Monday, August 8, 2011

300 posts. I'm not really gonna make a big deal out of it. XD

I didn't realize this would be my 300th post until I saw the little counter thing that said '299 post'. I kinda blinked and though "Oh...okay..."

So happy 300th post!!!

First order of business is my apologies for not posting a ton. I just didn't have a ton to post about. Summer lulls for me. Heh...lulls...say's fun to say....

"When my favorite number is banana that's when my day is like paper."

I'm not kidding. That's a line from my dream. It was EPIC. So from now on my favorite number will be banana just so I can have paper days every day!!! :D

OH! So to all of you out there who have perfect sight: YOU ARE SOOO LUCKY. Seriously. Recently my eyes have gotten worse so I really couldn't see worth crap, and today I got new contacts and....

I was grinning like a fool for 20 minutes straight and laughing with joy. I could SEE for crying out loud! I can SEE objects 5 feet away that were blurry blobs before. I can SEE sunlight hitting the grass. I can freaking SEE.

Second order of business! Elemials! I have more of it written and will post that asap! Also, if you are a member of (it's free!), search StephanieSky and you'll see my works. Well, some of them. I've not posted the ones I'm working on for my ninja cause they're his, but I have the side ones that I'm doing like Beyond, Ice Crystals (failed), Outcasts (all of it and failed), Experiment Letters (not failed but not working), and Whispers (still debating as well).

Oh! You guys haven't heard Beyond yet, have you? It's kinda Alice-In-Wonderland themed, but not quiet. Here's the prologue:

“I wouldn’t open that if I were you.”
            The girl jumped, startled. The box slipped between her cold, clammy fingers and clattered to the floor. Picking it up, the owner of the voice set it on the gray table. In fact, everything that belonged to the room was a shade of gray. The curtains, a soft dove gray. The walls, a washed, pale, after-storm gray. The floor, a hardened gray. The table, just plain gray.
            Only the door was different. It was blood red, reminding the girl of a robin’s breast. If only she were a robin, then she could fly away from here.
            “It needs a key,” whispered the girl, running her hand over her frilly pink dress. It was too big for her thin frame, but it wasn’t like she had much else to wear.
            “Mm, yes. A very special key,” he agreed. Tapping the table with a long finger, he gave the girl a hard stare. “Only certain people can open it.”
            The girl said nothing, glancing out the window. It was what had lured her here in the first place. Unlike other windows, it didn’t show the cobblestone streets of town but a field of golden grass and a tall forest beyond. She had wanted to open the window and slide outside. She didn’t see the contents of the room until she had stepped beyond the blood red door. On the window frame was a small metal box, glinting in the light pouring from the window.
            “Can I go, sir?” she tried to ask.
            May I go.”
            “May I go, sir,” she corrected herself. He moved closer to her, hand sliding across the table to snatch up the metal box. His footsteps thudded softly on the floor, and her own feet cause a similar noise as she scrambled backwards. He searched her face carefully, fingering the box. After a while, he held it out to her.
            “Keep it,” he told her, “open it when you think you’re ready. Until then, don’t come back to this room, you hear?”
            The girl took the box and held it close to her stomach, for she was sure if she held it to her heart it would thump noisily against it. “I thought you said you wouldn’t open it if you were me. Sir,” she added quickly. He grinned lopsidedly, looking at her with approval and nodding.
            “I wouldn’t open it, but you could. Perhaps sooner than you might think.”
            The girl made a soft noise to indicate she understood, and skirted around him and went for the door.
            “Do you remember the second part of what I said,” he suddenly asked. The girl froze, her dress continuing past her and then rustling back to settle around her ankles.
            “Not to come back to this room, sir?”           
            “Until you’ve opened the box.”
            “Yes sir.”
            “You may go.”
            The girl rushed out of the gray room, and out of sight. He didn’t waste any time exiting the room as well. Turning, he drew a key from his coat, closed the blood red door, and used the key to lock it. Light shone through the keyhole and warmed his fingertips.
            He pinched the key between his fingers. It glowed until it was covered in light, and then swirled majestically into a ball. He opened his palm and the ball of light dropped into it. It rolled into the curve of his hand, warming him through and through.
            “Until the time is right,” he muttered, examining the door.
            On the top there was a sign, and he read it aloud softly.

Hmmm.... I wonder where I came up with the title....

Anyhows, I'm off to do nothing and find something to stop the thunder in my stomach! 



The Golden Eagle said...

Happy 300th post! :)

Great prologue.

Squeaks said...

Yay! 300 posts already! Congrats :)

That was perhaps the most captivating prologue I've yet read! I hope you write more, because I'm really intrigued as to what happens next! Great work, Icewolf!


Icewolf said...

Eagle: Thanks!
Squeaks: I'm definitely writing more! Thank you! :)

Scezzle said...

300 posts!

lulls. lullslullslulls. is fun...

"When my favorite number is banana that's when my day is like paper."
That's so awesome.

I know how you feel. When I got my glasses the same thing happened to me. I was laughing the whole drive home (Which is like, 20 minutes) I could SEE every freakin' leaf on the tree! (In case you haven't noticed, I'm NOT one of those lucky people)

I want contacts. When I go swimming I'm half blind. I can't see objects four feet in front of me.

Wonderful story!!! *enthusiastic clapping*