Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well, let me tell you, if you want a show to get hooked on it's Doctor Who season's 2 and 3. Screw the other seasons, David Tennant is the guy I'm going for!!! He plays the character so well, energetic and smart, curious and humorous. Finishing the season 2 nearly killed me, but I think I'll brave the heartbreak of losing the Doctor's companion Rose.

And so, I'd decided to do a tiny contest (seeing as not many people comment normally, thus being a 'tiny' contest). Caption contest!!! Top one is number eins (one) the middle one is number zwei (two) and the one below is number drei (three).

Have fun!!!!

Nuked Potatoes

So weird *pokes bowl* Yet so...yummy. *om nom nom*

My dad just taught me how to make nuked potatoes. They are YUMMY and simple.

1.) Take decent potato
2.) Put on plate
3.) Stick in microwave for around 4 minutes or until you can easily poke with a fork
4.) Take out of microwave
5.) Put potato in bowl
6.) Mash potato
7.) Add butter and sour cream to heart's desire.
8.) Stare at weird combination
9.) Eat

Hehehehh. Just thought you'd guys want to learn a new yummy food. :)


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

*heart attack*

Earlier today (really about 10 minutes ago) I discovered that our internet was down. Luckily it was easily fixed but it scared me a little.

Hence, heart attack.

So recently I've been borrowing my friend's play station and playing Kingdom Hearts 2 on it. EPIC! I screamed for Roxas, hissed for the Heartless, snarled for Sora, whimpered for Axel, and screamed again for Roxas. Ah, I love Kingdom Hearts. Such a 'heart'warming story. Really, no pun intended.

*yawn* Not much else. Later blogworld!!!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

*winks* Merry Christmas guys!

Inora: Just to save the blogging world a rant about how great the number '18' is, I'll just let you know Icewolf got the entire last Yu-Gi-Oh series, so she knows the ending.
Icewolf: *sniff* WHY!!!! Oh, Atem, I'll miss you!!! *wails*
Inora: And...she's very saddened by it. *pats her on the head* least it ended well, huh?
Icewolf: BUT HE LEFT!
Inora: And that's fine, just how the story was supposed to end. Please stop crying, it's Christmas.
Icewolf: A-alright....OH! That's right, here! *shoves gift into his hands*
Icewolf: *nods, beaming happily*
Icewolf: I wondered what to get you so much that it made my head hurt, and then it hit me *rubs head, remembering the hitting* You like?
Inora: *holds up a sparkely rock and a scarf* It hit you?
Icewolf: Yeah, in the head. It hurt, but it'll be worth it if you like it.
Inora: What does it do?
Icewolf: transforms into anything! And the scarf I just saw and knew it was for you.
Inora: No kidding (it's a black scarf and all...)
Icewolf: So do you like it?!
Inora: Yeah! But I didn't get you anything-
Icewolf: *hugs* That's okay! You're my character, so you don't have to get me anything!
Inora: What does being your character have to do with that?
Icewolf: *laughs* Nothing, but it really doesn't matter.
Inora: Well, merry Christmas, Icewolf *hugs*
Icewolf: Merry Christmas!

So my hoard this year: The complete last series of Yu-Gi-Oh, an American Eagle sweatshirt, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Kirby's Epic Yarn (this grass feels funny ((just some random inside joke))), and with one of the Yu-Gi-Oh books I got a card called Judgement of the Pharaoh with Atem on it. I was kneeling over in laughter - a while back me and my brothers were play-acting ourselves have a card called 'Yugi' and it beats all. :D

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Well, I'm back!

And phew! From Michigan and back!!! I miss the snow already. While there I wrote one Inny scene, daydreamed way to often, and gained a Hogwarts scarf!!!

Not really. It looks like it should be one though! Tis striped silver and black, so I've yet to come up with a name for my House.

*sighs* It's wonderful. I love Christmas. Tomorrow is the day. The only day of the year where you get to make a mess, receive stuff you've longed for and stuff you don't really need, to have the joy of giving, and to celebrate the world's biggest holiday - the birth of Christ.

Have a lovely Christmas guys!

~Icewolf, Inora, Tamiki, Akov, and Crystal.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Well, not entirely. I'm going to be absent on this blog for a week or so. Miss you guys and I'll be back soonish! And while I'm gone I'll try to make amends with Inora. 

~Laters, Icewolf

Thursday, December 16, 2010

(No title today, cause I'm lazy like that)

Tamiki: Oooh, character convo? 
Crystal: I would assume so, seeing that she's writing our names and what we are saying. 
Inora: Don't assume. It makes an a** out of 'u' and me. 
Akov: What?
Inora: Honestly. Look at the word 'assume'. What words are in it?
Akov: Well there's a-
Icewolf: ANYWAY. I happen to be listening to Oliver. 
Crystal: The play?
Icewolf: Yes, the songs. Currently "Fine Life". I was in the play you know. I did mics. And let me tell you, the person who played Nancy was HARD to keep under control. 
Inora: That made no sense to me. 
Icewolf: *waves hand absent-mindedly* So let's go through this list I found. *takes a sheet of paper out of pocket*
Inora: L-list?
Icewolf: Yeah, why?
Inora: Did you read it *alarmed look* 
Icewolf: ...No, but I saw it was something like a list.
Inora: Gimme that!!!
Tamiki: Oooooooh, is it a poem little Inneh wrote? 
Inora: *snatches paper out of Icewolf's paws* No! 
Tamiki: *mockingly* Too bad I can't tell if you're lying or not. I can't take your word for it, so just to make sure, why don't you let me into that tiny brain of yours...
Inora: NEVER! 
Akov: So what is this paper? *assassin skills takes it out of his hand* 
Crystal: Read it out loud! 
Akov: *scans the paper, then turns red* Oh.
Icewolf: What does it say!!!
Akov: *looks at Inora, who is trying to bury himself in the nothingness in my mind* Wow. 
Tamiki: What does it say?!
Akov: *jumps out of his reach and into the air* Uh-uh. I'm not reading this out loud. 
Tamiki: Then I will! Now give it to me!!!
Akov: Fine. *lets paper float down*
Inora: *intercepts* Heck no! 
Icewolf: You can't hide anything from me!!!
Inora: You know darn well I can!
Icewolf: But not for long. I love a good story.
Inora: Well screw the story! I'm sick of this! I can't stand it here anymore. I hate being a part of your fricking stories, I hate being used, and I hate taking part of your daydreams! 
Icewolf: O////O W-what?
Inora: I'm done! I'm no longer just someone you can daydream about, I have my own feelings as well!!! 
Icewolf: *softly* I always counted your feelings into it. 
Inora: I know! That's what makes it so complicated!!!
Tamiki: Whoa, wait, is this why you and Icewolf had problems before with the whole 'borrowing personality' thing? Because you were confused and angry?
Inora: ANGRY. I'm in a rage. 
Akov: I can see that. 
Crystal: And what does the paper have to do with this. 
Akov: It's a poem. About his confusion. 
Crystal: Confusion over...
Inora: *throws a hand at Akov, and suddenly he can't speak* *darkly* You won't ever tell. Akov Shadowspark don't ever underestimate my powers. 
Icewolf: WHOA! Inora, calm down! *grabs his hand* What is the freaking matter? Why can't you tell us?
Inora: *draws away* ............
Icewolf: *imploring look* 
Inora: ...I can't say. Just let me go cool off okay? *withdraws his magic from Akov and walks away* 
Icewolf: *watches him go with a strange look on her face* 
Tamiki: Wow. That was...dramatic. 
Akov: *quaking all over, recovering from what just happened*
Crystal: What is his deal?
Icewolf: *quietly, not looking at any of them* Inora was always a different sort of character. He really did seem to have a mind of his own, and for some reason I could communicate easier with him than any of my other characters. It may seem crazy to normal people, and I'm not even sure if it happens to other authors as much as this....but it really did seem like he was like for lack of a better term, 'imaginary friend'. By definition, he didn't exist, but I still knew what he would be thinking, or what he would say. It might be because he was my first blog buddy, and that I've gotten used to his personality so well. And somehow...I don't find it weird....
Tamiki: Well I do. 
Akov: And we're not that close to you?
Icewolf: You are. Inora is just different. 
Crystal: Wow....
Icewolf: Yeah.
Tamiki: I'm not sure I can continue right now *reaches over and 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Elegance of the Hedgehog (3)

