Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Iggy Rant

Warning: If you have not read the Maximum Ride series, skip this!

I don't care what people say about Fang and how 'wonderfully perfect' he is, Iggy is DUH BOMB...almost quite literally. I mean, who wouldn't like a guy who is blind and can fuse bombs? Plus, Fang is way too emo and stuck on Max. Gazzy is cute, and Angel is creepy, and Nudge drives me insane how she might end up with Iggy and talks at 50mps. But Iggy? A sarcastic blind winged freak that makes me smile? You bet my feathers are fluffed. To be honest, don't tell him though, Inora was inspired to me by Iggy. He'd freak if he knew. Iggy...he can even feel colors! How cool is that?

*sighs* So boot out Fang! If Iggy died, I would go kill something in revenge. Fang can die, just not Iggy. Later people! *winks and flies off*

Monday, March 29, 2010


Jayden, I do not kill you....

I do the next best thing!

The tables turn people! On her blog Storming Souls she put a poll with me and my fav. character as a couple. Even though I would not mind this at all, it feels sweet to reverse this.

So vote people! ;D

Sunday, March 28, 2010

We have E-2, E-3...

...who's E-1? Summary: Crystal unfurled her wings at school just to see what would happen. Her parents had to move, but the government found out and tried to take her. She escaped and flew to ruins where other experiment hide called the Refuge. There she meets Shadow, Spark, and Chef (her best friends ever), but Cougar, Sugar, and Elocin as well (not so good 'friends'). Dreams begin to creep into her life. They are of her destroying a city with the E-2 (her experiment brother Cougar ((she's E-3))). But there is one mystery unsolved. Who is E-1?

This is where I switch from Crystal's p.o.v to Shadow's. Here you go people!

            It was all I could do not to punch Cougar. With my eyes stormily shut, I sipped another bottle of toxic waste. The tingle of radio-active liquid soothed my throat. I felt Crystal stiffen next to me. Her beautiful red feathers were splayed as if they were electrified. I set down my cup.
            “Get out,” I growled. I glared at Cougar. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tess-one flinch as the taste of this scene became something vile. Crystal’s hair had turned a flame red and her eyes were a chilling blue.
            “What did you say?” Cougar rumbled, getting in my face.
            “Get. Out,” I repeated. “Before you start a fight. Do I have to get Elocin over here?” Cougar snarled once, but turned to leave. Fury waved off of Crystal as he stalked out of there. But under that anger, fear tinged the air. Dog was also inserted into me, so I could smell these kinds of things.
            I turned back to my meal. Spark was fizzling, his shocks refusing to go away. Crystal looked as if she were on fire with her red hair. Tess-one silently slipped away to the safety of her sisters. I felt as if I was a cat rubbed the wrong way.
            Finally, Chef came over to hand us drinks. It took our mind away from what just happened. Even though Spark didn’t get what Cougar meant by the ‘city’, he still figured out that it was making me and Crystal edgy.
            “Something’s gone wrong,” Chef muttered softly to me.
            “Cougar,” I spat out. Chef grimaced.
            “If he continues to make trouble in my area he’s gonna get it,” she whispered in her warm southern voice. I was instantly soothed.
            “Thanks, Chef,” I murmured to her as she left. She winked.
            “It’s my job,” she said simply.
            Later, I took Spark to his area first, and then Crystal to hers. Crystal still seemed very miffed when I left her, and I hoped she would feel better in the morning. Then, I turned to the sky. Stars winked back at me. I sighed.
            Crystal...and Cougar. Why was it that their parents always went with the ‘c’ names? I shuddered to think of my name before I founded the Refuge with Chef.
            My name was Cockroach. My parents didn’t care about, I had no destructive potential. I lived in the basement, surviving on laundry detergent, the only substance that made it past my immunity system. My parents only cared for my brother who never knew that there was another experiment hiding in his basement.
            And that experiment was me.
            Experiment One.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crystal and Shadow

