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Elemials - Chapter One (3)

           Cera’s feet were aching and her legs were sore from so much walking. They had gone from her house, to Lily’s, and then dropped Shadow off where he was staying with the Nerts and their thunderwolves. A pack of the elemials rushed out to greet him, yelping excitedly with their tongues lolling out of their mouths. A little girl was in their midst, her flowery summer dress getting tangled around her legs. She tripped and a thunderwolf instantly ducked under her to catch her.
            Thunderwolves were said to be the one elemial that bonds with more than one human, since their animal counterpart lived in packs. They controlled sound waves and were actually the most dangerous elemial in the fighting ring. That’s why the Nerts preferred not to become fighters, because they knew they’d put everyone at a disadvantage if they couldn’t hear. They mainly served as scouters alongside the Dios.
            “Shadow!” the girl cried happily. Shadow grinned and scooped the girl up from among the thunderwolves. They surrounded him, nudging him and barking in greeting.
            One thunderwolf departed from the others and trotted over to sniff Lily, Cera, and their elemials. Pookee snuffled right back, trying to imitate the thunderwolf, and Asie sat still with only her tail twitching nervously.
            With the small girl on his hip and Jera on his shoulder, Shadow walked over to them. The pack moved from him to the thunderwolf near them, lowering their ears and tails warily.
            “It’s okay, they’re friends,” Shadow told them. The thunderwolves relaxed and nuzzled Lily and Cera. Asie hissed when they got close, bristling fearfully. She dashed up Cera’s leg and onto her shoulder. Her ginger fur was so fluffed out it tickled Cera’s ear.
            What’s wrong, Cera asked.
            I don’t like dogs, she explained.
            Pookee, on the other hand, bobbed in and out of the thunderwolves paws. He seemed happy at the opportunity to exercise his agility. Lily knelt to the eyelevel of one thunderwolf and offered her hands to it. After a quick sniff, the thunderwolf seemed to grin. It shoved its muzzle into her palms. Smiling, Lily scratched behind its ear.
            “Lily, Cera, Asie, Pookee, this is Molly,” Shadow gestured to the girl he was holding. Molly Nert shyly smiled at them, waving five stubby fingers.
            “Well, I’ll see you guys tomorrow then.” Shadow turned and walked to the house, thunderwolves following him. Molly peered over his shoulder. When she smiled there were several gaping holes were teeth should have been, and Cera smiled. The young girl had new teeth coming in!
            “She’s cute,” Cera commented to Lily.
            “Yeah, he is,” Lily sighed, staring after Shadow.
            “Not he, she. Molly,” she clarified.
            “And I was talking about Shadow. You’re thinking it too, aren’t you?” Lily winked at Cera and she rolled her eyes.
            “Not my type,” she said. Indeed, Shadow’s black hair and brown eyes weren’t entirely appealing to her. She gave him a second look and repressed a shudder.
            He looked so much like her father.
            “Come on, Lily. I’ll walk you to your house,” Cera offered, but Lily waved her off.
            “No, that’s okay. You get home; it’s going to be dark soon. Later!” Lily chirped. She turned on the heels of her sandals, and half-walked half-skipped down the sidewalk. Pookee followed her, his tube-like body bending and unbending as he bounded alongside her.
            “Let’s go, Asie,” Cera murmured. Her firecat leaped off her shoulder and landed lightly on the ground, her paws making almost no sound at all.
            They began their trek toward their house in silence. Asie trotted in front of Cera so her master could keep her in sight. The sun slid behind the tree line, darkening the world around her.
            She was almost at the door of her house when she heard a strange noise. The back of her neck prickled uneasily, and Asie let out a faint hiss. Cautiously she glanced over her shoulder, blood pounding in her ears.
            A smoky figure stood in the middle of the street, light from the street lamps seeming not to touch him. At his side a cat-figure sat, tail swishing in the air. It mewed in greeting at Asie. The firecat froze, fur splaying in all directions and eyes the shape of small green moons.
            Tiliy, she gasped.
            Tiliy? Cera stiffened. That means…
            “Dad!” Cera shouted, leaping away from the door and racing toward the figure of her father, Asie right behind her. Joy sprang in her heart. Her dad was back! He was here!
            The figure took a step forward, arms lifting towards Cera. She laughed, and outstretched her own arms.
            “Dad,” she whispered, and jumped into the waiting arms…
            She crashed into the road.
            The air was pushed from her lungs and her arms barely caught her fall just in time. Hands bleeding, but otherwise unscathed, she rolled over with a groan. Asie nuzzled her cheek and yowled.
            Cera! Cera! Are you okay? Asie kept yowling until Cera’s mother rushed outside.
            “Oh my goodness! Cera,” her mother knelt and supported her with an arm. “What happened?”
            “I…” she knew she would scare her mother if she said she saw her dad, so she lied, “Asie ran into the road and I chased her. I tripped.” Asie huffed at being blamed, but let it pass.
            Her mother hurried her inside, washed the cuts on her hands, and wrapped them up. Iwin weaved into the kitchen, smelling blood. She stalked over to Asie and sniffed her. Suddenly, the blue firecat bristled and yelped. Her mother froze.
            “Yes, mom?”
            “Iwin says…says she smells smoke and Tiliy on Asie…” she whispered.
            Cera forged a look of confusion. “Tiliy? But she and dad disappeared…”
            Cera’s mother didn’t reply. She busied herself with cleaning up the leftover bandages. Meanwhile, Iwin growled at Asie. Twitching her tail, Asie growled back.
            Asie, Cera called her firecat to her. She snorted at Iwin, and then slunk over to Cera. Cera’s mother said nothing else other than she’d be in her office, and left with Iwin following. Cera stroked Asie, disturbed.
            Now what happened back there, Asie mewed.
            “No idea, Asie,” she sighed. “No idea.”