Yup. This is the third time I've read it. Every time I just feel so very happy and refreshed.

"So if there is something on the planet that is worth living for, I'd better not miss it, because once you're dead, it's too late for regrets, and if you die by mistake, that is really, really dumb."

"But if you dread tomorrow, it's because you don't know how to build the present, and when you don't know how to build the present, you tell yourself you can deal with it tomorrow, and it's a lost cause anyway because tomorrow always ends up becoming today, don't you see?"

"Madame Michel has the elegance of the hedgehog: on the outside she's covered in quills, a real fortress, but my gut feeling is that on the inside she has the same simple refinement as the hedgehog: a deceptively indolent little creature, fiercely solitary - and terribly elegant."

*deep sigh* Can't tell you enough how much I recommend readers this book. I can't really explain the tide of words - no, it's a tsunami of words that are within this book, and you wonder how you can get so much from black shapes on a white surface. :)


Sunday, December 12, 2010



So here's the deal- I have $100 now. I get around $100 around Christmastime and my birthday (which is extremely close to Christmas). Then I have $200. My parents promise to give me another $100 if I put it toward *dun dun dunnnn* A CAMERA! A very good, veeeery good camera. Then I have $300. I need to raise one more hundred, and then we go searching for a camera and my parents pay for what ever is left of the price (probably yet another hundred :D). So basically, within a year, I expect to gain a shnazzy camera. One that'll take great photos and everything! So, I'm excited for that. Every time I see a brilliant photo (mainly on Dakota's blog) I say to myself soon Icewolf. Soon you can take photos like that. Of course though, you'll have to train a little more...with you skills as they are now...
But, says another voice in my head, look what you can do with just a regular normal camera. Imagine an advanced one!
But what if I can't work it out because it's too advanced for my poor mind?
You'll figure it out. That's why they have manuals. 
....are you sure?
You can't lie to me. 
*curses* You'll get there alright?!
But what if I don't?!
YoU WiLl! 
Are you SURE?
....are you lying to me?
I thought you said I couldn't lie to you. 
I hate you. 
Love you too. 

Oops, sorry, random convo with myself! I do have a few doubts, but that's why I hope to take a course in photography next year! And I'll drop my study hall again and take my other electives- Art, German, and Drama.

Anyhow, I'm excited! Who else is happy to see Christmas around the corner?
I am!
But it's so far away!
Oh shut up, will you?
Cause you're such a downer. 
But there always needs to be the voice of doubt. 
What did I just say?
That I'm a downer?
No, shut up. 

Gah! Can't keep having a conversation with my optimistic and pessimistic side!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Apparently, Icewolf does have a bit of a poetic streak in her. *grins* Here's a sample!

A story
with no words.
captured in a moment.
caught with truth.
without death.
frozen forever.
felt with little reason.
shown through a Father's creation.
presented with pride.



Listening quietly,
to the tears of the earth,
thinking silently,
hoping for what it's worth,

Of a reason to love,
myself the way I am,
with courage from above,
with blessing from the Lamb.

And fading like the dew,
when the sun shows its face
I find myself anew,
shedding all my disgrace. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I entered that story I posted a while back! I'm excited. After much revising and many heated debated with my mom over how the sentences should be, it was completed last night, and handed in this morning. My teacher however, seemed amused that I handed mine in, making me slightly mad. Here I was, working hard, and managing to hand in my story early, and he looked smugly at me. *flicks tail and beats wings in slight fury, eyes flashing*

And so, I move on to the topic that I have chosen to put up in the little title box. Dragons. Oh yes, I love them. I'm thinking of changing my profile picture again to a dragon that I just edited on Picnik.\

Isn't it pretty? I just love it. Ice...dragon.

Speaking of dragons, Dragon Update:

Gareth- He's DONE!!!! As you can see, he is quite huge. No wonder Girnio was freaked out by his arrival, but he soon forgot when he saw his new book. Anyhow, Gareth and I decided that he was the dragon of fate, chance, and games. I'm not exactly sure about his powers, but that is what he can control. His eyes were meant to be red, but the red glaze is really hard to get right and it paled to a white. Which I'm okay with, it work. This was my graded assignment in class, and my art teacher gave me a 97. I gave myself a 96. :D He's lacking a bit of glaze in a few spots, and he's not perfect, but I love him anyway.

Ginny- glazed and ready to fire.

Girnio- thrilled about his new book.

I wonder what I'm going to do when the dragons are all done. I'll miss posting about them. Maybe they'll enter the blogworld every now and then...


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hair cut!

*pats hair* I only got a trim, but it feel and looks nice. So this afternoon I wrote another dragon scene.

            A look of contempt passed over Ginny’s face, and she flew to the nearest perch, a tall drawer. Girnio called after her, distraught that he had offended her. Ginny only huffed, swished her tail, and pointedly turned her back.
            Girnio was crestfallen. He was such a klutz. For a sense dragon, he seemed to be awful at words when it came to female dragons. Granted, it might just be that Ginny was intimidating and that she was the only she-dragon he knew, but still found himself tongue-tied.
            Gareth, a dragon whose specialty was unknown, however seemed to entrance Ginny. He had a rumbling, slow hurr, and no doubt his considerable size made Ginny feel safe. Gareth was slow, thoughtful, and for the most part, sleeping. He didn’t seem to care much about anything, and it was a wonder to Girnio how Ginny would take to him.
            He scuffed her ground with a night-blue paw. Insults to himself rang inside his head. Clumsy. Stupid. Inconsiderate. He was so down on himself that he didn’t see Gareth raise his head and nudge him.
            Don’t let her get you down, Gareth growled, the first words of encouragement Girnio had heard from the older dragon since he arrived. Girnio was caught off guard, and hiccupped a breath of smoke in surprise. Gareth blinked, then curled back up into his resting position.

But then I was interrupted by JKshooterman  so I had to stop. Poor Girnio. He only wants to be friends. 