            I jolted awake. Sugar was standing over me, eyes wide with alarm and her tiny deformed wings raised.
            “What?” Sleepily, I raised myself to a sitting position.
            “Tourists,” breathed Sugar again. She withdrew two sweatshirts and pulled on one while tossing me the other. “They’re coming today, so we have to look like them.”
            Another person poked their head into my area. I recognized Tex. He glanced around my area before re-fixing his gaze onto me. Rummaging briefly in his white coat pocket, he tossed me a small object. I reached out and caught it. It was a small device.
            “To conceal your area to look like another empty part of the ruins,” Tex explained before he whisked away. I glanced at Sugar.
            “Press the red light until it turns green,” she turned, “I have to go see if Spark knows yet, be ready in five minutes.”
            I quickly found the red light and followed Sugar’s instructions. Then, tossing it onto my cot, I rushed outside. Tex was honestly one smart experiment. My area looked like an exact copy of one of the abandoned areas. Then, when I turned around, I came face to face with Shadow. Holding his hand was Reilly. Stifling a shriek of surprise, I stepped back. Shadow chortled, and beckoned for me to follow him.
            “Let’s go to the entrance of the site so we can look like other tourists,” he explained. Reilly smiled at me, so I had to smile back.
            “Why are there tourists?” I asked.
            Shadow sighed. “It is a tourist attraction, Crystal. Luckily it’s only for one day. They have some sort of system where you visit for a week and everyday you do something. Tuesday is the only day they do it, so we’re safe as long as we blend.”
            I nodded as we slipped under a rope. The sun was still rising in the sky, and no one seemed to notice us. Crowds of families clustered around the entrance, moms holding babies or toddlers on their hips, children standing on their toes trying to get a view of what were ahead, brat girls whining about the heat, dads talking to their sons about the history, sons rolling their eyes…
            I was awed. Never had I seen so much commotion, not even when a girl was in a fight with another girl at school. I felt my wings fluff in distress. I struggled to keep them from rising from my back.
            Shadow smiled at me tightly. “Let’s get this over with,” he sighed. I managed to smile back. Reilly let go of Shadow’s hand and reached for mine.
            “It’ll be okay, Crystal,” he reassured me. I squeezed his hand back.
            Let the tourism begin.

            The sun slowly receded into the darkness. I loved the feel of wind through my feathers. From below, Shadow watched as I flew. After a long day of dealing with so much noise, the calm of the sky was so welcoming. Reilly had gone to Chef’s to get come of his milk and was soon asleep after that. Shadow and I then walked to the main area so I could get a good take off.
            Spark had hung around Sugar all day, not even giving me a glance. He only had eyes for Sugar. I couldn’t help but feel slightly sick, but maybe that was the bad peanuts some guy was selling. My stomach was feeling bad until we left Sugar and Spark to their own devices. Once or twice I saw Tex or the three Tess’s. We waved to them; we talked a little, and then went our own ways.
            Sighing, I banked and flew back down to Shadow. I noticed that Spark had joined him. Once I landed, I didn’t reach out for Spark’s hand like I normally would. It didn’t seem right after seeing how he acted with Sugar. Ice formed in my stomach as I approached them.
            “Hello,” I called out. Shadow waved and Spark smiled.
            “Let’s go see if Chef is serving any specials,” Spark invited. The ice melted at his smile. I warmed up to him, smiling.
            “Are you coming too, Shadow?” I asked, taking Spark’s hand and forgetting his moments with Sugar. Shadow nodded.
            We walked the path to Chef’s. I was starting to get the path down, so that was a good thing. In Chef’s area, the usual nighters were there: Tex, Tess-one/three/four, and Cougar. Cougar gave me a sly smile, and I grimaced back. One of the Tess’s, Tess-one, departed from the group to come over to us. She pulled a face as she grew nearer.
            “Change your emotions,” she suggested to Shadow, “it tastes like foul licorice and it’s making me sick.” Shadow blushed.
            “Sorry, on it,” he muttered. Tess-one looked at me and Spark. She frowned slightly, opened her mouth to say something, but before anything came out, Chef came up to us.
            “Still hanging out with the guys I see,” she eyed me and I giggled, “So what will it be?”
            “Anything you want to give us for all of us,” Spark told her. For me Chef gave Mexican tortillas chips, for Spark a sandwich in the form of a battery, and for Shadow a bottle of toxic waste.
            I raise an eyebrow as I bit into one of my chips. Shadow shrugged.
            “I’m half-cockroach,” he twisted the cap off the bottle, “what can I say?”
            I put a hand to my mouth. Spark held his breath. Tess-one silently vibrated. But none of us could hold back our laughter as Shadow chugged the whole bottle.
            “Having fun?” a soft voice snarled in my ear. My wings flung themselves at the voice in defense, and I whipped around to see Cougar smirking at me.   
            “How about a ride to the city?” he purred.