Friday, August 19, 2011

Growling fiercely, Inora felt his paws slide in dust, small clouds forming around them. He lashed his tail, not used to being tossed around like a useless pup.

"You'll pay for that," he threatened.

Clover only looked at him calmly. "Icewolf was right, it is good for you to work out your anger. Look, you're already gaining focus," she added as she neatly dodged his lunge. "That try was closer than your others."

I can't believe I'm being beaten in a fight against her! She's.... Inora groped for a word, but failed. Clover, with her calm, serene personality, seemed the least likely candidate for Icewolf's idea to help Inora fight out his problems. But after testing each of the blogworld characters personally, Icewolf turned Clover onto Inora.

At first he didn't understand what Icewolf was playing at - setting his sister to this task - but he quickly gained the knowledge he lacked. Clover was agile and quick-witted. Through her quietness she observed more.

Inora landed on his paws hard, and winced as they stung. Before he could regain his composure, Clover flanked him and wrenched his scruff sideways. He gasped as he crashed onto his side. She braced him with her forepaws, and stared at him in concern.

"I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"Hardly," Inora lied. He wondered how Icewolf fared against Clover, if he was being beaten harshly.

Tamiki slunk in, unusually quiet. Clover caught sight of him and stepped away from Inora, allowing him to scramble to his paws.

"No comments?" Inora growled, testing his paw to see if it wasn't broken.

"None," Tamiki replied, "she beat me in a fight, so I know how you're feeling." Clover self-conciously bent to lick the fur on her flank. Inora saw the flicker of unease in her green eyes.

"I agree those are really pretty eyes." There was a hint of a wink to the voice.

Inora's heart leapt frighteningly in his chest, and he stumbled forward onto his face. He quickly righted himself, glaring daggers at Icewolf.

"Don't sneak up on me!" he shouted at her. Icewolf only smiled and winked at him. She flicked open a crimson wing and flexed her wingtips absentmindedly.

"You know, it's been forever since I've seen you this upset. What's on your mind," she murmured.

Inora had to nearly bite his tongue to keep from spilling his thoughts to her. Hiding behind a familiar mask of his grumpy demeanor, he faced her without saying a word.