Ginny: Hrph! (translation: as if!)
Icewolf: Oh give it a rest. He wasn't doing any harm.
Ginny: *growls*
Girnio: *yelps softly, hiding under a sheet of paper*
Inora: They need more backbone. 
Icewolf: *just looks at him, blushes, then looks at Akov, who is coming onto the scene* So are you ready for tomorrow?
Akov: *grin* Yeah, I'm getting my act together and everything! 
Crystal: What's tomorrow? 
Icewolf: Tomorrow, I borrow his personality for a short skit with my friends. Nothing major. 
Inora: Wait, you mean you're going to borrow again? Why not use my personality?
Icewolf: *softly* Cause you're being difficult to, as I say, 'slip into the character'. Kovvie is easier for me to deal with. 
Akov: Why do you care anyway?
Inora: *shuts up*
Crystal: Maybe he doesn't want what's happened with him and Icewolf happen to you too. 
Akov: Wait, what happened?
Icewolf: Well, when I borrowed his personality, I became so much closer in mind to him.
Akov: O.o??? Okay, so if you're closer why can't you use him in the skit then?
Icewolf: *glares at Inny* Well, as I said, he's being difficult.
Inora: *silent*
Tamiki: ....well sorry to break the dramatic moment (Inora: *thankful look*) but I wanted to ask, where's the Christmas spirit, Icewolf? No fun background or anything.
Icewolf: Every background I tried didn't work with the sense of the blog. But if I could I would put up cute little lights, so all of you imagine for a minute Christmas lights...

*ends with a fade to Christmas lights*

Monday, December 6, 2010

Holy Chicken Nuggets!

I never knew my nails grew so fast and feel bad for embellishing much on the last post. I'm already out of my band-aid and much ashamed of over-exaggeration. *sighs* But that Icewolf for you. :D So yeah, right now it's just a fun little nick in my nail.

So I revised that story entry I posted a while back, and I think a few things are more explained. So, I'll set up a page for that so that you guys can enjoy it! I'll let you guys know if I win or not. Probably not, there are plenty of better writers than me. But this is one of my greater works I think, even if not prize-worthy. :) Most prizes aren't given to the ones who deserve it anyway.

Dragon Update-

Gareth- Apparently he wasn't in the batch that was fired this weekend (which I was bummed about, I was so worried that something might have gone wrong all weekend) so he's firing this week. Still seems moody to me though.

Ginny- I've settled on a color! And she agrees with me. There wasn't a pink (which she silently is upset about, pink would've suited her), and the teal the my art teacher had slightly repulsed us both. Our eyes caught sight of a brilliant orange color and it was just her. She doesn't have an eye color, cause they're closed, but I would think they are a bright teal (I was thinking green-blue).

Girnio- Still as lovely as ever. He has a habit of curling around my mind and hurring in my ear, or alighting upon a bookcase inside my mind and blowing smoke rings as he lightly observed around him. ....Whoops! That sounded a bit more like a book than a blog post, huh? Ah well, I liked it.

He had a habit of curling around my mind and hurring in my ear, or alighting upon a bookcase inside my mind and blowing smoke rings as he lightly observed around him. It seemed as though my world was his to morph - and in every sense it was. What was nothing was his. And nothingness became something in his paws. The occasional jet of fire flared whenever he was confused, but for the most part Girnio the sense dragon was a collected and intelligent dragon. Given the chance he would open his considerably too small wings and take to the air. His kin, the dragon Gareth, who was just coming into the recesses of my mind, hurred in slight awe to how his tiny wings kept Girnio aloft. Girino frowned at him and hurred angrily back. Just because Gareth had bigger wings to help him fly didn't mean Girnio need the same amount. 

A pale and slightly translucent orange female dragon watched the two males bicker. She flicked her tail and snorted. Males, she thought, not happy unless fire is blowing. She herself wasn't one to speak though. Unusually keen to roar her might for most female dragons, Ginny had never considered herself to be typically...soft for lack of better words. Perhaps it was because she was much smaller than even Girnio that caused her to be quick to prove she was just as tough as them. She glanced at her scales, noting the day when she and her owner had picked out the color. It had been difficult to find the right color to suit her personality, but in the end, a bright orange was the best. 

And I just realized how much Ginny is like me. Maybe that's why I can already know about her personality even though I haven't even glazed her. Weird. Anyhow, later blogworld!


Sunday, December 5, 2010


Did you know you could cut your nail with a razor? Don't get me wrong, I didn't do it on purpose, but I cut a tiny chunk out of my nail! And it was just enough to bleed, hurt, and have a band-aid for the next, oh two weeks or less.

Anyhow, so I'm typing funny right now. If I have a typo that I didn't catch, you know why.

Inora: *blushing*
Icewolf: I really don't know why he's doing that lately. It's sorta odd.
Tamiki: *giggle*
Girino: Hrr-rar. *flicks tail and issues a spark*
Icewolf: *still confused*

Hm, yeah, there's not much that really is going on with me right now. I'm not sick anymore *whimper*. *thinks, sighs* Yeah, sorry for the short post, but I really don't know what else to type. So, later blogworld!

Friday, December 3, 2010

*rolls eyes*

So here I am, sitting with Pookee. And I have to rant a little, but I'll do that later.

Today, I am officially sick. :D I woke up and it felt like my saliva glands hadn't worked all night. My mouth was as dry as sand, and it felt like I had swallowed sand. Inside and outside of my neck hurt (but I think the muscles were sore from gym class, but that doesn't say anything about my throat). When I stood up, my head rushed and pounded something awful. There is no way I'm going to go through school feeling like this, I told myself. My mom told me to take a shower to make sure I wasn't really sick. I did. I  wasn't feeling any better. I had a slight fever, and finally I was allowed to stay home. So I'm pretty happy! I got to rest, and despite that I ache all over the region of my head and neck, my day was smooth.

Alright rant time. As you know me, I love to rant when I'm upset by something, and they don't really have any importance to your personal lives, so it is perfectly fine for you to skip. Then why, do you ask, do I still post rants? Well, I can't really keep them in.

So, my brother, JKshooterman (I still very much dislike his chosen screen name), has taken to the obsession of making horrible amateur movies. And they all are the same thing. In the same background. With the same format. I wouldn't mind if it was one movie that he made like this. But just the sense of multiple bad movies has infected me every time he goes on. My parents had to even restrict him like me with a limited amount of time. That right there means he has issues!

I mean, what I do in my time is interacting stuff with real people. Like you guys EXIST. But what he does is totally pathetic! He sits around and edits and watches videos. Videos. They don't exactly interact with other people do they? *mutters darkly under her breath* I wouldn't even mind it if he just left them on the computer, but no...he has to go and post them on Youtube so that normal people can prey upon his amateurness.


Alright, I've always been protective of JK. I don't like him giving himself opportunities to set himself up for being poked fun of. He can't really tell what will harm him and what won't! So I have to tell him what people will accept and what won't (he tried to mix politics into his videos, and that in itself would offend many). And he gets upset when I do. *sigh*

Anyway, rant over.

*sighs again* I'm just tired right now. G'night.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photo contest

So here are my three that I'm entering...

Under the pretty category, my small frog.

Second (cat)egory, funny:
 Some call me...the UpsidedownSuperCat!!!

And for cute, though some may not think so-

*All photos are taken by me and therefore copyright to me! Thank yous!

