Thursday, February 11, 2010


I would have had 'another' in italics up in the title, but it wouldn't let me. That is why it is in caps.
Anyway, me and one of my friends are co-authoring (if that is a word, if not it is now) to write another story yet. There really is no plot yet, we're just ping-ponging back and forth, writing as we see fit.
So as of now I am working on Outcasts the Awaking (book two of the series), Ice Crystals, and this new story that we're currently calling Da Random Story until further notice.
Just to let you know. If I'm a little backed up on getting you stories, see explanation above.


maggie said...

This is maggie ok alex you are awsome becouse i could never write a book and ps i love it the book is amazing

Icewolf said...

thank you! that really means alot to me, maggie! *smiles happily*