She narrowed her eyes, but didn't pursue it.

Anyhow, since the last little quip was well received, I tried my hand at it again. I could get used to this kind of style. So what do you guys think? This style or the old?

On the other hand, no much is new. My stories such as Elemials and Heart of Ice are progressing well, and I've been procrastinating my school work like normal. XD

So, blogworld, I'm off!


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Different style of character convo today! :)

She sat there nervously, tail twitching. Next to her, a pale gray wolf glanced over with those sharp green eyes of his. He gave her half of an encouraging smile.

"It's okay," he said, "I'm right here."

"That's not my..." Clover began. Just then a boy walked in. Instead of regular ears, he had wolf ears, which were drawn back cautiously. His silvery eyes caught sight of her, and gave off a faint recognition of happiness.

Inora roared.

Clover winced as he leapt at Akov, rolling in the dust and spitting.

"...concern..." She finished.

Icewolf walked in, rolling her eyes. "Come on, Inora. Be civil."

Inora growled and shoved Akov's shoulders into the ground. The werewolf hybrid bared his fangs, writhing.

"You know what he did yesterday," Inora snarled.

"Yes, and I know it was harmless, you over-protective buffoon," Icewolf retorted.

Laughter danced across the clearing, and a boy with snow white hair waltzed in, holding a rose. He grinned lopsidedly at Inora and Akov.

"Buffoon," he sang. Inora jumped off of Akov and sulkily licked his pelt.

"I'm not a buffoon," he muttered angrily.

"Oh, I wan't referring to you," Tamiki said, eyes growing wide in mock-shock, "rather I was talking about Kovvie here. I heard love will make you do stupid things."

Akov groaned. "It was a HUG."

Tamiki winked. "A not-so-innocent hug."

Clover shook her head. She had known it wasn't something overly special, although Inora had taken it completely the wrong way. The shadow of the memory flickered in her mind, the one of Akov hugging her in welcome. She sighed, and stood to face her brother.

"Nora, you really need to calm down. You know what happens when you get to off-balance," she said softly. A snicker interrupted the moment. She glared at Tamiki, and he waved the rose apologetically, using his other paw to hold his giggling mouth shut.

"Sorry, sorry. I just love his new nickname," he explained.

Clover was confused. "I used to call him that all the time."

"And he let you get away with it?" Icewolf whistled. "You lucky pup."

Inora glared at her, but didn't say anything.

Icewolf grinned. "Well, this is getting lengthy, at least for me writing it. Maybe we should leave it here."

Tamiki gasped. He smoothly transformed into a wolf. Grasping the rose in his mouth, he padded over to Inora and circled him. The cynical werewolf snorted.

"Drama-queen," Inora murmured. Tamiki only grinned.

"Must we leave, Icewolf? I'm have SO much fun," he pleaded, continuing to pad around Inora.

"At least you are." Akov brushed himself twice and sat up. He didn't even glance at Clover.

Icewolf sighed. "Yes, my writing is getting really dry now."

Tamiki: So why not switch back?
Akov: *blinks* That was an awkward transition.
Clover: ....
Inora: *getting up and walking away*
Icewolf: Yeah, no. This isn't working. For the bloggers that missed what happened: check out the last post and it'll explain.


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And so, in light of listening to Christmas music...

Though the title has nothing to do with the post, nonetheless I am listening to some Christmas music.

So, I thought to organize my thoughts and come up with some character descriptions. Who knows, maybe I'll come up with someone new. :)

Let's start with a classic...

Story and character rank: Planned for Outcasts, but never really got in, so no rank.
Personality: Easily irked, sarcastic, moody, but loyal and fierce. Can control dark magic. (I think he'll be used in book two of SOF, cause I miss him XD)
Description: off-white werewolf with sharp green eyes.
What he/she has to say: I'm a classic? I'm flattered.

