and it still refused. I want to bash my computer to bits and pieces just so we could get a new one, but this one has all my files on it and it would suck to lose them.

English: I can't fix the comment settings to get used to it. I'm angry. I desperately want a new computer.

Mrph.....(icewolf for: *noise of irkfullness*)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Technical difficulties

The comment thing is screwed. So, don't panic, I'm working on it. For now I'll have this weird comment setting until I can fix it. Sorry.

Monday, February 22, 2010

As promised

And as promised, I have your pictures! The one is of me editing the horror of 71 pages, but actually in real life I've gotten a lot of it done. Yay for eroding brain! The second is of my brothers. The one up top is my drawing-happy (trigger-happy, drawing-happy?) quiet brother (name with-held) or JKshooterman or JK for short. The one on the bottom is my as of now anti-social, hard-to-bear, want-to-just-have-him-go-away-right-now, but when he wants to be the funniest, great-to-be-around brother (name with-held) or X-filer.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Editing...gotta learn to love it

While I wait for Flux to reply to my query, I sit editing my's a long, painful (sorta) process. But I have to love watching the Outcasts weave their story, using me to write their words and life. Sometimes it's like they show me what happens and all I do is put it to paper for them. Editing their words is something that just make me want to sleep, but with 4 months to get it fixed up before Flux sends back a reply, I can't really slack off. But it's 71 pages, no biggie...*weeps* Unless any of you have printed off 71 pages to edit, it's a lot to handle. Thus, I continue to forage on for the werewolves of my story (and dragon, tri-form, shape-shifter, werewolf-hybrid ((btw, how do you say 'hybrid'? I pronounce it hee-brid and then people look at me funny and then I know I have to work on that)), etc.)

And now, I really feel like drawing random doodles. So, if you come back later, I'll probably have some picture posts up. Laters!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gah! *dies*



On both the top and bottom of this blog are voting booths. Please proceed to vote in them, I need the feedback! The one on the bottom may effect the future of Outcast-kind! The one on the top just tells me who's more popular so if I have them slated for extermination, they may be saved!

Yes, it is true. I do have a few characters in mind that could possibly die in Outcasts. Not telling who, and don't vote for everyone so that they'd be saved, I'll know. *mysterious look*

And I know other authors out there know a death makes a gripping book. (rant time!) Once I read a book where the character was presumed dead, and I hated the author and wanted to quit the book, but for reading's sake I kept reading. Later, I found out that he wasn't actually killed, just hit in the head brutally. But he didn't end up with the main character, so he might as well be dead. He was my favorite character in the book too....

Anyway! Please vote!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tamiki's Rival

You may have already seen Inora's picture down in the post called 'fun pictures'. But you don't really know him. So I shall introduce Tamiki's rival to you.
Welcome Inora!

Inora is sarcastic, white, blue-eyed, long-furred, and one of the few werewolves who has wings and isn't magic. He was formally blind until he met Shadow, another cynical but dragon-winged werewolf. She is magic and when she hits Inora in a fit of rage, a bit of her power leaks and cures him. Upon which he follows her for the rest of his life. Shadow learns to like him, as well as her sisters, Apple and Angel. Though Apple, a golden werewolf with feathered gold wings, was a bit miffed by him, she got used to it. Angel on the other hand, a white werewolf with white feathered wings and green eyes, who is ever so kind, instantly welcomed the new wolf. As the story proceeds (btw, this is book three of the series, not written, just thought out), you learn he was very picked on as a pup by his siblings, blinded by a bully who later Shadow tries to kill, and that Inora is really a nice, sweet guy under all that sarcasm. You just have to dig a lot to get under all the sarcasm.

Fun pictures

This is the dresser my dad is making my along with a bed, and another smaller dresser. The pillow is part of my future room set.

The balloons are from a party, and I was sorta loony at the time so I drew on them.

This picture is a mini of a new character that is part of the story Outcasts. He isn't in the story yet, and neither is the other one. Inora is the one on the left, and Shadow is the one on the right. Inora sorta ties with Tamiki in my book *winces* sorry Tamiki. You're still #1, Inora's #1.5

The other pic, he doesn't want to be named yet. Call me crazy, but my pictures have their own personalities. Ex., Inora always is drawn and then 3 days later he reveals his identity to me. He irks me, but I love him.
Anyway, this wolf doesn't want to be....wait, he just let me. Believe it or not, he wants to be named X. X! I was just thinking of calling him Wolf X, when the name stuck.
So welcome Wolf X.


Tomorrow I'm editing my query letter to my hopefully-future-publisher and sending it! Then I get to wait for about three months maximum for a reply....and I'm I scared like crap if crap could be scared!

If I don't make it, there's others. But who couldn't love Tamiki, or Aurum? Or Xela? Or Emmy?

I'm not very good at summarizing, so if any of you are, please please please help me out.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

I love Tamiki sooo much! He's my favorite character out of all of Outcasts! Sorry Xela, Aurum, Kayla, Flamdura, Emmy, Dragon....etc. But Tamiki beats you all!!!

In fact, he existed before Outcast (b.o?). He survived through two other failed stories, each of which are now in the way back of my mind. Seriously, they were horrible at 20pgs and made no sense *shivers* but I learned from them.

So today, on the day of love, I dedicate this to Tamiki Whitefur of the Outcast Pack!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Okay, it's all good

I'm editing, if you want all of Outcasts, I have a shortcut for you down on the side labeled 'stories'. later, I'll put more of my stories up.

But this means I'm getting rid of the long posts of the chapters. *wipes tear* but it also means you can read the chapters in order! yay!

a pic of mwah

last night, though i desperately wanted to go to sleep, my mind decided that i should draw. so i drew a picture of me in my wolf form. thanks mind....

anyway, i love it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I would have had 'another' in italics up in the title, but it wouldn't let me. That is why it is in caps.
Anyway, me and one of my friends are co-authoring (if that is a word, if not it is now) to write another story yet. There really is no plot yet, we're just ping-ponging back and forth, writing as we see fit.
So as of now I am working on Outcasts the Awaking (book two of the series), Ice Crystals, and this new story that we're currently calling Da Random Story until further notice.
Just to let you know. If I'm a little backed up on getting you stories, see explanation above.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Almost there!

I have a draft of a email query for a publisher called Flux *quivers happily*. I have a 50% chance of getting in. I most likely will be rejected though... Pray for me!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Meet the fishies

Red- Xela. Blue- Aurum. White- Tamiki. Orange- Kayla. Yellow- Emmy. Black- Flamdura. Sorry, can't find another color for Dragon. Feed them by clicking the box! It's so much fun watching them!

Another story started

for those who like my stories, i have started a new blog for another series called the Element Series. I already have titles in mind (Ice Crystals, Shadow Fire, and Heart Stone ((cool, right?))) There is an explanation on the blog about it. Go to Have fun!