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Hey, I was tagged by Golden Eagle! Her blog:

What's your favorite boy's name, and what's your favorite girl's name?
Boy: Ignatius (Long for Iggy!)
Girl: Gwendolen

Who do you miss most right now?
I'm not going to answer that, it's sorta private

Do you sing in the shower?
 Considering that I take them in the morning, thus being really sleepy, er, no

What are some of your favorite movies and books?
 Movies: Eh, dunno
Books: *laughs* too many

Describe yourself as best you can in one sentence.
I'm one weird puppy. :D

Do you believe time travel is possible?

What were your favorite books as a child?
Hm, anything with dragons I think

Would you rather be hated by everybody but one person who loved you, or have everybody think you’re an okay person?
Ah, a question with no answer...

 What's your guilty pleasure?
Sleeping too much

If you could go back and redo one thing in your life, would you? What would it be and why?

 Right now, I would convince my mom to let me go with her so that I'm not alone in my creepy house

Thank you Golden Eagle! I tag:


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So I have mutants, I have werewolves, and now aliens?!

What is with me? But yeah, I just was hit with a pure stroke of inspiration. You'll see what it's about soon, but first let me see how you guys like the prologue.


A woman wiped her hands on her apron, and went to answer the door.
            “My, someone at this hour?” she muttered to herself, glancing at the clock which read 10:15pm on the dot. Faintly, she wondered why a person said ‘on the dot’ when there really was no such thing on a clock as she opened the door.
            A man with striking silver hair stood in the doorway. The woman was struck with how oddly beautiful he look, it was almost unearthly. The only thing that was off about him was his eyes. They were purple, blue, green, white, and pink, all rolled into one. It was like he was holding some strange planet inside his eyes.
            “Hello,” his voice was luring and luxurious, and the woman was instantly mesmerized, “I am your relative, and you are about to let me in, no?” The woman stepped aside automatically.
            “Yes, yes, relative, yes, come in,” she gabbed in a slight monotone, nodding. The man smiled and stepped over the threshold. In the back of her mind, the woman longed for more of this beautiful man’s wonderful voice, but she waited patiently for more orders.
            “I have known you for all my life, and yet this is the first time you have seen me,” the man sighed, “so sad.”
            “Yes, all my life. So sad,” she repeated. There was a thumping from the stairs, and her child appeared over the banister.
            “Hey mom, who’s this?” he asked.
            “This is our long-lost relative…” she trailed off, blinking. Had he told her his name?
            “Joe,” the man turned to the child, smiling. “Ah, you, my boy, are amazed at this new man, but you know your mother would never let anyone bad in the house.” The boy’s eyes glazed over, and he nodded just like his mother had and was.
            The man smiled. This was going well. He whispered a faint word, but a creature huddled within the walls of the house heard it and would later run to the only human it knew to protect the Earth.

Hmmm, let's see if you guys guess is the plot.

Ps, I haven't forgotten about Ice Crystals! Just haven't gotten to it... :D

Monday, April 26, 2010

Two new polls

One is of what I would most likely do, knowing of my lack of brains, the other is a popularity contest. I would like to see how well I write my characters, and how well I can provoke my reader's feelings. Well, enjoy and vote people!

Dancing in the rain

I don't know about the song, but actually doing it during a thunderstorm is the funnest thing ever. I skipped around the driveway, laughing and softly singing to myself. Then I just stood waiting for God's natural fireworks. That's right, lightning baby! I can't get enough of it! I'm just fascinated about fire, light that bolts down to the ground and if you're lucky you can see it, and energy in general. Did you know that fire isn't really matter, but energy? It's one of the few form of it. I just love that we can have access to one of the few forms of energy that there is.

Oh! And playing with fire is fun too. I know people give me weird looks when I say that, but I'm not a pyro where I'll set things on fire just for the fun of it. I will limit myself to running my finger into candlelight, watching campfire utterly mesmerized, and dream of controlling fire with a few well-spoken words.

So anyway, I had a blast in the first awesome lightning storm of the year. It was raining so hard, but I was so very happy. I love rain.

