Friday, March 19, 2010

Character Pronunciation

I sorta realize that some of my characters names in Outcasts are hard to pronounce, so I devised a Pronunciation thinger-mabob to help yous! So yeah, tell me if that helps. And Jayden (visit her blog Storming Souls at I was going through old comments when I saw your request for a tutorial, and I might just take you up on that out of sheer boredom. Sooner or later.

Xela- Zel-ah

Aurum- Oar-rum

Tamiki- Tah-mee-key

Flamdura- Fl-am-der-ah

Morano- More-an-oh

Linar- Lin-are

Lenak- len-ack

Takalo- Tah-kay-low

Akov- Ah-cove

Triform- Try-form

Ironamo- Eye-ron-am-oh

If I missed any, just tell me and I'll get it. All for now! 

Icewolf :D

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