Harry Potter

Well, maybe I'm finally getting sick! Cause you know, I never get sick and then I can never take off of school, and then I trudge through the day feeling icky but not enough to go home, and then...ah well. But my throat hurts. I'm hydrated and everything, so YAY, I'm sick. Which I'm legitimately happy about!

Anyhow, about Harry. Well, let me tell you, sore throats aren't the only illness I've caught. I have contracted Potter Fever, and yes I did just come up with that right this moment. I have nonstop been reading HP and watching the movies and longing to see the Half-blood Prince, which I have seen but want to again. :P

Dragon Update:

Girnio- now rests upstairs in my room where he guards dust bunnies with his life! *laughs* Not really, he can come and go in my mind now that he's all done. And he's so much fun! Dragons can't really talk much, but they get their point across.

Girnio: *huffs a puff a smoke and brandishes pencil at Icewolf*
Icewolf: *laughs* Okay, okay! What is it?
Girnio: Hrrr *points to the computer screen and cocks head*
Icewolf: This is the blogworld. Welcome!
Girnio: *snorts a rings of smoke and chews on the end of his pencil*

*giggles* He reminds me of Gadzooks in The Fire Within. I love it. My own Gadzooks!

Gareth- My big, tough, and fierce dragon is now glazed! He'll be fired during the weekend, so I won't get him back until next week. He looks pretty awesome by the way, all black with red eyes and an ankh shape on his forehead. And that was hard to do! I can't yet place him, and he can't really talk to me yet. *laughs* He's just a baby despite his size! Gareth is easily from the length of the tips of my fingers to...oh about two inches past my wrist. And he's all curled up! I think if he were stretched out he would easily engulf my forearm and past. O.O Talk about huge!

Ginny- I can't see much of her. At all. I haven't glazed her yet, but I can't quite seem to think of a color. Any suggestions? What does the name 'Ginny' produce what color?

Girnio's Journal- *giggles once more* Oh yes, I do have one for him, with his own butterfly to stare at! I just glazed it today, so it'll be going in the kiln with Gareth.

Girnio: *puffs another ring of smoke (he keeps doing that!), swishes his tail, and lets out a questioning note* Hrr?
Icewolf: Yes, she will. Don't you worry, Ginny won't be mean. And I promise Gareth won't either.
Girnio: *brow furrows. He draws his wings closer* Hrr-rarrr.
Icewolf: Aw. *cradles dragon close* I know Gareth is big and intimidating but I promise with ALL my heart that I won't let him bully you.
Girnio: Hrr. *rests in Icewolf's hands*

He's worried. About Gareth being mean. And Ginny being a snob. I hope they aren't, but they do seem to have a true dragon's spark within their personalities...

Going off of dragons. I'm off to go visit other blogs! Comment and I comment back!


Monday, November 29, 2010

So now that THAT'S over...

Tamiki: yaY! chARaCtEr COnvO!
Crystal: Yes, wonderful use of the caps key. 
Tamiki: Just what I do.
Akov: Along with many other things...
Crystal: Oh? Like what?
Tamiki: Like this! *throws pie at Icewolf, who is just coming in*
Icewolf: *dodges and throws a hammer back* Hello to you too. Have you guys seen Inny?
Akov: I think he's observing your little brother.
Icewolf: You mean X-filer? Why-
Akov: No freaking idea.
Crystal: They were trying to 're-bond' after X-filer got over his jealousy. 
Tamiki: Jealousy? *snicker*
Icewolf: Yeah, apparently X-filer was-
Inora: Jealous of my awesomeness! 
Icewolf: I'm sure he was. No, he just didn't like the fact that I came up with someone more epic than he is. 
Tamiki: But he gets points for being a realworld being. 
Inora: And we don't get points for being blogworld beings?
Crystal: Not really, no. 
Inora: Well we should! 
Tamiki: If we did you'd get -50. 
Inora: And you'd get -700
Akov: Well, anyhow- 
X-filer: Yellow. What's the conversation?
Inora: We are discussing what blogworld being points we get vs realworld being points.
Icewolf: Sorry, you wouldn't understand. Just say something that totally drives this conversation into a ditch like you always do.
X-filer: ChEEse iTS. 
Crystal: Lovely. 
Tamiki: *om nom nom*
X-filer: Oh, so we have a little ms. proper there!
Crystal: Excuse me, I was designed to destroy any form of organization. I HATE organization. 
X-filer: I WOVE YEW! 
Crystal: I'm also trained in the ninja arts, I'm a mutant with wings, and can change my appearance at will, and kick your butt if you try to come NEAR me. 
X-filer: BIRDDDDS! (gak, typo)
Crystal: Icewolf, can I go back into the recesses of your mind?
Icewolf: Erm, no.
Crystal: Mrph. 
Inora: YO! Wazup brotha?
X-filer: INNNEH! *voice crack*
Inora: Oh great. You call me those horrid names too?
Icewolf: Why not? It's sooo KEWT! *heheh...inneh...*
Inny: HEY! Don't type my name like that!
X-filer: Heheheeee.
Icewolf: GET OWF MUH KEYBOARD! *shoves him away*
Inora: You did that?! Fiend.
X-filer: I didn't!
Icewolf: *evil grin* Muh keyboard.
Tamiki: Gar you. 
X-filer: Who are you?
Icewolf: He's magical.
X-filer: MaGICaL?! Like...HARRY pOttER MaGIcAl or...MAGicAL magICal?
Tamiki: Like this kinda magic *shut X up*
Akov: Nice one.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tips on clay

I decided to just give some tips about clay. Just in case any of you wanted to know. ;) I'm no expert on it, but I hope to take a class in it next year!

1.) The most important thing to know is that clay is a very temperamental element. Do one thing wrong and everything can blow up in your face. That's why each of these tips are VERY important.

2.) The first thing you need to do with your clay is what is called 'wedging'. You take the amount of clay you want to use, and throw it (not too hard or it will get cracks) on a surface into a cube shape repeatedly. This gets rid of any air bubbles. I recommend doing this for at least 5- maybe not even 10 minutes. But if you feel like there are still air bubbles in the clay, keep wedging. If there is even the smallest air bubble in the clay, it will explode when it is firing.

3.) Scoring and slipping. If you have two pieces you want to attach (ex. Girnio's tail to his body) then you do what is called scoring and slipping. Scoring means you take a sharp tool and slash small lines on the areas you are going to connect. Slipping is the 'glue'. Basically it is liquid clay - clay mixed with a lot of water. You dab your finger in the slip and apply it to the scored areas, then attach them. This is to ensure that they will stick together. Then take a flat-edged tool and smooth the attached pieces to make it look like it's one thing.

4.) Usually you'll need to hollow out your sculpture. Once you are done, take your piece and hollow out the bottom. I really don't know why, but it is essential! All of my pieces (spare Ginny and Girnio's book, because they're small enough to get away with) are hollowed out on the bottom.

And that's about all I remember. If you ever want to do this at home, find somebody with some knowledge close to you.

Alright, I want to bring up a safety issue. Scezzle, this is for you. I don't want to mom anyone, but this is a really serious topic to me.

Never, under any circumstance, not even if you have been blogging for YEARS, give any personal information about yourself. It's very dangerous. You know why? You never really know the true face behind someone's profile. Now, I'm not saying I don't trust any of you! No, I really do, and that's why I'm still blogging. But I am not comfortable handing out my personal information because in the wrong hands my life as it is would be risked. I won't go into details about it, but some creepers take advantage of the blogging world. Just please, don't go sharing any personal information. I don't need it, and bad people do.