Inora: No wonder half you're characters are dark emo-like people
Icewolf: But they're just so fun to write about
Inora: And yet listening to dark music while typing this
Icewolf: Phantom of the Opera isn't dark music
Inora: the guy has half his face look like it was boiled and burnt, kills everyone, lures a nice girl to marry her against her wishes...not dark or creepy at all
Icewolf: hehehe...*rubs back of neck* but that's the movie, not the music
Inora: the music comes from the movie
Icewolf: you know what? Go give Charry a hug
Inora: I'm just glad you haven't drawn another comic yet
Icewolf: well...
Tamiki: Hey! Wat up peeps!
Icewolf: Ugh, those are disgusting
Tamiki: *gasps* how could you?!
Inora: I could too.
Tamiki: you don't count. It's in your nature
Inora: T.T"
Icewolf: *sticks out tongue*
Inora: *stabs with random pencil*
Tamiki: Soooooo, yeah are you guys still fighting again?
Icewolf: no, just a normal author-character relationship
Inora: an dark character realtionship
Icewolf: oh, shut it! I shouldn't have made you like this!
Inora: Ah, but you did
Tamiki: *face-palm* here they go. Do I need to get Akov?
Icewolf:  N-no!!!
Inora: I would like tha-
Icewolf: *kicks away* away fiend! before I torch you with my fire breath!
Inora: O.o" ???
Tamiki: *sigh* okay, I'll close the curtain again
Inora: no, let me do the honors. Laters! *jumps onto curtain rope and red curtain closes quickly*

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hrr-ooo *dragon-tongue for sadness*

Btw, dragon-tongue is a language in one of my favorite books The Fire Within by Chris D'lacey. But the reason that's the title is because I felt like it. Dragon-tongue is just really fun to pronounce.

Inora: T.T" ???
Icewolf: hrrrr-rarrrr!

Anyways, I'm going to go type. Just wanted to check in with my blog. And I think I'm going to start a tag of my own:

Create your own banner at!

List five random things that have to do with any one random topic. My topic of choice: foods.
1.) I think sausage is gross
2.) I threw up a sausage once
3.) I like stir-fry very much
4.) Loooooooove Chinese/Japanese/Asian foods
5.) Haaaaaaaaate spice foods

I tag:
Golden Eagle

Enjoy the newly-created tag! ;D

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dreams and the confusion of

             A huge wolf slid out of the sparse shrubbery. It curled its lip up at me. Yellow fangs glinted into the sunset. Coarse silver-red fur rippled as the wolf tensed. Its tail swished in the air.
            It opened its jaws…
            “Crystal! Why are you still sleeping?”
            My eyes snapped open. Above me, Shadow had his hands on his knees. I muttered a sorry and sat up. Cougar wasn’t anywhere to be seen, but Elocin was standing to my left in her usual dark manor. I returned her stare and stood up.
            “Is Cougar hunting?” I asked, not bothering to use the usual secrecy of our dreams around Elocin. She knitted her brows.
            “How did you know that if you were sleeping this entire time?” Her voice sounded strange, and I was hit with the fact that it was the first time that I have ever heard her speak. I looked at Shadow.
            “Yes, no?” I inquired, asking him if I should tell her or not. He nodded.
            “It’s like this,” I started, launching to an explanation. As I continued, Elocin seemed to be getting more and more irked.
            “So all this time, you guys have meetings in your mind…without me?” It sounded like she was jealous. Which was an odd concept for me…and then my brain did a little math.
            Elocin was jealous of me. I could spend alone time with Shadow and Cougar. Thus, either she was jealous of me having that time with Shadow, or Cougar. For both options, I recoiled. As if she could track my thoughts, Elocin glared at me.
            At that moment, Cougar returned. Trotting gracefully, he smiled at me. I recalled the time when he attacked for being an ‘E’ experiment. He seemed so different now. More…likable.
            “Okay, let’s head out,” Shadow turned northward. Automatically, Elocin followed him closely like a dog to its master. Cougar fell in step with me.
            “How did you sleep last night,” he asked lightly.
            “Great, only I got a cryptic message,” I replied in the same tone, so that neither Shadow nor Elocin would suspect me, “maybe you can help me. It said something like, ‘I’m glad we aren’t family’, or something like that.”
            Shadow cast us an alarmed glance. Cougar only purred slightly.
            “Hmm, no, I don’t see an explanation for that one,” he lied smoothly. I scowled. He saw me, and then hissed under his breath. “Later, Crystal.” I gave the slightest of nods.
            “Okay, what about another one, ‘sunset and city do we speak, near the shadows doth we behold?’” I hoped that Shadow would understand this one. I mainly meant this to say that we’ll speak about this in our dream tonight. Shadow let out a breath, and I took that as a yes. Cougar frowned.
            “Er, not really,” he turned away from me, picking up his pace so that he was jogging to the head of our small group. Shadow dropped back moments later.
            “Now don’t I feel special,” I growled softly. His mouth quirked. “Oops,” I whispered, “I think I made you smile.”
            “Oh, stop it,” Shadow rolled his eyes and dropped his voice, “What were you talking about back there?”
            “That we’ll discuss this tonight,” I murmured. Just then I spotted something in the distance. It looked old, dusty, and under the grime I could see that there was white. It was very large, and had windows.
            The institute.
            And Spark lay inside.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I haven't typed Ice Crystals in a long time. Sorry guys if you were waiting for it. Here it is, Chapter Two!