Friday, March 26, 2010

New blog!

This one is where all my characters from various books blog! So far only Inora is the only post there, but you can still visit!



Let's give a hand to those crafty blogger designers! *claps paws and wings* Now I can make my own templates!!! Happyhappyhappy! Tell me if you like the new design or not. I can change it if I want to. Also, here is more of Ice Crystals.

            “You’re too sweet,” she blushed. I felt my cheeks flame too. Confusion swept me, and I frowned. I didn’t understand the feeling that was waving within me, pulling me in different directions at the same time. My brain immediately did a body-check as it was trained to in the case of a problem. Organs…working.  Skin…intact. Blood pressure…rising mostly near my face. Emotions….unrecognizable….
            I returned to the conversation. Sugar was smiling at me. I blinked.
            “What?” I asked, alarmed.
            “Just wondering if you wanted to go to Chef’s to get something to eat.”
            I frowned again. “Is that where everyone goes to hang out? It seems like everyone wants to go to Chef’s area.”
            “Basically,” Sugar’s tiny wings twitched a little, “but a few people hang out in the Main area at noon.”
            “Doesn’t anyone go out into the desert to explore?” I was getting tired of going to the same places, and I wanted the feeling that only exploration could give me. Both Spark and Sugar stiffened.
            “Only Cougar,” Sugar whispered softly.
            “It’s dangerous out there,” explained Spark at the same volume.
            “Hm,” I muttered, my wings folding tightly across my back in thought. “Dangerous for even us?”
            A tiny smile quirked on Spark’s lips. “Even us.” 

            But of course, I wasn’t too deterred by this thought. That following night, after hanging out around Chef’s area, when everyone was in their own personal area, I unfurled my wings and flew out the hold of my roof big enough for me. My feathers lightly brushed up some dust, but that was all that stirred.
            The taste of the sky filled my lungs, and I was free again. The world dropped below me, receding into the black of the night. One more powerful down-stroke of my wings and I was soaring.
            The desert spread out before me. There was no order, nothing to destroy, just peace and nature riding along its course. Pleasure seeped into my brain. I pulled in one wing to wheel in a wide circle.
            But, just as I had been trained to, I scanned the area in a 360 maneuver, instinctively making sure I was safe. In the distance, a blob shimmered. I narrowed my eyes, trying to get a clearer view. It remained a blob.
            The back of my neck prickled. I don’t know what it was, but something gave me a feeling….like something bad was going to happen. Foreboding. Shivering slightly, I drew in a wing and half folded the other to turn and dive down to the safety of the Refuge.

Practice RSPP

Randomly Spontaneously Poking People! Go up to a random person and randomly spontaneously poke them! It's fun! I was doing it at the end of the school day, poking my friends and shouting "RSPP!"
Anyway, I'm off to go type now.

Icewolf's thought of the day!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sugar and Spice

And everything confusing. Here it is people, another section to Ice Crystals!