Story and rank: Soul of Fire (SOF) and is the main character
Personality: Rebellious, leader, caring and loving. Has magiks, though not much.
Description: purple dragon with brown eyes, though in human form she has brown hair and eyes.
What he/she has to say: Hmm...not much. I don't usually make contact with the blogworld.

Story and rank: Elemials and her master is the main character.
Personality: Fiery temper, but also playful.
Description: ginger firecat.
What they have to say: *hiss* *curls tail around paws and licks one absentmindedly*


Story and rank: Heart of Ice (book 2 of SOF) and sister to Inora
Personality: Quiet...unlike Inny...
Description: creamy brown with an overcoat of a darker brown, and green eyes like Inny
What they have to say:..........

Clover: *serene voice* I guess since I'm Nora's sister...I'm a blogworld wolf now?
Inora: Oh...don't tell me you just used my nickname...
Tamiki: *snickers* Nora? It fits you.
Inora: *blushing* It does not!
Akov: I does suit you. *dark chuckling*
Inora: *muttering* thanks Clover....
Clover: *innocent* What'd I do??
Icewolf: Nothing, Inny's just angry cause he's being made fun of.
Tamiki and Akov: *shoulder to shoulder, swaying* Nooooora....oh Noooooooraaa.....
Inora: Will you two just shut up!!!
Icewolf: Hmm....*looks Clover over*
Clover: *blinks*
Icewolf: GUYS!
Tamiki/Akov/Inora: *freeze*
Icewolf: I found a permanent fifth party!
Tamiki: *eyes glowing* Really??? Like, I know Sauntoyi left...and Crystal kinda are you sure she's for real?
Clover: Um...
Icewolf: Oh yes. I like her.
Akov: *flies over and hugs Clover* Welcomewelcomewelcome!
Icewolf: O.O
Tamiki: O.O
Inora: O.O
Clover: o-o????
Akov: What?
Icewolf: AWWWWWWWWWWW! Kovvie! >w<
Inora: I'm not sure I'm okay with this...
Tamiki: *waves him off* Oh, shush. Ever since Icewolf moved on, he's been all alone. Let him be happy.
Akov: O////O What are you guys talking about?!?! *awkwardly steps away from Clover*
Icewolf: You forget I know you too well...
Akov: *blushes even harder* W-what?
Clover: *blinks* Excuse me? Inora? What just happened?
Inora: Something I'm really not going to react well to...
Akov: It was just a hug!
Tamiki: *dramatically produces a rose and waves it in a theatrical way* Ah, but that simple hug betrayed it all! Love at first sight! *sighs and clutches the rose to his chest* Oh how I can sense your beating heart! Going faster and faster at the thought of Clover...sweet sweet Clover....
Akov: *PUNCH*
Tamiki: *out like a light*
Akov: I let him talk too long...stupid attention freak....
Clover: Nora? I'm confused.
Inora: STAY AWAY FROM HER!!!! *blasts Akov with dark magic*
Akov: *uses his arms to block it, thinking "What on earth did I do to deserve this...."*
Icewolf: Ah, chaos. I've missed thee. *click*

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Elemials - Chapter One (2)