Chapter Two


            Cougar paced up and down. Shadow lazily followed his movements. I absently picked at the grass. We were yet again facing the city. We all supposed that it was our scientist’s doing that we were stuck in this setting. They thought that we were still dreaming of destroying cities and feeling the pleasurable blood-lust.
            “Can’t we send her back? She does nothing,” Cougar’s tail lashed. Shadow sighed.
            “When we get to the institute we’ll need her to fight,” he explained for the millionth time. Cougar bared his teeth, and then let out a sigh.
            “I’m sorry guys, it’s just that I haven’t hunted since the night we realized our brain-wash. I’m getting hungry. You may not like it Shadow,” Cougar sat back down with us, “but I still need to hunt or I’ll go mad and sorta, err, well…” He shifted.
            “What is it?” I asked. Even Shadow leaned forward.
            “It’s like…like a mix between a werewolf and a vampire. I need to eat something raw or I turn into a full cougar. Fur and all.”
            I couldn’t help but laugh. “Sorry,” I wheezed, “but I just love the way you described it. Sorry, sorry.” I fought to control myself, but when Cougar joined in and Shadow’s mouth quirked I couldn’t.
            When our laughter subsided, I clutched my stomach that had become sore. “Do you think we should get back to the waking world now? It’s bound to be morning by now.” I asked. Shadow nodded, and suddenly disappeared. Cougar stared at the spot he had been at, and then turned to me.
            “You know what Crystal? I’m really glad we aren’t related,” he told me. I recoiled.
            “What?” I exclaimed. He smiled, but then disappeared. As soon as he was gone, rough winds tossed open my wings forcibly. I struggled to remain on the ground, but the wind threw me up into the sky. Below me was the city.
            I closed my eye. No, this is part of the brain-washing. This isn’t what you want to do! But there was an explosion of energy from me, and the city shook. The neatness of the buildings was destroyed. I couldn’t help the happiness bubbling inside of me that nothing was in its right place.
            Without my mind in my own control, my arms raised and spun in a circle in front of me. The rubble from the city rose and followed the path I traced. It spun around, like a hurricane on steroids. Vainly I wished Shadow or Cougar would awaken me at anytime now. Make it stop! I silently asked no one.
            Abrupt as it started, the chaos stopped. My arms were still making circles, but nothing flew anymore spare me. I want to get down! I cried within my mind, struggling to get a hold of myself. The thing controlling me seemed to fight back, making it hard for me to bring in my wings. But slowly and shakily I forced them back onto my back. The ground rose to meet me, welcoming me back.
            I collapsed onto the ground, panting and wings shivering. I heard something rustle. My brain seized control of my body, sending me backward. My feathers ruffled in fear and defense.
            A huge wolf slid out of the sparse shrubbery. It curled its lip up at me. Yellow fangs glinted into the sunset. Coarse silver-red fur rippled as the wolf tensed. Its tail swished in the air.
            It opened its jaws…

Sunday, April 18, 2010


It's less than a month left now!!!!! GAH!!!!!

Anyway, I haven't had a talk with Inora for forever now.