              “Ready?” Spark called into my area. I pulled on my black hoodie that Chef supplied me. My old clothes were going to the washing area. Being in a desert for a few days caused them to be quite dirty.
            “Almost,” I called back. I shrugged out my wings, and stepped out to meet Spark.
            “So Chef says I need some ‘lady friends’,” I glanced around the main area. “So could you show me to a few?”
            Spark frowned. “There aren’t many.”
            “Why not?” I asked, returning my gaze to him.
            “There are many theories, but mine is it’s sorta of like how men tend to get more genetic diseases than women. I think the Y chromosome is easier to ‘edit’ than both X chromosomes.”
            I nodded. “So how many female experiments are there here?”
            “Six” Spark began to tow me down some passages. Mentally, I counted how many females I already knew. There was Chef, Tess-one/three/four, and Elocin. Five.
            “I know everybody but one.”
            “Right, so I’m taking you to see Sugar,” Spark explained. “But-oof!” Spark suddenly stopped. “Elocin!”
            A dark-haired, moody-looking, sharp-eyed girl around her sixteen’s appeared out of nowhere. She scowled at Spark.
            “Towing the new girl around huh?” she growled. Spark winced. I felt my feathers fluff at this girl’s tone. I tightened my grip on Spark’s hand, but remained stiff at his side, as hard as that was. I quickly analyzed the Elocin. 
            She was leaning on her right leg, hand folded across her chest. Her other leg was off to the side, creating a balance. She was also turned a little to the right, so if I hooked her knee…
            I narrowed my eyes at Elocin. She narrowed her eyes back at me. There was a silent war between us until Spark pulled me away. Reluctantly, I allowed him to guide me away from her.
            “Why are you so tense around her?” I asked him once we were away.
            “She….she’s one of those experiments that you just want to stay away from, like Cougar. The ‘E’ experiments are said to be really powerful and destructive, and even though Elocin isn’t an ‘E’ she still is sorta like them,” Spark bit his lip.
            “I’m and ‘E’,” I pointed out.
            “And you could be very dangerous,” Spark responded. I thought of my dream and shuddered. We continued to walk in silence until we met a girl with striking pink hair.
            “Morning, Spark!” she chirped. She caught me in a stare of drowning green eyes. “Who’s the new girl?”
            “Crystal,” I took a step forward, holding out my hand, “I’m the new girl.”
            “Sugar, I’m the old girl,” Sugar giggled and took my hand. “I see you are one of the few that will willingly hold Spark’s hand.” Confused, I glanced back at Spark. I was still holding his hand.
            “Oops,” I pulled my hand from his grip. Spark grinned and laughed. Sugar released my other hand.
            “So what are you?” she asked, leaning forward toward me. Slightly, I leaned back.
            “Bird, octopus, and enhanced human,” I informed her. She smiled.
            “I would say I was mixed with a fairy, but my bat wing pigment, size, and shape was badly mutated.” She turned so I could see her back. Her small, torn wings were white with blue streaks, hardly able to lift a person to fly.
            “Can you even fly with those?” I asked, fluttering my own wings.
            “Sadly, no,” Sugar turned back to me. “I’m an experiment gone wrong.”
            “Oh, Sugar, don’t say that,” Spark cooed. Sugar giggled.
            “You’re too sweet,” she blushed. I felt my cheeks flame too. Confusion swept me, and I frowned. I didn’t understand the feeling that was waving within me, pulling me in different directions at the same time. My brain immediately did a body-check as it was trained to in the case of a problem. Organs…working.  Skin…intact. Blood pressure…rising mostly near my face. Emotions….unrecognizable….

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I was tagged by Golden Eagle! Visit her blog here.

Seven random things about me:

1.) I love my characters in my story and constantly create new scenes for them

2.) I think peanut butter is way too dry to eat plain

3.) Spare my home-library and my school-library, libraries seem tense to be in and the people there are awkward to talk to

4.) My friends think I have ADHD, but I was never diagnosed for it

5.) I hate the street i live on, because the kids think their superior to me and yet they're younger than me (how does that thought process work?)