            “Where’s your elemial?” Cera had noticed that Ace didn’t have one with him. A shadow passed over his face, and he rubbed his right arm absent-mindedly.
            “She died in a fight outside the arena walls. I had a thunderwolf, and she was the most intelligent thing I ever had the pleasure of meeting,” he whispered.
            “I’m sorr–”
            “Ace, sir,” a boy peered around the door. His body was angled so that his shoulder and arm were out of view. Instantly Ace turned and faced the boy, smiling.
            “Welcome, Shadow. Your partner is ready,” he told him.
            “Are they now,” he murmured, glancing at Cera. Asie was on her paws, eyes blazing in excitement.
            The boy took a small breath, and stepped into the room. On his arm was a large bird that was unlike any other bird. It had a long, slender neck and long tail-feathers. The feathers were golden-red, and gleamed in the light. A plume of feathers sprouted from the top of its head. When it chirped it seemed as if it were singing part of a melody.
            It was a phoenix.
            The class collectively froze and stared. Shadow shifted under the stares. Suddenly, Asie yowled happily and bounded up to the boy and his phoenix, her fur beginning to spark.
            “Asie! No!” Cera lunged forward after her cat. She tried to wrap her arms around her firecat, but burned herself. “Ouch!” She cursed and rolled away from Asie. Ending up on her back, she looked up into the grinning face of Shadow. He laughed softly.
            “Trust me, Jera has burned me more times than I care to remember,” he said. He offered his free hand to her. She took it and he pulled her up.
            “So you’re my partner,” he smiled at her, “I like you already.” Cera blushed.
            “Return to what you were doing! Go on!” Ace commanded them. Everyone hastily returned to sparring.
            “You two are going to firstly work on making a connection with your animals. The other trainees have already done this,” Ace commanded them. He offered each child a ruby-colored stone. “This is a firestone. It’s used for those who bond with fire elemials, such as yourselves. Now, what you do is hold the stone, and concentrate on a connection. Your elemial will know what you’re trying to do and help you the rest of the way.” Cera took her stone and glanced at Shadow. He shrugged at her, and took his own.
            Turning her eyes onto Asie, Cera closed her eyes and thought hard about a connection. She heard Asie mew, but didn’t open her eyes. With a jolt, Cera’s mind suddenly flooded with a new sense of other. The blackness she saw behind her eyelids suddenly lit and a brand of fire danced in her mind.
            Hello, Cera. It’s great to be able to talk to you, something purred. Cera snapped open her eyes, and saw Asie calmly looking at her. ­You’ll get used to it very soon.
            She reached out and stroked her firecat’s warm ginger fur. “Hello, Asie.”
            Shadow ran the knuckle of his pointer finger down his phoenix’s neck, and it cooed happily. He laughed. Catching Cera watching, Shadow smiled and moved his phoenix to his other arm.
            “Are you ready,” he asked her.
            “Are you,” countered Cera playfully. He gave her another grin and then shouted.
            “Let’s go Jera!” he cried out. Jera, the phoenix, screeched and took flight. Asie didn’t need a command from Cera to get started; she just leapt up and yowled a challenge. Jera’s feathers became individual tongues of flames and Asie’s fur went into full-battle mode, alighting with a brilliant orange flame.  
            Come at me, Asie’s voice shouted, but no one other than Cera heard. A brief flicker of admiration flickered inside of Cera before she sent her first command.
            She’s going to dive-bomb you. When she does I want you to roll onto your side and out of the way, then unleash whatever attack you want, I told her as fast as possible. Asie purred with the thought of her own personal attack just as Jera did as she had predicted. 
            Tilting her wings and flipping her tail, Jera swooped upon Asie. The firecat tucked her paws underneath her and rolled to her side like Cera commanded. Then, thrusting her hind paws around toward her head, she flicked her flaming tail and sent a wave of fire towards Jera.
            “How does that work,” a bystander muttered, “fire against fire?” Cera glanced over her shoulder and saw every trainee was watching, including Ace.
            “Hush,” their instructor said, “you’ll see.”
            Asie’s fire met the flames of Jera. It billowed against it, causing a ripple in her shield. Asie slid smoothly to her paws and jumped at Jera, but the phoenix was warned and beat it’s wings in her face. Hissing, Asie dropped to all fours, shaking her head.
            That blasted bird singed my whiskers! Asie spat.
            Then blast it right back, Cera suggested it. Jera, though, had other plans. Drawing in one wing, she spiraled down towards Asie. At the last moment, when she was right above her opponent, Jera flared her wings and a burst of fire exploded from her.
            Consumed by flames, Asie’s fire was blown away and her fur was scorched. Cera winced as her firecat’s pain swept into her mind.
            “Back off,” she shouted, and Asie spun on her hind paws and ran from Jera. Sorry, Cera apologized. I know you hate backing from a fight.
            Asie didn’t say anything, but let her fiery fur go out and sulkily licked a paw.
            “That was brilliant!” Ace walked between Jera and Asie. Cera didn’t dare try to pick her firecat up; she was still mad. Jera sung a soft song, landing on Shadow’s shoulder.
            “That was more advanced than I’ve seen in first time trainees. Congratulations!” Ace seemed to glow with pleasure. Then, he turned to the rest of the class. “Tomorrow, we take on the obstacle course. Go home, eat, and rest up! Dismissed!”