Inora: that's because you're torturing me with that fiend of the underworld
Icewolf: so you're not talking to me
Inora: Tamiki, tell Icewolf no
Tamiki: er, no?
Icewolf: why you ungrateful twerp!
Inora: Tell Icewolf she's a twit
Tamiki: uh...
Icewolf: Hrr-rar! I will eat you!
Inora: W-what? O.o"
Icewolf: prepare for pain! Om nom nom nom!
Inora: GAH! *swipes paw* away from me! away i say!
Tamiki: *creates a shield between the two* er, guys?
Icewolf: What?!
Tamiki: I think that you should leave this until we are out of the blogworld, maybe?
Icewolf: .....*slowly turns to audience, horrified* oooooooooooh 0.O"
Inora: failure
Icewolf: shut it!
Tamiki: don't start again!
Icewolf: right, *makes Inora vanish with a pop*
Inora: *comes back*
Icewolf: ARG! O_O ????
Tamiki: er, I'm just gonna, you know, leave...UWAH!
Akov: hey fellow peoples! *appears out of nowhere*
Icewolf: W-w-where did you come from?! O/////O
Inora: is that - could it be? blush?!
Icewolf: gah! *makes him disappear* and stay away!
Inora: *pops back* never! Icewolf like Akov! Icewolf like 'lil Kovy!
Icewolf: *stabs him* I said SHUT IT!
Akov: T.T"  er...
Icewolf: O///////////////O
Tamiki: *softly to Akov* i think this is where we just go
Akov: I think you're right....
Icewolf: Inora i shall torture you with Charry!
Inora: GAH! not that fiend-
Icewolf: of the underworld! we KNOW!
Tamiki: Well folks, I'm closing the curtain on this insanity! Bye! Cya later! *slowly closes random red curtain* bon voyage! farewell!
Icewolf: Inora you are so DEAD!

Friday, April 16, 2010


I didn't know what else to put a title up. I just want to see what most of you think of this little preview of Awaking, book two of Outcasts.

             “Aurum, it’s not your fault,” Tamiki bent his head, giving Aurum one of his hard obsidian stares. He blinked. Next to him Kayla glared at the squirrel, obviously angry that yet again Xela had become center of the pack.
            “But I couldn’t stop it,” Aurum choked out. “It’s my fault. She gone, gone, gone…” He groaned, sinking into a heap. Kayla nudged the prey at him, but Tamiki turned before he observed anything else. This was such a mess. He would give anything to just make it stop. Anger bubbled inside him, growing and growing.
            All the anger was channeled into one long howl into the sky. Tamiki tried to keep himself in control, but dark fire lapped at his fur, shadowing it to a midnight color. Tamiki’s heart exploded with anger, sadness, and pain.
            Emmy bolted awake. Aurum snapped his head up. Flamdura roared in surprise. Kayla sprang back.
            “Tamiki! Stop it!” Flamdura roared.
            “What’s going on?” cried Emmy. Kayla let out a scream. But all that mattered to Tamiki was the pain, slowly turning his fur black. Dark fire spun around him, blocking his view of the remaining Outcasts.
            “Xela!” he bayed. “Oh, Xela!” The negative emotions exploded out of him, creating a bomb-like explosion without the physical wind. Shadows spread away from him like an avenging army. It went inside the Outcasts, and continued its path. From above, it was seen like an earth-quake.
            Around him there were screams. Tamiki panted, the sounds muffled by his beating heart. “Xela,” he moaned. When he finally lifted his head, the destruction around him was astounding.
            A few trees had toppled over, creating more light. The Outcasts were hunched over, bearing his pain briefly. But the light in them was consuming the shadows Tamiki had expelled, and at a fast rate. He could feel his dark emotions being depleted rapidly.
            “T-tamiki, what have you done?” Kayla panted.
            Next to her, Aurum was very still.

Well?! WELL?! How is it? Bad? Good? Horrible? I know it might seem confusing, but then you'd feel like you'd want to read Outcasts and Awaking to find out what happens, so yay for me.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cute Pics!

I just got an email and thought these were really cute!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I've been tagged by Golden Eagle! I have to list eight books I would like to live in...

Maximum Ride
Who wouldn't want wings? I mean, seriously!

Being a cat and running through woods has got to be fun.

Just so I can be a werewolf and kill Edward, Bella, and (yes) Jacob for being melodramatic all the time.

Dur, I constantly dream of being inside my book!


The Dragon Series by Chris D'lacey
Come on, clay dragons that come to life has got to be cool


Dang it, out of all the books I read, I can't think of more. Grrr....*brain zap* Nothing, sorry. Yet I tag...

Shimmer (though I think Golden Eagle got you already)
Lesse, who else looks here...
Jadestar (hey, never heard of you before. welcome newbie!) 

The others are my school friends who obliged to 'follow' but never really do. 

Four days and a month left! (Icewolf Countdown)

Monday, April 12, 2010 blog...again....

Okay, you know what, the other blog sucked! So I made a peace with my brothers and they agreed to join me in the blog world. Visit, please!

Lalalalala....*picks random flower*

Happy place...must not freak...