6.) The noise 'hrrrr' is a fun noise

7.) I wish I had wings in real life, but I love my wings on this blog *flutters blog wings and laughs*

And I tag everyone who reads this! None can escape, mwahahaha! The only way you can get out of this is if you already did this tag or don't have a blog and somehow found mine by random chance! Icewolf says cya! *waves and flys into the sky*

no reply

So far, Flux has no answered me, and I'm getting more anxious. The dead-line for an answer is around May, and it's nearly April. But I hope it'll all work out. Here's more to new story:

The city tumbled down. I felt satisfaction as the order was gone, and chaos was well under way.
            Abruptly, I shuddered awake. The morbid satisfaction of my dream faded away with the night air. I glanced around. No one else was around. Shakily, I stumbled out into the main area.
            I was surprise to see the form of Shadow, perched lightly on one of the beams of stone that made an archway.
            “Hey,” I called out, my voice quaking. I flinched, wishing I hadn’t sounded so weak to him. Again, I wasn’t one to show weakness. Shadow turned to me, taking in my vulnerable form. I was aware that I was wearing a borrowed nightgown from Chef that made me seem more like a girl than a tough experiment.
            “Good evening. Couldn’t sleep?” Shadow beckoned for me to join him by moving over. I unfurled my wings and settled next to him.
            “No, bad dream,” I confined. The moon cast a silver glow on Shadow, making his black hair nearly white. Shadow smiled ruefully.
            “Really? Me too. Could be the water in this place,” he joked. A smile tweaked my lips, but I wondered if this was how kids at school interacted with each other.
            “Whacha yall doin’ out here this late?” a small voice called from below. I peered over the edge of our perch to see a small kid. His hair looked silver in the moonlight, but I could tell that it was blonde-ish red, and very tousled in a cute way. He sleepily rubbed his eyes at me.
            “We couldn’t sleep,” I told him. “Do you want to come up?” I didn’t see any wings on him. The small boy smiled. I figured he must be around the five or six age, and my heart gave a twist to see him here. It meant that he was like us.
            “Naw, its okay, I can get up.” The boy crouched on the ground and leaped onto the left wall, right wall, left, right, all the way to the beam.
            “Reilly, experiment AF56, marten fusion,” Reilly held out a hand politely. I grinned even more.
            “Crystal, E-3, bird and octopus combination,” I shook his hand. Next to me Shadow waved to Reilly. Reilly beamed.
            “I wanted to go to Chef to get some creamy milk when I saw you two up here,” he explained. “So what’s up?”
            “We both couldn’t sleep,” Shadow informed him. Reilly nodded, blonde-red hair bobbing.
            “Wanna go to get milk from Chef with me? I fall asleep right after drinking it, so maybe you will too,” Reilly pulled a teddy bear into his lap.  
            Which was how we all ended up at Chef’s area. I inhaled the aroma of foods she was producing. So maybe there were other people up. I was right, inside was Tex and the three Tess’s. Tex gave us a nod, but a shadow in the corner caught my attention.
            Out of the shadows emerged Cougar. He nodded to Shadow, and smiled at me. Welts from our fight were already showing up in nasty forms on his face. Shadow nodded back to him, and continued to the stone counter.
            “I would hate to meet the person who did that to that guy over there. Cougar’s really tough,” Shadow whispered to me.
            “That would be me,” I whispered back with a tight-lipped smile. Shadow blinked in astonishment at me, and then he laughed.
            “Wow, congratulations on surviving without a mark.”
            “Yes, let’s just throw a party for it,” I twirled a finger in mock joy. Shadow chortled, and Chef came to us. She held out a glass of milk for Reilly.
            “I have a place set up for in back to sleep in before you try to walk out and fall asleep on my doorstep,” she told him before she turned to me and Shadow. “Crystal you need to find some lady friends. You can’t keep hanging out with all guys. They might get in a fight about it,” Chef chided me. Shadow’s cheeks flamed and I giggled. Chef grinned. “Now how may I help you?”
            “My night-time usual,” Shadow sighed.
            “Re-heated stir-fry,” I asked. I almost never had it, but when my parents would pull an all-nighter on a report, I was asked to order stir-fry and it almost always arrived cold and late. So I would heat it for my parents, and it was something I ate when I needed comfort.
            Chef produced our orders and left to go to another table. I ate my meal silently, waiting for Shadow to broach a topic of some sort.
            “So what was your life before the Refuge?” Shadow finally asked after a few moments of silence.
            “Normal, spare the fact of what I am.”
            “So what changed?”
            I couldn’t help but laugh at the memory of my fellow student’s faces. “I unfurled my wings in public.” Shadow laughed with me.          
            “Smart,” he smiled cynically.
            “What about you?” I asked. He was silent for a while, face solemn. Then, after what seemed ages, he replied.
            “My scientists were also my parents, but they didn’t care about me. Oh they took care of me,” his face twisted angrily, “but there was always my brother they loved way more. He was so much stronger, much more deadly than me. They fought over who would get to study him while the other got me. ‘It’s your turn!’ ‘No, I studied him last time!’ I would cover my ears and go over the star constellations in my mind to drown it out. But then, I escaped. I don’t think my brother even knew I existed, my parents took care that he never saw me.”
            I blinked. Instinctively I reached out and held Shadow’s hand. He tried to say more, but his voice was choked off by a sob. Gulping in air, Shadow turned his head into my shoulder and cried.