Scezzle, as of now I don't think giving your age would harm you, but just be warned that giving information about yourself is as dangerous as playing with a forest fire.

Thanks for reading,

Friday, November 26, 2010

Girnio's story

So one day, I was sitting in my normal art class seat, and I turn my head to watch one of my friends open a cupboard. Now in that particular cupboard was where my dragons are kept until I glaze them or something like that, but I didn't really process that. I saw two beautiful dark dragon wings in the shadows of the cupboard before she shut the door. I thought to myself, "Oh, someone else made a dragon too. They must've made a better one than I did." But the next day, I open it to see the dragon that was better than mine when I let out a gasp.

It was Girnio, glazed and boasting a proud look on his muzzle. He had flaws, yes, but they were beautiful flaws.

I glanced around, looking for the other dragon that I thought would be the better one. But Girnio was sitting in the exact spot that I had seen those two wonderful wings.

Girino: Hrrr!

And that is his story! I was so surprised and laughed at the irony. Ah well.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Dragon Update:
GIRNIO IS OUT! He's glazed and everything and he is fabulous! As promised, here he is...

The others are not yet glazed, but Girnio is right now here with me.

Okay, so I wanted to do a little devotional. I know some of you skip this (I am MAGIC like that), but don't for this, for it does apply to everyday life of the average teen.

Psalm 42: 1-4
(1) As the deer longs for streams of water
so I long for you, O God
(2) I thirst for God, the living God.
When can I go and stand before him?
(3) Day and night I only have tears for food,
While my enemies continually taunt me, saying
"Where is this God of yours?"
(4) My heart is breaking
as I remember how it used to be.
I walked among the crowds of worshipers,
leading a great procession to the house of God.
Singing for joy and giving thanks
amids the sound of a great celebration

Doing my nightly devotions, this jumped out at me as a teen. Especially the last line of verse 3 "Where is this God of yours?" You could almost hear the scorn and the pain David bore. I was moved by these words, connecting on a whole new level. This isn't only in my life, but in every Christian's life. But when I read God's word, I feel safe again. I long for God to reach for me and touch my life, and He does! He's there for me and I know I love Him. If we go farther down Psalm 42 to verse 8 it says this:

(8) But each day the Lord pours his
unfailing love upon me,
and through each night I sing his songs,
praying to God who gives me life.

Each day. Unfailing. Not just for one day until you slip up, for forever.

~love, Icewolf

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So I wrote a short story (arg, JK just pissed me off again!) and I'm wondering whether to enter it to a short story contest or not. So here, enjoy and tell me what you think!


A long serpentine body sliced through the water. She was like no other sea creature, for she had a certain kind of grace and beauty to her. To people she looked like a sea monster from all their stories, but to the fish in the sea she looked to them the sea goddess of their own stories. She had a long thin body that ended in an oar-like and slightly transparent fin. Her scales were a blue-green and her eyes shone a mysterious blue. A crown-like fin donned her head, and had only two forelegs that she usually kept to her sides as to not hinder her flight in the water.
            Another creature descended the sky above her watery kingdom. He was as black as the night sky, with the starlight captured in his own eyes. His preferred the air to the sea, and kept aloft on large wings. He had a shorter body than the sea goddess, and unlike her he only had two hind legs. A long curling tail steered him through the sky over the waters, and his wedge-like head looked deep into its depths. He located the sea goddess and let out a long, pleading screech.
            The sea goddess flicked her back fin to halt, and she turned to the surface. The voice she had just heard was a divine one, one of authority. Cautiously she poked her head out of the water. She trilled an inquiring note, asking this creature what he had come to her for. In reply the creature gave an answering low note, and knowledge flooded the sea goddess.
            He was a darkling, a servant of the being called Darkness and his mate Nightmare. Darkness wished to make a pact with the sea, to have a friendship. The darkling suggested to please Darkness and accept the pact the sea goddess should offer it a rare gift that only the sea could yield. The sea goddess chirped in understanding, and plunged back into the sea to find one of her most valuable possessions, a magical dark pearl.
            The darkling waited patiently, hovering over the water. He never tired, but being in daylight did seem to make him drowsy. He didn’t particularly like going out in the daytime, but this pact was of the utmost urgency. Darkness was fascinated by the mysteries of the sea and wanted to learn more about it through the sea goddess. But even though it didn’t seem that important to the darkling himself, if it was pleasing to his master it would be pleasing to him as well. But did he have to go by day, was his only question. All the way here he had been hunted by men out of their fear of the unknown. The darkling kept glancing at the shore nearby, hoping they hadn’t followed him.
            Upon his fifth glance, a speck in the distance grew to more specks. Soon, around fifty specks were in the sight of the darkling. They came closer to reveal human men, screaming with what they thought was bravery – to kill a new beast instead of trying to learn from it.
            The darkling panicked. He couldn’t leave for risking the confusion and anger of the sea goddess, but neither could he stay for he was in firing range of their strange weapons. In his indecision he let out a terrified howl. He was certainly going to die if the sea goddess didn’t come soon.
            The sea goddess, on her way to the surface, heard the cry of the darkling and realized something was amiss. The darkling was in danger that much she knew, so she clutched the dark pearl close, momentarily forgetting its magical abilities and propelled herself faster. She threw herself from the water and collided with the darkling.
            The dark pearl’s magic activated. A dark flash consumed the two creatures, and the men on the shore halted, witnessing the result of two entities and one pure dark pearl. The creature of darkness and air combined with the creature of water and light.
            Then, hovering above the water was the ultimate servant of Darkness. It had long black wings that seemed to swallow the sky, a huge slender body, and a long tail that whipped the sea into waves that crashed into the men. A diamond-shaped head opened its jaws and roared in its newfound power and majesty. Far above the earth, Darkness smiled, for he had foreseen this and that is why he had sent the darkling on his mission with the wrong reason. The combination of a dark pearl and two creatures resulted in something far more valuable to him.
            The first dragon. 

And yush, I did change the background. Isn't it neat? I was trying to look for something Christmas-y, but alas, none worked. 

Dragon update:
None really. I can't glaze Ginny until after my Thanksgiving break, and Girnio is waiting to be fired, and Gareth is still waiting for when our class get around to glazing. :P 

Anyhow, see you for now blogworld!

Monday, November 22, 2010

More Inny, and more confusion

The top one is for ICF, which is coming in April 2011! Be excited people! And the bottom one was the finished one that my friend did for me (I wish I had that kind of skill).

Inora: *blushing fiercely* *silent*
Icewolf: Hm? Are you okay?
Tamiki: *laughs, walking in* I bet he is.
Inora: You don't know me!
Tamiki: The harmonic werewolf speaks.
Icewolf: Speaking of, where is Kovvie? I miss him, and he hasn't shown himself for the last few posts.
Crystal: *enters* Beats me. He's sulking somewhere I guess.
Icewolf: *suddenly pulls away from characters*

I can't talk with them anymore. I'm too pissed. JKshooterman (I hate his screen name with a passion) thinks that he can just boot me off cause I am on at this time every night. This is the ONLY time I have, every minute that goes by, I can't save or take back - it's GONE. La di da if he wants to make a stupid video. La di freaking da if he thinks he's better than me because I refused him rights to the computer. *starts fuming* At least X-filer understands to the very slightest degree.