So yeah, I just love sunny days! And rainy days! And windy days! I can't really think of any type of weather that bothers me really. Anyway, here's more to Ice Crystals, which I have neglected to post...


            “Shoot! Crystal, no!” I swerved back, kicked my opponent away, and lithely spun in midair to land on all fours. I saw Crystal’s bright red lifeblood seep out of her. Shadow exploded, energy from him throwing the men away so he could get to Crystal. But I reached her first.
            With a cry that shook the rocks, I attacked the man she called ‘dad’. Shadow fervently called Crystal’s name in panic.
            “Oh my goodness! Crystal!” Chef swung her gun in the direction of the men advancing with Spark at the tank. There was a shot, but the tank was suddenly gone. The men turned and raced away. That’s when I spotted the tank picking them up and rapidly moving away.
            And they had Spark.
            Shadow moaned. “Oh Crystal, don’t die!”
            “Make u-up your freaking minds, then.” Crystal coughed, and blinked up at Shadow. “Where’s Spark?”


            Cougar trailed his tail along my arm. I think he was trying to comfort me, but I didn’t know why….that is until he told me.
            “They took him, Crystal,” Cougar rasped. His wounds were slowly starting to disappear, but my own wound throbbed painfully. My dad had missed my heart, instead hitting my shoulder. As Cougar’s words set in, my heart began to race faster.
            “He…why? Why didn’t you do anything?” I cried, tears streaming down my face. Bitter agony crashed through me. I clutched someone’s shirt. Who ever it was, they held me tighter. I recognized the scent of Shadow.
            I sobbed raggedly into his shoulder.
            “Why! Spark!” I wept. While I cried, Chef attended to my bullet wound. I didn’t even need the anesthesia; I was still numb from shock. Even when she plucked the bullet out, I didn’t feel it. Shadow rocked me back and forth, whispering, “It’s okay. You’re going to be okay. Shhh.”
            Shhh. Shhh. Shhh. I sleepily closed my eyes.
            Everyone was assembled in the main area. The Tess’s had tears in their eyes. I suspected that the taste of the area was like swallowing cotton covered in bitter herbs. Tex couldn’t stop twitching his hands, which in one held his latest device, a spark absorber. He had wanted to Spark so that when he went into shock he wouldn’t hurt anyone else.
            When the four of us had returned from the desert, Tex had greeted us, smiling. Behind him, Sugar stood on her tiptoes to see where Spark was.
            “Hey guys! Where’s Spark? I made this for him,” Tex held out the device, “it absorbs electrical pulses!” I choked up. Shadow had carried me, and I turned my face into his chest. He bent his head to whisper to me, rocking me back and forth.
            “Gone,” Chef whispered hoarsely, “he was taken.”
            Later, but before now, I was in Shadow’s area, holding on to him.
            “They took him, Shadow,” I hissed, “he’s gone.” I began to cry again in the arms of Shadow.
            And now, everyone was whispering those words, unsure if it was a bad dream or reality. Sugar huddled in the corner with her knees drawn up to her chest. Rocking back and forth she went. Reilly came up to me and held onto my finger. My whole hand was too big for him to grasp. Sadly I lifted him up onto my hip.
            Everyone’s attention turned up to Shadow’s ledge. He had his wings out, to tired to pull them back in. No one gasped, they’d seen it all.
            “We’re all here to acknowledge Spark, and the loss we had suffered. He was taken trying to save one of us in a fight.” Shadow’s blue eyes became the color of the midnight sky in sadness. “Due to this attack, we will have to move the Refuge to another place.”
            “Why don’t we go get him?” shouted one of the few people here that I didn’t know. His blue hair was spiky, and his eyes were black. Next to him, a small boy clung to his pant leg.
            I couldn’t take it anymore. Not willing for anyone to see me cry, I spun and launched myself to Chef’s area. No one would be there.
            We didn’t even know where they went. I trembled. He was gone…Spark was really gone.
            I turned, looking into Chef’s rich brown eyes. She took me into her arms, whispering “Hush…”
            I shook violently. I wanted to stop crying so bad. I was sick of crying. But my body didn’t seem to want to oblige. My brain, very confused, booted out my ‘common sense’ part of me and began a body check. I mentally sighed, and let my over-programmed brain to its thing.
            Body…convulsing and upset.  Mind…tortured. Emotions…going out of whack. As the body check came out negative in all areas, my brain did a shut down that was saved for emergencies. Slowly, my eyes closed, my heart buzzed to a slow, and my mind blacked out.
            My dream was different this time. Instead of destroying the city, the three of us just sat and stared. I had my knees to my chest, arms resting on my knees, head resting on my arms. Shadow had revealed himself to Cougar, so we could all see each other now.
            Cougar was leaning back on his hands, legs crossed. Shadow criss-crossed his own legs into a shape that resembled a pretzel, picking at the grass in front of him. He stared despondently at the city that we faced. The sky vibrated a pinkish-purple color around us. I gazed ahead, my eyes taking on the color of the sky. I kept my hair its natural streaked tabby-pattern. My wings drooped, red feathers dulling.
            Shadow frowned. “Cougar?”
            “Hm?” my brother-experiment cocked his head.
            “What direction was the tank going?” Shadow twirled a blade of grass in his fingers.
            “North, why?”
            “There’s a science institute there that is studying genetics. Our scientists took me there once to present me,” Shadow explained. Slowly, my feathers began to ruffle with realization.
            “Do you think they took Spark there?” I asked hopefully.
            “Seems like it,” Shadow muttered darkly.
            “I noticed that you keep saying ‘our scientist’, Shadow. Aren’t they our parents?” Cougar twitched his tail.
            “We all came from different parents. Our scientists were only my parents. Cougar, your parents were friends of theirs, and I don’t know about Crystal. I was gone before they had finished developing her.”
            My head whirled. “So how are we all close in age?”
            Shadow shrugged, “I really have no idea.” There was silence. Cougar opened his mouth after a while.
            “What…what if it was all planned?” he suggested. I knitted my brows together. Shadow nodded thoughtfully.
            “That is quite possible,” he commented.
            “Anyway,” I shook my head to clear all thoughts of us away, “what about Spark? Should we go see if he’s there?”
            “We should, but it should just be us,” replied Shadow.
            “What about Elocin? She would be a great asset to us,” Cougar put in.
            “We’d have to leave Chef behind,” I thought, “The others need her.”
            Shadow stood up, facing the dim city below us. “So it’s settled. The three of us and Elocin will go in search of Spark.”