Not much, but I hoped you liked it!

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New look

Dis is me, a new pic for Icewolf (yay!):
Isn't it cute?! ;D Anyhoo, i'll blog some more later. *whips open wings and flies away*


Hmm, a new twist is going to arrive yet my fellow bloggers.....

            “Okay. I’ll have grilled sea bass in creamy sauce.” I could never get enough fish to eat. Chef produced this out of thin air too and set it down on the table. Happily I took my fork (which also was supplied by Chef) and dug into my fish. I closed my eyes with satisfaction, flavor singing in my mouth.  The fish itself was succulent and flavorful, but the sauce added to the blend made it divine.
            It has been a while since I’ve had food like this. Not only during my escape, but also while I remained at home. My parents thought that I wouldn’t like fish, and would set it aside for clams (for my octopus cravings), sunflower seeds and mice (for my cardinal/hawk cravings), and American foods (for my human cravings). But really I loved fish and wished that my parents wouldn’t take my mutation so seriously. They always acted like I was the animals that were inserted into me.
            Spark smiled at me, and again his hair crackled. Briefly a wave of electricity passed over him. I laughed.
            “This is really good,” I took another bite. “I didn’t get fish often when I was home. My parents though my appetites would be like the animals in my genes.”
            Spark smiled sadly. “I was fed some sort of mixture made of oatmeal, soup, and corn. It was vile.” Sympathy struck me. I dismissed his shocks, and reached for his hand. Spark smiled at me again.
            “You know, no one reaches for my hand as much as you,” he lifted our interlocked hands.
            “I suppose that it’s because my parents never held my hand.”
            “You talk about your parents a lot.”
            “Well, they were a major part of my life,” I explained.
            Spark sipped a soda Chef had given him before she left for another table. “All our scientists were. But most of us would rather forget them.”
            “My parents cared for me, just never really seemed to…..” I groped for a good word, “love me like other parents I saw.” Spark didn’t say anything, but squeezed my hand more.
            “Well look at you, risking a shock,” a dark voice muttered. Stiffening, I turned to the table behind me.
            A boy with sandy-tan hair was staring at me. His eyes were a deep brown. When he smirked at me, he displayed a row of sharp teeth sided by fangs. The boy was very muscular, and I noted that he had a long, bushy, tan, black-tipped tail like a mix of wolf and cougar.
            Spark tensed, letting go of my hand quickly and looking away from me. Annoyed at the interruption, my wings raised slightly, with ruffled feathers. 
            “And who are you?” I asked coldly, changed my eyes to a dangerously sharp blue. The boy smirked more.
            “I’m called Cougar. Experiment: cougar, wolf, and a bit of bear. Enhanced hunting skills. Bred to kill.” He smiled as if I were to swoon at the title any minute. Instead I remained stiff and cold.
            “Uh-huh, great. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a meal to eat with a friend,” I pointedly turned back to Spark. He was staring at me in disbelief.
            “No girl ignores Cougar,” he mouthed to me. I grinned at him.
            “Well I just did. Besides, I think my food is getting cold, so let’s get out of here.” As we stood to leave, I noticed a lot of the girl experiments were staring at me as if I were even more mutated. Coldly, Cougar rose from his chair and glared at me.