            Lily was positively buzzing.
            “I can’t believe it! A phoenix! Those are…those are…” she groped for a word.
            “Unheard of,” suggested Cera.
            “That’s it! Unheard of,” Lily breathed. Pookee bobbed at her feet, chattering and excited like his master. Cera glanced at Asie. Her pride was still sore from losing the sparring round, tail trailing behind her.
            “Hey, Cera! Hold up!”
            Shadow ran up to them, Jera flying behind him. Lily’s eyes looked up and down him, but unlike her, Cera was staring at his phoenix. She liked the way its feathers shimmered with many shades of gold and red. Shadow finally reached them, panting.
            “That…was a great…battle,” he gasped. Asie let out a short hiss.
            “Thank you,” mumbled Cera.
            “No, really,” Shadow found his breath, “you’re firecat is an amazing fighter.”
            Cera shrugged, and fell into step next to him. Lily contented herself by walking backwards. Pookee tried to do the same and tripped over himself.
            “So, how’d you find a phoenix? What elemial does your family control,” asked Lily, eyes shining.
            “Um, Jera found me. And where I come from, we don’t have elemials,” he replied shyly. A surprised look flickered across Cera’s face, and both Cera and Lily froze. Due to the abrupt lack of motion, Shadow nearly ran into Lily.
            “What?” he asked.
            An outsider, was the shared thought between the two girls. An outsider in Phoenixtown…
            “Earth to Cera,” Shadow snapped his fingers in front of her face, and did Lily the same favor. They jolted out of their thoughts and stared at him. Then, in a rush, they both talked at the same time.
            “You’re really not from here-” Lily gasped.
            “Jera found you? So that means-” said Cera.
            “-and you lived in the outside world before this-”
            “-it was either random chance-”
            “-that is way cool!”
            “-or your skills far surpass any trainee in the history of battle elemials!” Cera finished. Shadow looked overwhelmed.
            “Look, it is not cool that I’m new here. Everyone keeps making a big deal about it and I thought I could trust you guys not to freak out, but apparently not.” Jera landed and shifted on his shoulder, chirping angrily as he spoke. Cera felt ashamed, but Lily kept her bold and excited look. “And I am not more skilled than anyone else. I’m just a normal kid that fell into an abnormal world.” His face twisted into a faint expression of distress. Cera felt like reaching out to him. Before she could however, Asie padded forward and rubbed against the leg of his pants, purring.
            Someone’s got to comfort the poor kitten, she said to Cera.
            He’s not a kitten, she retorted, and I was going to do that!
Asie pulled a face. At his age he’s still considered a kitten, and you were going to do no such thing. It’s awkward for humans to do this.
            “No kidding,” she accidentally growled aloud.
            “Excuse me?” Shadow glanced at her curiously.
            “Asie…never mind,” Cera sighed.
Lily scooped up Pookee into her arms and cuddled the otter-eel. She looked at Shadow through Pookee’s fur.
            “We were going to visit Cera’s house, so I would know where she lives, and then go to my house. It isn’t too far away, if you’d like to come with us,” she offered.
            “I’d like that very much, thank you,” he replied.
            The three began walking again, this time in an atmosphere of comfort and friendship.         

300 posts. I'm not really gonna make a big deal out of it. XD

I didn't realize this would be my 300th post until I saw the little counter thing that said '299 post'. I kinda blinked and though "Oh...okay..."

So happy 300th post!!!

First order of business is my apologies for not posting a ton. I just didn't have a ton to post about. Summer lulls for me. Heh...lulls...say's fun to say....

"When my favorite number is banana that's when my day is like paper."