            The next few days, my feathers stayed ruffled. I had to put up with Elocin so much. We met every noon at Chef’s area to discuss provisions. Tex made us a container that could hold up to 50 food items. Plus, it was pocket sized for easy storage. He handed one to each of us.
            “Find him,” he croaked to Shadow. He put a hand on Tex’s should and nodded. Elocin remained her fixed expression, dark and daring. And I wasn’t the only one irked at her. Cougar kept a close distance to me, and together we avoided Elocin. Shadow didn’t approve of out behavior but he didn’t pursue it.
            “Why do we need her again?” I asked Cougar at one point.
            “She’s a very powerful fighter,” he explained, though the distaste was clear in his voice. I growled softly, but didn’t do anything else. Spark was always wary around her, and his fear made my blood boil.
            As I passed her to take the lead next to Shadow on our long journey, her always angry gaze followed.  I scowled at her.
            This was going to be a long trip…

            They threw the boy into a cage. He coughed hoarsely, stumbling to a sitting position. He cried out in anger, throwing himself at the cage just after they shut the door. The overseer nodded to the men, sending them off. A woman behind him studied their specimen.
            “What does it do?” she asked in an aloof voice. The overseer flinched at the cold tone. He would never get used to his boss.
            “It was one of ours before it escaped, which doesn’t happen often I can assure you. We never, ever-”
            The Boss glared at him. “What. Does. It. Do?”
            “Er, uh, impulsive electrical shocks, ma’am,” the overseer glanced at the boy, “it’s uncontrollable, but after our studies we should know how to harness its power.”
            “Very good,” the Boss sniffed. She turned on her heels and left the storage area. The overseer looked at the boy again. He was still doing it. Shivering, he left as well.
            The boy glanced around. In cages, other experiments paced, slept, or were very still. The boy curled himself, knees to his chest, tracing a finger along the floor of his cage sadly.
            The metal slowly melted.

Five days and a month left to go! (Icewolf countdown)

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Around six days and a month Flux should reply, and I'm going insane, freaking out, and checking my email everyday! Just....*eye twitch* urg, I dunno. My brain is getting fried. I typed more of Awaking, haven't touched Ice Crystals, and freaking out more and more and more and more...

GAH! *annoyed, bashes head on computer desk* Anyhoo, cya later blogworld.