            “My experiment name was E-2,” he snarled. I snarled back.
            “And I am E-3, get out of my way,” I growled. Gasps circled around the room. Even Chef behind her stone counter stiffened. Cougar emitted a sort of snarl you would hear from a cougar before it pounced on its prey, and he jumped at me.
            “Do you know what your parents did to me?” he cried at he took me over. I snapped open my wings, jumped over him, pulled them in tight, and landed on him.
            “How would I? I didn’t even know you existed!” I dodged his punch and kicked his stomach. He wheezed, but spun a kick at me.
            “You were alive alright,” he cried as I fell back with the force of his kick. I coughed the taste of blood in my mouth. My eyes widened. Never before had I tasted blood, and I felt a stir of panic. I wasn’t trained for this. But I also wasn’t one to show weakness. With a roar I ducked his next blow. Then, spinning, I whirled to Cougar’s side. But Cougar dropped onto me with an elbow out. I beat his face with my wings, giving him a mouthful of feathers. He sputtered, his attack faltering. Quickly I scrambled from underneath him and kicked his ribs.
            “I thought you said you were bred to kill,” I taunted as he turned to lunge at me. With a smirk I flapped hard and preformed the move I had demonstrated to a scientific committee not too long ago. Blood sang in my ears. Adrenaline pumped through my veins.
            Cougar raked his hand across my face a heartbeat before I realized he had claws. That tipped the scales a little. My brain thumped with thinking of ways to overcome him while I warded off his attacks.
            Abruptly, there was a cry that stopped both of us. Cougar convulsed, hair crackling. I turned to the person who held a hand over him.
            “Leave my date alone,” Spark rumbled darkly, his hand sparking. He must’ve gone into shock and leapt at Cougar while he was busy. Spark turned to me, holding out a hand. “Let’s go Crystal.” I took his hand, stepped over a twitching Cougar, and walked out of the cafĂ©.
            “You’re date?” I asked as we left. Spark grimaced.
            “For lack of a better word,” he explained grimly as we left. His gold eyes seemed dark, but they lit with surprise as a figure stood over us.
            “I’m surprised, a newbie defeating Cougar,” there was a hint of amusement to its voice.
            “Hello Elocin,” Spark ducked his head and tugged my along. I felt Elocin’s gaze burn on us until we were out of sight.
            “Who was that?” I asked once we were away.
            “Elocin, she can take the texture and appearance of anything. But she’s really moody and doesn’t like anybody,” Spark was tense. I squeezed his hand in response.
            Later, when we were back at the main area, he introduced me to other experiments, but my brain could not hold them all. Once Spark led me to my area, I smiled, gave him a hug (went into shock with him briefly), and crashed onto a cot-like bed.

            I panted harshly. In front of me was a city that was organized into neat little rows. The hairs on the back of my neck bristled. Next to me was Cougar, and to my other side was a figure cloaked in shadows. Cougar nodded to me, blood-lust gleaming in his eyes. The shadow hung its head. I smiled evilly. Then, I spread my hands.
            The entire city shuddered. Screams rose from the depths. I could smell the blood. Cougar purring, rushing on all fours into the city. The shadow shivered, but remained where it was.
            The city tumbled down. I felt satisfaction as the order was gone, and chaos was well under way.

Tutorial of Winged Wolf

As promised, here is a tutorial on how to draw and Icewolf version of a wolf. Enjoy!