I'm not kidding. That's a line from my dream. It was EPIC. So from now on my favorite number will be banana just so I can have paper days every day!!! :D

OH! So to all of you out there who have perfect sight: YOU ARE SOOO LUCKY. Seriously. Recently my eyes have gotten worse so I really couldn't see worth crap, and today I got new contacts and....

I was grinning like a fool for 20 minutes straight and laughing with joy. I could SEE for crying out loud! I can SEE objects 5 feet away that were blurry blobs before. I can SEE sunlight hitting the grass. I can freaking SEE.

Second order of business! Elemials! I have more of it written and will post that asap! Also, if you are a member of (it's free!), search StephanieSky and you'll see my works. Well, some of them. I've not posted the ones I'm working on for my ninja cause they're his, but I have the side ones that I'm doing like Beyond, Ice Crystals (failed), Outcasts (all of it and failed), Experiment Letters (not failed but not working), and Whispers (still debating as well).

Oh! You guys haven't heard Beyond yet, have you? It's kinda Alice-In-Wonderland themed, but not quiet. Here's the prologue:

“I wouldn’t open that if I were you.”
            The girl jumped, startled. The box slipped between her cold, clammy fingers and clattered to the floor. Picking it up, the owner of the voice set it on the gray table. In fact, everything that belonged to the room was a shade of gray. The curtains, a soft dove gray. The walls, a washed, pale, after-storm gray. The floor, a hardened gray. The table, just plain gray.
            Only the door was different. It was blood red, reminding the girl of a robin’s breast. If only she were a robin, then she could fly away from here.
            “It needs a key,” whispered the girl, running her hand over her frilly pink dress. It was too big for her thin frame, but it wasn’t like she had much else to wear.
            “Mm, yes. A very special key,” he agreed. Tapping the table with a long finger, he gave the girl a hard stare. “Only certain people can open it.”
            The girl said nothing, glancing out the window. It was what had lured her here in the first place. Unlike other windows, it didn’t show the cobblestone streets of town but a field of golden grass and a tall forest beyond. She had wanted to open the window and slide outside. She didn’t see the contents of the room until she had stepped beyond the blood red door. On the window frame was a small metal box, glinting in the light pouring from the window.
            “Can I go, sir?” she tried to ask.
            May I go.”
            “May I go, sir,” she corrected herself. He moved closer to her, hand sliding across the table to snatch up the metal box. His footsteps thudded softly on the floor, and her own feet cause a similar noise as she scrambled backwards. He searched her face carefully, fingering the box. After a while, he held it out to her.
            “Keep it,” he told her, “open it when you think you’re ready. Until then, don’t come back to this room, you hear?”
            The girl took the box and held it close to her stomach, for she was sure if she held it to her heart it would thump noisily against it. “I thought you said you wouldn’t open it if you were me. Sir,” she added quickly. He grinned lopsidedly, looking at her with approval and nodding.
            “I wouldn’t open it, but you could. Perhaps sooner than you might think.”
            The girl made a soft noise to indicate she understood, and skirted around him and went for the door.
            “Do you remember the second part of what I said,” he suddenly asked. The girl froze, her dress continuing past her and then rustling back to settle around her ankles.
            “Not to come back to this room, sir?”           
            “Until you’ve opened the box.”
            “Yes sir.”
            “You may go.”
            The girl rushed out of the gray room, and out of sight. He didn’t waste any time exiting the room as well. Turning, he drew a key from his coat, closed the blood red door, and used the key to lock it. Light shone through the keyhole and warmed his fingertips.
            He pinched the key between his fingers. It glowed until it was covered in light, and then swirled majestically into a ball. He opened his palm and the ball of light dropped into it. It rolled into the curve of his hand, warming him through and through.
            “Until the time is right,” he muttered, examining the door.
            On the top there was a sign, and he read it aloud softly.

Hmmm.... I wonder where I came up with the title....

Anyhows, I'm off to do nothing and find something to stop the thunder in my stomach!