Thursday, December 2, 2010

Harry Potter

Well, maybe I'm finally getting sick! Cause you know, I never get sick and then I can never take off of school, and then I trudge through the day feeling icky but not enough to go home, and then...ah well. But my throat hurts. I'm hydrated and everything, so YAY, I'm sick. Which I'm legitimately happy about!

Anyhow, about Harry. Well, let me tell you, sore throats aren't the only illness I've caught. I have contracted Potter Fever, and yes I did just come up with that right this moment. I have nonstop been reading HP and watching the movies and longing to see the Half-blood Prince, which I have seen but want to again. :P

Dragon Update:

Girnio- now rests upstairs in my room where he guards dust bunnies with his life! *laughs* Not really, he can come and go in my mind now that he's all done. And he's so much fun! Dragons can't really talk much, but they get their point across.

Girnio: *huffs a puff a smoke and brandishes pencil at Icewolf*
Icewolf: *laughs* Okay, okay! What is it?
Girnio: Hrrr *points to the computer screen and cocks head*
Icewolf: This is the blogworld. Welcome!
Girnio: *snorts a rings of smoke and chews on the end of his pencil*

*giggles* He reminds me of Gadzooks in The Fire Within. I love it. My own Gadzooks!

Gareth- My big, tough, and fierce dragon is now glazed! He'll be fired during the weekend, so I won't get him back until next week. He looks pretty awesome by the way, all black with red eyes and an ankh shape on his forehead. And that was hard to do! I can't yet place him, and he can't really talk to me yet. *laughs* He's just a baby despite his size! Gareth is easily from the length of the tips of my fingers to...oh about two inches past my wrist. And he's all curled up! I think if he were stretched out he would easily engulf my forearm and past. O.O Talk about huge!

Ginny- I can't see much of her. At all. I haven't glazed her yet, but I can't quite seem to think of a color. Any suggestions? What does the name 'Ginny' produce what color?

Girnio's Journal- *giggles once more* Oh yes, I do have one for him, with his own butterfly to stare at! I just glazed it today, so it'll be going in the kiln with Gareth.

Girnio: *puffs another ring of smoke (he keeps doing that!), swishes his tail, and lets out a questioning note* Hrr?
Icewolf: Yes, she will. Don't you worry, Ginny won't be mean. And I promise Gareth won't either.
Girnio: *brow furrows. He draws his wings closer* Hrr-rarrr.
Icewolf: Aw. *cradles dragon close* I know Gareth is big and intimidating but I promise with ALL my heart that I won't let him bully you.
Girnio: Hrr. *rests in Icewolf's hands*

He's worried. About Gareth being mean. And Ginny being a snob. I hope they aren't, but they do seem to have a true dragon's spark within their personalities...

Going off of dragons. I'm off to go visit other blogs! Comment and I comment back!



Scezzle said...

Ginny sounds like she'd be yellow to me. Or pink, or red. But I think mainly yellow.

The Golden Eagle said...

I always have HP fever . . . LOL.

Ginny sounds like a teal color to me.

Scezzle said...

I can't wait to see them all!
(Yet another comment, good thing, right?)

Icewolf said...

Scezzle- Hm, now that you mention it, I sorta see a pink-ish red flare in her. Weird, I normally don't like pink but I think it would suit her...
Eagle- Oooh, teal fits as well. :P I wonder which I shall do...
Scezzle- Thanks, me too! (And yes, I love comments)