Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Elegance of the Hedgehog (3)

Yup. This is the third time I've read it. Every time I just feel so very happy and refreshed.

"So if there is something on the planet that is worth living for, I'd better not miss it, because once you're dead, it's too late for regrets, and if you die by mistake, that is really, really dumb."

"But if you dread tomorrow, it's because you don't know how to build the present, and when you don't know how to build the present, you tell yourself you can deal with it tomorrow, and it's a lost cause anyway because tomorrow always ends up becoming today, don't you see?"

"Madame Michel has the elegance of the hedgehog: on the outside she's covered in quills, a real fortress, but my gut feeling is that on the inside she has the same simple refinement as the hedgehog: a deceptively indolent little creature, fiercely solitary - and terribly elegant."

*deep sigh* Can't tell you enough how much I recommend readers this book. I can't really explain the tide of words - no, it's a tsunami of words that are within this book, and you wonder how you can get so much from black shapes on a white surface. :)



book blogger said...

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Icewolf said...

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