This is MY time.

Arg. I'm too angry now. Sorry, blogworld. Sorry characters.
Inora: *softly* It's okay.
Tamiki: Yeah, really. Just go blow off some steam before you really do some damage
Crystal: Can I be in charge while you're gone?
Icewolf: *sigh* whatever. If you see Kovvie tell him to quit sulking.

Signed with barely controlled anger,

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Dragon Update:
Girnio- Man, I have to get used to typing his name, I keep wanting to write it 'Grinio', but is a totally different sense from Girnio. Anyway, he's glazed and I'm not sure if he's in the kiln yet, but I can't wait to finally see him!

Gareth- Now his name I can type easy, due to reading it a lot in Time Cat! It was such a great name and it fits him. I need to come up with his personality, and I have a feel for it, but I'm not quiet sure. He isn't glazed, but he's fired up so he's ready to get glazed. Since I have three dragons and my classmates only have one animal, I'm doing the two that were on my free time on my own time and doing him (which was my school project, thus he's bigger) when everyone else is glazing theirs.

Ginny- She made it out okay! The exploding clay didn't touch her, and I feel really bad for the person whose project was destroyed. I know that if mine had, I would be crushed, but maybe that's because I worked hard and put a bit of me into my dragons. I haven't glazed her, and she's the smallest yet, so she should be easy. I think I'm going to glaze her Tuesday after school.

Alright, I mentioned 'sense' up in Girnio's update. I guess I better explain it better, huh? Well, sometimes I just sort of feel or (my word for it) sense things. Not much else I can describe it as. Like, have you ever just simply known something, or felt like something was simply right? It's what it's like. I call it my sense. Like the sense of Girnio is playful and helpful. Gareth's sense is...wavy, but that's probably because I can't quiet place him yet until it feels right to set his personality in clay. Ginny's sense is bright and shining. Sometimes I sense colors of something, like 'Inora' is a grey-red-blue-green-purple. There's always a mix, and never a solid color.

Weird, huh? Confusing, right? Well, don't worry. Now that you sorta know, you won't be too lost.

*tilts head back and forth* I don't know what else....OH! Okay, so my friend offered to draw Inny for me, and she did AMAZING! I picniked it a little, and it turned out AWESOME.

Didn't she do a FANTASTIC job?
Inora: Yeah, I look great. As always.
Icewolf: *giggles* Don't forget this was a trail run for her, so she's doing a final EPIC copy.
Inora: I know, I'm excited.
Icewolf: I don't know how she could do better than this!

Anyhow, I have been drawing him lately as well. I drew a Christmas one, and one of him and my brother. Yeah...X-filer is a bit jealous of Inora cause I might like Inny better...heh heh....

Okay, I went to see Harry Potter.

Epic. Hilarious. Not much of a plot, but it was made up for in slight comedy. The whole theater was giggling. I won't ruin it for you in any detail, in case you're going to go see it, but I will say that my favorite lines were this:

Hermione: Take it off, Harry!
Harry: *pauses, glaring*
Hermione: Take it off now!
Harry: *grumbles, takes of Horcrux*

*laughs* At first everyone was thinking, "Whoa, Hermione, aren't you going with Ron?" That's what I was thinking the whole movie! Are they trying to get it to look like Harry is going to be with Hermione? Cause let me tell you, there were a few times I was wondering what the movie people are thinking.

Alright. See you late blogworld!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still wobbling and no fall pictures

I know, bummer, huh? My mom thinks I'm going on withdraw from frappichinoes. And I think, 'well, if I'm going to have a withdraw on anything, it better be frappes huh?' I miss the wonderful sweet coffee.

Anyhow, let me ask you, what is great about the number 12? Nice even number. Zwolf (German for 12, only it has the two little dots on top of the 'o').

I now have twelve Yu-Gi-Oh books. ~yay!~ And this has more of the Pharaoh so ~double yay!~

And I sorta logged on late (due to my brother I might add),s so I gots to go. :(


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wobbling on my feet and fall pictures

All day my head has been very light and pounding. You know the feeling when you stand up and all the blood rushes to your head and you feel dizzy? I feel like that...every TIME I do something fast. Bleh.

And lately I've been taking  some pictures of my fall scenery, and here's what I've come up with! Mostly of my tree in the front yard...

The top on is my favorite. :D

Dragon update:
Girnio is glazed! He need to be fired once more, and then he's done! He is officially my decision/mood/thought dragon. He basically puts things into words. Give him your mind, he'll help you write it. Gareth (my black dragon) I have no idea what kind of dragon he is, but I know it has something to do with the ankh shape on his forehead. Gareth is done firing, and yet needs to be glazed. My last dragon, Ginny, is firing right now, and I'm worried because my art teacher said she heard something explode (air bubbles, and if you don't know anything about clay, ask me in comments, otherwise, I'm not going to go into it) while it was drying in the kiln, and I dearly hope my Ginny wasn't mauled and/or the one that exploded.

Oh, and the reason I'm posting longer is ~ta da~ due to my obeying to the law I asked for an extension of 8-9pm! I now have an hour of free time! ~WIN~

So from now on, Icewolf is fully back! Well, if I'm not here at 8-9 that sucks for me...cause I don't get that time back. Once it's gone, it is GONE.

Anyway, I have a question, what is this NaNo that I keep hearing about?

That's all for now!

Now back in the blogworld,
Icewolf and characters

Inora: Oh, now you mention us at the end!
Icewolf: Look at the last two lines! It is a sign of me going OFF.
Inora: So-


Sunday, November 14, 2010

*scream* *wither*

*bows in shame* *again*

I was busy all week with theater...I was doing mics for my little brother's play, and also was trying out for the next play in my school...and I'm excited...wait...*checks website*

I got a small part. Slight bummer, but hey, at least I got a part.

So I've been going crazy all week with all my characters bottled up in my mind *glares at Inora especially*

Inora: Hey, spare me. I act on impulse.
Icewolf: As I've seen...
Crystal: May I bomb something now?
Akov: I'll join you!
Icewolf: No! Bombing is not a normal pass-time.
Tamiki: *wanders in, noming a cookie* Since when have we been defined as normal
Icewolf: Heh...*glances at blog title* That's funny.
Tamiki: What was?
Icewolf: Nothing

Anyhow...update on my clay dragons (which are a major part of my brain process right now ((that and a certain person, that I shall not name))):
Two are in the kiln, probably done firing right now and cooling off. The third was created this week.
The first one I made I plan to make him blue with yellow eyes, naming him Girnio.
The second it HUGE, and he is Gareth, black with an ankh shape on his forehead.
The third is a small dragon, green, violet eyes (though closed), named Ginny.

I'm excited for them. Well, I'm back blogworld! Missed you!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Deepest Desires

Thanks Bleah! So, my 7 likes, my 8 hates, and my one love....

I like...eating fun food!
I like... being with my (somewhat) annoying characters
I like... hanging with my friends
I like... blogging with such cool people
I like... taking awesome photos
I like... a soft cool breeze across my face
I like... a winter day
I hate... the heat of summer
I hate... annoying people
I hate... typical blondes
I hate... when my computer freezes
I hate... hoping and failing
I hate... and love life
I hate... having a hopeless crush
I hate... being lonely
I LOVE... <>< <------Jesus! 