-Icewolf out!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Shimmer gave me a link to an awesome website where you type the names of your friends and they ask you questions:

1. Does Tamiki make you hot?
Er, n-no O////!

2. What would you do without Icewolf?
Do without myself?! I'd die of course!

3. What do you think of Inora?
Don't get me started....

4. Emmy and Tamiki are forced to roleplay out a verbal couple fight. Who gets to play the wife?

5. If Xela and Kayla were locked in the same (really small) room for longer than a day, what would most likely happen?
Oooooooh, many bad things.

6. Flamdura just got vaporized in a freak accident. Now what?

7. Have you ever been in Aurum's house?

8. What advice would you give Ironamo?
Quit being a jerk, you butt-head

9. If you could do anything with Kayla, what would it be?
Make her happy, but then that would ruin her reputation of a sulk

10. Would you marry Akov?
Hehe, you bet! ;D <3

Inroa/Charry Fest begins!

Poor Inora must suffer long days in the Inora/Charry Fest! Please visit!

This is of Charry being a tooth fairy/wish granting fairy! Poor poor poor Inora.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I just finished putting a horrible twist to Ice Crystals. OOOoooh, you guys will like it, I hope. Ready or not, here come more complications!

              Get out,” I growled softly to her. Then, with a snort of contempt and a flick of my wrist, I set her tumbling through the air and she hit the stone wall next to the door with her back. Tears streamed down her eyes and she gasped when her wings were crushed. I flinched, thinking of how my own wings would do with the same situation.
            Sugar stumbled to her feet, and staggered out of Chef’s area. 
            The last shimmer of her shirt faded. There was a scream, and assuming it was Sugar, I tuned her out. Shadow stumbled in, looking baffled.
            “Is she okay?” he asked. I noticed his shirt was different than yesterday’s. I mentally shrugged. He must’ve cleaned up.
            “She got touchy,” Spark explained, his shocks subsiding. Shadow darkened.
            “Expect that from her,” he warned us, then caught sight of Cougar still shaking with rage.
            “She’d better…not come…near….me…again,” Cougar spat out. I pressed my wings closer, knowing to well how easily Cougar can kill.
            “Do you think fresh air would do us all a favor? Chef?” Shadow inclined his head. “Why don’t you leave a pile of food here and lets all go into the desert for open air.”
            So we did.

            A dust bomb exploded near me. Shrieking in a very hawk-like manor, I snapped my head up. In response, my attacker giggled.
            “Shadow!” I protested, leaping up. As I did I scooped up some of the desert earth for a weapon. “Spark, cover me!” I jumped to join Shadow in the sky. Spark let out a war-cry. I flung my weapon at Shadow. He sputtered, smiling. Then, ducking and maneuvering close to the cliff wall, he used the wall as a launch pad and hurled himself at me. I fell backwards, allowing him to fly over me. I pulled a swift barrel-roll to come face-to-face with Shadow again.
            “Gotcha!” he laughed, wrapping his arms around my waist. Below us I heard a squeal from Chef as Spark tossed his dust onto her. My cheeks flamed. Gently, I tugged myself out of his grip.
            In the distance, I saw a shape. It gave off the same vibe as the blob did. I backed in mid-air, and into Shadow. The back of my neck prickled. It was coming for us…fast.
            “Spark! Cougar! Chef!” I cried out in alarm. They stopped what they were doing to look at me. Ruffled, I dove down to them. Shadow angled his bat wings and followed me. I landed roughly, dust spewing out from me.
            “Something’s come toward us really fast, and I don’t think it’s a tourist truck,” I explained. Shadow glanced out into the desert. Spark reached out for my hand, which had become a habit when either of us was nervous or scared. Cougar sidled up to Shadow, naturally feeling the urge to protect his best friend. Chef constructed a bow and arrow.
            We all flattened ourselves into the bushes that were planted long ago by the ancient race that lived here. Spark pressed close to me. The shape grew and grew until I could define it as a massive tank, only without the big gun-thinger. I sensed Shadow and Cougar tense, while Chef whipped out her book and formed a huge gun.
            The tank stopped. A red beam of light spilled out of the tank, and then retreated. Nothing else happened. The wind swayed our bushes, but we remained concealed. And I relaxed too soon.
            As soon as my muscles released tension, a loud burst of noise and I was being dragged painfully by my wings. I screamed. Spark leapt forward, only to be hit in the middle of the forehead with a gun of some sort. He stumbled, and fell still.     
            “Spark!” I cried raggedly. Men in black suits surrounded him and carried him toward the tank. Vain to free my friend, I struggled.
            “Spark, no! No!” I clenched my stomach, throwing my feet above my head while holding onto the arm of my captor for support, and kicked him in the face. He gasped, and let go. Instantly, I spun and threw five punches and two kicks in between at him. Shadow jumped from his hiding place and hared to where Spark was being loaded. Chef unleashed her gun. Cougar snarled, pouncing onto the nearest opponent. His tail lashed.
            Flicking my wings, I shot over the men and to Spark. Shadow was holding out on his own, but they were still managing to inch him to the tank. I didn’t know why these men were here, but they were attacking us, so I would fight to my death.
            Suddenly, there was a gunshot. Not the loud bang of Chef’s gun, but the whistle of a handgun. Pain exploded in my right wing. I flapped hard with both wings, gritting my teeth against the pain.
            “Crystal, die won’t you?”
            I went numb. My wings stopped working, and I plummeted.
            “Crystal!” Shadow saw my fall. But just then he was overcome by men. My blood ran cool, ice settling on my skin. A figure stood over me, holding the silhouette of a gun.
            “You were a failure,” he growled. “Do you know what you put your mother and me through? Now you can never return.” I shivered, the ice became crisp. It invaded my mind, chilling it numb.
            “D-dad?” I hissed weakly. He moved so that the sun glinted of his familiar features. I never noticed it before, but he looked horrid. His smile made me feel like there was acid in my stomach. Never had I seen him smile, just smirk slightly. Never.
            “Hey honey,” he whispered back, and pulled the trigger.


