Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sugar and Spice

And everything confusing. Here it is people, another section to Ice Crystals!

              “Ready?” Spark called into my area. I pulled on my black hoodie that Chef supplied me. My old clothes were going to the washing area. Being in a desert for a few days caused them to be quite dirty.
            “Almost,” I called back. I shrugged out my wings, and stepped out to meet Spark.
            “So Chef says I need some ‘lady friends’,” I glanced around the main area. “So could you show me to a few?”
            Spark frowned. “There aren’t many.”
            “Why not?” I asked, returning my gaze to him.
            “There are many theories, but mine is it’s sorta of like how men tend to get more genetic diseases than women. I think the Y chromosome is easier to ‘edit’ than both X chromosomes.”
            I nodded. “So how many female experiments are there here?”
            “Six” Spark began to tow me down some passages. Mentally, I counted how many females I already knew. There was Chef, Tess-one/three/four, and Elocin. Five.
            “I know everybody but one.”
            “Right, so I’m taking you to see Sugar,” Spark explained. “But-oof!” Spark suddenly stopped. “Elocin!”
            A dark-haired, moody-looking, sharp-eyed girl around her sixteen’s appeared out of nowhere. She scowled at Spark.
            “Towing the new girl around huh?” she growled. Spark winced. I felt my feathers fluff at this girl’s tone. I tightened my grip on Spark’s hand, but remained stiff at his side, as hard as that was. I quickly analyzed the Elocin. 
            She was leaning on her right leg, hand folded across her chest. Her other leg was off to the side, creating a balance. She was also turned a little to the right, so if I hooked her knee…
            I narrowed my eyes at Elocin. She narrowed her eyes back at me. There was a silent war between us until Spark pulled me away. Reluctantly, I allowed him to guide me away from her.
            “Why are you so tense around her?” I asked him once we were away.
            “She….she’s one of those experiments that you just want to stay away from, like Cougar. The ‘E’ experiments are said to be really powerful and destructive, and even though Elocin isn’t an ‘E’ she still is sorta like them,” Spark bit his lip.
            “I’m and ‘E’,” I pointed out.
            “And you could be very dangerous,” Spark responded. I thought of my dream and shuddered. We continued to walk in silence until we met a girl with striking pink hair.
            “Morning, Spark!” she chirped. She caught me in a stare of drowning green eyes. “Who’s the new girl?”
            “Crystal,” I took a step forward, holding out my hand, “I’m the new girl.”
            “Sugar, I’m the old girl,” Sugar giggled and took my hand. “I see you are one of the few that will willingly hold Spark’s hand.” Confused, I glanced back at Spark. I was still holding his hand.
            “Oops,” I pulled my hand from his grip. Spark grinned and laughed. Sugar released my other hand.
            “So what are you?” she asked, leaning forward toward me. Slightly, I leaned back.
            “Bird, octopus, and enhanced human,” I informed her. She smiled.
            “I would say I was mixed with a fairy, but my bat wing pigment, size, and shape was badly mutated.” She turned so I could see her back. Her small, torn wings were white with blue streaks, hardly able to lift a person to fly.
            “Can you even fly with those?” I asked, fluttering my own wings.
            “Sadly, no,” Sugar turned back to me. “I’m an experiment gone wrong.”
            “Oh, Sugar, don’t say that,” Spark cooed. Sugar giggled.
            “You’re too sweet,” she blushed. I felt my cheeks flame too. Confusion swept me, and I frowned. I didn’t understand the feeling that was waving within me, pulling me in different directions at the same time. My brain immediately did a body-check as it was trained to in the case of a problem. Organs…working.  Skin…intact. Blood pressure…rising mostly near my face. Emotions….unrecognizable….


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The story is awesome, BTW :D

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