And I tag:

Bleah: like the rules and her awesomeness
Golden Eagle: For her interesting answers in the past
Shimmer: Just cause she'd make me laugh with her answers
Squeaks: Because she's just cool like that. :D

That's all for now!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hi guys! I've been busy, and haven't had a whole lot of time to log on. But I'm here right now to let you know that even though I don't have time to comment, that I do read each one. Like Bleah, sorry about the devastating fling with Adam Young and Taylor Swift. Golden Eagle, elevators? And Squeaks, there's so much to summarize.

Well, can't wait until I can post longer again.

Ps. Clay dragons are sitting in the kiln! My art teacher isn't firing it yet, but she will once it's about a week....ah well, at least they're on their way!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Drying Knives

Scares me. Especially our butcher knife. I'm freaked out whenever it's my turn to dry.

Anyhow, just wanted to say this:

Sunday morning I lug myself out of bed.
I throw on clothes and go to church.
And this is what hit me:

"More people are coming out of the closet than trying to clean it."

Amen, I thought, thinking of my daily surroundings at school. Gays and Lesbians pop up everywhere, leaving me little room to say right out that I'm straight. It's become a trend in America to like the same *shudder* gender as yourself. Gross. Ew.

We need God in America.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Soes: Icewolf for the plural version of 'so'

Anyhow, just here to chat. I walking into my house today and nearly was knocked out by the candle scent. Wtc? *nearly faints* My poor nose. A candle has been burning since this morning and it's owwie for my nose.

But fall has finally arrived!!! It's nice and chilly outside, and I stepped out and was overcome with so much wonder and appreciation for God's creation. I love fall. It's my favorite season of the entire year! ~yay~

Thanks for still coming and visiting my blog guys!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

*rubs back of neck*

Heh, sorry Squeaks for freaking you out a little. Just excited about finding a book that I've looked for about 5 years.

So, yeah. *sigh* My blogging inspiration is dwindling. Racing against a clock doesn't help much either. :( But I deserve it. Once I gain my mom's trust I'll go back to longer posts.

*glances at clock* I have a little more time. So at school, I've been doing this clay project of a dragons and it is WICKED. The wings are huge but it stays put, and the only thing I need right now is the head and neck. Which I will confess will be the hardest part.

Auditions for the next play at our school coming up! ~yay!~ Pray for me!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time Cat

Squeaks, I love you.

I have constantly looked for that book.

And now it is found.

I love you!

~happy happy joy joy!~

Again, blog curfew. Thanks! icewolf

Monday, October 25, 2010

I need to remember....

Okay, so here's the thing: I remember reading this one book, I sorta remember what it is about, and I know exactly what was on the cover.

But I don't remember the title. I read it when I was a kid, and I remember loving the book! BUT I DON'T REMEMBER THE NAME. If you have and do know, please help me!

The cover: A black cat, sitting on a pier that looks like it was from ancient Rome, arrows flying in the background, possible a pyramid too, but there was an ankh shape on the cat's chest.

Summary: The boy goes with the cat through all of it's nine lives in the ancient times. I can't remember much other than that. But it was really neat, they went to Egypt, Rome, America, Europe. *narrows eyes* BUT ARG THIS IS ANNOYING.

Anyway, if you know a book like that PLEASE help. Thanks!

~Again, sorry for the shortness

Sunday, October 24, 2010

*shame* *shame* *shame*

Sorry guys. I'm being limited now until I earn back my mom's trust. From now on I can only do blogging and stuff from 8:30 until 9. It SUCKS! But I understand. Just sorry for not posting much for now. *shame*

I drew Inora and profiled him today. That was fun. :D He's actually happy in the picture, so I put a note that the emotion drawn is not a common emotion for the character.

Not much else. Currently I'm working on a puzzle though. Oh, and I know World of What-not is getting slow, and I'm so sorry, but lack of time...:( :( *SHAME*

So sorry guys.

~With much shame, Icewolf

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Question: How to you top the title named 'Fall and Inny's mind"?

Answer: Fall in Inny's Mind.

Inora: How is that better? And you were thinking about clay dragons.
Icewolf: Shush! Stay out of my thoughts.
Inora: I only come when you want me. *smiles quickly, blushing slightly (rhyme!)*
Icewolf: *stick out tongue, ignoring brief awkwardness* Yeah well, my thought are
Inora: Full of the smell of grilled cheese.
Icewolf: X-filer! If you burn that....*dashes to make sure younger sibling isn't killing himself*
Tamiki: Hewoo, you tortured creature of yonder currently under the sway of our lovely author here. 'author' not 'Author'.
Inora: *glares* And what brings you here?
Tamiki: to alert you that I'm setting up a Halloween Party, which is going to be a dance party, at your house, just like we did to Kovvie.
Akov: I'll say only this *appears* do NOT harm Icewolf in any way, shape, or form. Hurt her in anyway and I will not, can not stop myself from hurting you 100 times more.
Inora: Yeep. Why are you threatening me like this?
Tamiki: We know you.
Inora: You don't.
Akov: We know a bit.
Tamiki: We know enough.
Inora: *scowls, and retreats from them and sinks into his own mind*

~The scene changes to fall~


Eh, I don't know what else, Inny shut me out of the part of my mind labeled 'characters' and the sub-part labeled 'Inora/Inny'.

Anyhow, about those clay dragons, I made one! Tis awesome! I'll post pics, but it's not fired or glazed, so it's going to be a while. That's all for now!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall and Inny's mind

Apple pie. Apple crisp. Apple cider. Apple butter. Apples. Apple Jacks.

Apples. Apples. Apples. Pumpkin. Apples. Apples.

I've noticed apple everything.

Anyway, just a little blurb. Sorry I haven't gotten to posting much, but my grandparents are over, so I'm limited...:D

But hey, they took me to a HUGE theater production. It was about the story of Joseph, and I got to get out of school at 10am. So I only got three classes in before *grins* nevermore.

OH! Today, in Drama class we had to act a part, and I decided to have a sarcastic personality as my character. Since I needed a character to slip into by name, guess who I had to call upon?

Love you Inny.

Inora: All I did was give you words and how to say them. No biggie.
Icewolf: *taps him playfully on the nose* Ah, but without you, I'd would have been stuck.
Inora: *shrugs*

I just found it neat how I called upon my characters in the realworld. Maybe you fellow authors should try that sometime, just act how your characters would for a bit, and maybe you'll understand them better. As for me, I got to glimpse into Inora's mind...which is a bit fascinating. Sometimes loathing but very cutting. It's neat.

Inora: Glad you like my depressed world.
Icewolf: *smiles*

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I wonder where this is going to go...

            “He’s wonderful,” breathed Raven.
            “He’s the first one of them all,” Fox commented. “Now tell me his story.”

            “Catch that thief!”
            The boy raced away from the marketplace. His bare, dusty heels slapped into the dust, each step gaining more speed than the last. Maybe this time he could make it.
            Behind him, two top-heavy men raced after the boy. He grinned. They didn’t have a runner’s build, giving him the advantage. He willed his legs to move faster, and they granted him his wish. The men chasing him howled. They were going to lose to this scrawny scrap if they didn’t do something fast. The boy felt a surge of hope. At last, he could have a meal!
            Suddenly, a third man broke from the ranks of his pursuers. He was a tall, lean man, with long legs and a determined face. The boy jumped in surprise and doom. This was a runner, and most of all, there was no way he could escape if he ran all out.
            Quickly the boy veered and jumped up, grasping the wall for a hold. The hard material didn’t yield, and the boy plummeted back down. Oh come on, he thought, if I can just get to the edge of town…The boy dodged pedestrians, left, right, right, and left. He veered into several alleyways, but never once lost the tall man.
             Finally, the boy breeched the town’s edge. There were scarcely any houses, and all of them were abandoned. And another thing: who would believe the man of what would happen next? The boy stuffed his prize, a long loaf of bread into his mouth, and jumped up into the sky.
            The man skidded to the halt, barely believing what he saw.
            A four-legged beast took to the sky on large wings. Scales covered the body, and the predominant color was orange-red. A long tail was spiked at the end.
            It was holding a loaf of bread in its jaws.

            “He raised his head to the stars, and breathed heavily. How beautiful they were. But none of them had beauty even close in comparison to this planet. The life, the elements that he hadn’t known existed, and the landscape was outstanding and exceeded his hopes.
            “‘Come on Xylok, we must get you to Quon! She’ll help you get better, I promise!’ A red female hovered over him, eyeing him in panic. ‘Please! Please don’t just lay there!’
            “Xylok only could gaze at her. How beautiful she was. Not even this planet of which he loved so much could compare to his feelings for her. Pain tore itself in his chest, creating a chasm between his heart and his mind.
            “‘Oh Sofl,’ he gasped, ‘Sofl, Sofl, Sofl…’
            “‘Don’t! Don’t do this to me! Xylok! Xylok!
            “Xylok glanced at Sofl, then to the stars, and then back to Sofl. ‘Fly. You can’t let them get you. They’re scared, but they’re powerful. Go to the Opia. You’ll be safe there. Take the whole colony and go to the Opia…’
            “And the great Xylok breathed one last ragged breath. The wounds on his flank were too great, the bones in his body too broken, and his heart in his chest was too saddened by his love’s pain.
            “‘Opia,’ he said with his last breath, ‘Opia.”
            Fox’s green eyes were wide with the sparkle of tears. Even Raven was crying, smoothing the edges of the sketched fallen dragon.
            “He was a very brave dragon,” Raven told her child.
            “Braver than a lion?”
            “Braver than a lion.” 
            “What an interesting story. Not a typical story told to a child,” a teenage girl walked in and set a basket of produce on the table. Dove glared at Raven with the soft blue eyes of her father.
            “Mom you can’t keep telling her such odd stories. It’s not good for a child,” Dove scolded. Raven set Fox’s drawing on the table next to the basket.
            Dove was Raven’s other child born by the same man that was Fox’s father. She was very much like her father, skeptical, sarcastic, pale blonde hair and soft blue eyes that resembled water given to merchants. She was also tall and skinny for her age, 17, but was also very elegant in figure. The men of the town seemed to fall for her at first glance, but none was good enough for her. Even if she did like anyone, Dove played a difficult came of try-to-get-me-if-you-can under the philosophy “if he doesn’t try hard enough he isn’t worth it”.
            “I just say what came to me,” Raven replied, “how was the day at the market?”
            “Was Basal there,” asked Fox. Basal was Dove’s new love, and Fox was old enough at age 10 to know that it would annoy her sister to frequently mention him. Dove stuck her tongue out at Fox.
            “Well, there was a thief at the bread stand and the pursuer came back swearing upon everything he could that the thief transformed into a beast at the edge of town. I think he couldn’t stand the fact that somebody outran him.”
            “Who was the pursuer? Don’t tell me it was Voil. The man can’t stand being beaten at anything,” Raven scoffed, rolling her eyes at the thought.
            “It was. Is this another creature, Fox?”
            Fox fetched the dragon Xylok and handed it to Dove. “His name is Xylok and mommy just told me his story!”
            “Hm,” commented Dove, “and Xylok was the one that died?”
            “Sadly, yes. He was a magnificent dragon,” Raven sighed. Dove raised a skeptical eye brow.
            “Dragon?” Dove turned to Fox, baring her height over her sister.
            “It’s a dragon,” she stated firmly. Dove looked at the paper again, her skeptical eyebrows knitting together.
            “Weird,” she said, “Voil described the beast very much like this. But dragons don’t exist.” Dove gave Fox back her drawing. The girl clutched it to her chest and glared at her.
            “Of course they do, you just don’t see them!” protested Fox. Dove smiled slightly at this, remembering the days of her childhood.
            “Dragons or no dragons (“They’re real,” insisted Fox), Dove, help me make dinner and Fox why don’t you go play outside? Don’t talk to any strangers mind.”
            “Yes, mama,” both girls chorused.

            A dragon dropped from the sky not too far from the village, smiling to itself. Whipping his tail under his belly and drawing his head up so that his entire body aligned itself at an angle, Quiv landed heavily on the ground. Finally, he could eat!
            To consume the bread on a smaller stomach, thus killing his hunger quicker, Quiv transformed back into his boy’s form. He extracted his prize from his mouth only to break bits off the bread to put back in. The sweet bread melted away in his mouth, and flavor burst onto his tongue. His stomach welcomed the food in a savoring sensation.
            “Are you the thief?”
            Quiv started guiltily, spinning on his heels. A girl about his age stood there, hands clasped together and eyes staring curiously but not accusingly. He relaxed some, but wondered how much she saw. Unless he was careless (which he had been when he was escaping his chaser), no one could see him in dragon form. If she saw him ‘pop’ out of midair, she might call the police on him for witchcraft.
            The girl only smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you’re a dragon.”
            Quiv nearly dropped his bread if had not been his hunger.
            “W-what?” Words felt odd coming out of his mouth, since he hadn’t really spoken since 3 years ago. But this girl had caught his so off guard that he wasn’t thinking.
            “I can see you when you’re a dragon,” the girl sat down in the dust, and gestured him to do the same, “I see all the creatures that others can’t. It’s a bit sad sometimes that everyone misses out on them so I draw them for my kind.”
            “Your kind? What are you,” Quiv asked. He didn’t sit, wanting to be able to run if he needed to. But he didn’t think he would, he was too curious as to how she could see the Mythical Races.
            “I think I’m human, but I and my family have odd talents that I noticed. Aren’t you going to sit? I’m not going to hurt you, I’ve never had the chance to talk to a dragon before,” the girl reached for him, but Quiv sat down before she could touch him.
            “Odd talents?”
            “Are you just going to ask questions? Yes odd talents. I draw stuff, my mom can give you the stories from those drawings, and my sister…well she has a great memory for things. So what about you?”
            “What about me,” Quiv retorted, taking a bite out of his bread. The girl rolled her eyes.
            “Again with the questions. Just talk,” she sighed, “I’ll start. My name is Fox. What is your name?” Quiv shifted, but decided that he rather was starting to like this Fox.
            “Quiv. Dragons are capable of transforming into humans, if only for a day at a time.” 

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