Monday, April 5, 2010

I want to thank

Ever since I visited her blog, Shimmer has commented for my every post. She was my first follower and a great fellow writer. She draws way better than I ever can, so let me give thanks for her dedication to my blog! *claps and allows Shimmer to take the spotlight*

Her blogs:


One right after another. Here you go folks! More to Ice Crystals:

          Crystal smiled, her eyes closed. Next to her, Cougar crouched, purring with anticipation. They didn’t know who I was, so they couldn’t see me. I sighed, resting on my heels as I watched them do their thing. Our parents programmed this into their systems. For Cougar it was the lust of blood that lured his predatory instincts of his cougar genes. For Crystal it was the OCD of neatness. If it was neat and orderly, it irked her. But me? Just laundry detergent that I had to down while they concentrated on honing Cougar’s hunting technique without him finding out that it was wrong for him to tear off heads. I shuddered to think of the sheep they brought in for his first live hunt.
            Faintly, I wondered if I should tell Crystal who I was. Then she could see me in these dreams and realize that this wasn’t just a dream - it was still part of the experiment. I had shrugged out of our scientists brain-washing long ago, and was trying to find a way to free Cougar and Crystal.
            The city shook, and Cougar leapt forward. I then thought of how I’ve never done anything to change these dreams. I was in control of myself after all. So, for the first time, I changed the course of this dream.
            With a cry, I leapt to intercept Cougar. Crystal snapped her head back as if my sound woke her up. Cougar twisted around, confusion and blood-lust mixing in his whole facial expression. A faint snarl of confusion escaped.
            “Stop,” I commanded. Crystal lowered her hands and the earth gave a sigh, crumpling back to a weary position. I knew I just looked like a shadow to them, but I still had a voice. Hopefully though they wouldn’t recognize me by my voice. I wasn’t ready for them to know yet.
            Cougar doubled over, holding his head. “Wh…what’s going on?” I withdrew my hand.
            “You’re remembering,” I explained simply, “remembering the screams of your victims. The fear. But this time,” I leaned closely, “it doesn’t feel good, does it?” Cougar moaned, and I straightened and turned to Crystal. She was swaying slightly.
            “You,” I pointed to her, “are remembering the nights your parents stayed up all night. They told you it was a scientist thing, but you know now they were tweaking your mind. Feel the moments you have forgotten.” Her wings drooped as she did. They quaked, feathers ruffled.
            “How do you know this?” Cougar clutched his stomach, and I knew he was feeling the blood he had drunk a long time ago. I smiled sadly, though the movement was wasted.
            “I was just like you.”
Crystal took this like a punch to the gut, bending over and panting. Her previously red hair returned to its streaked blonde. A feather floated from her wings. Cougar’s bushy tail hovered above the ground and shook much like Crystal’s wings. He moaned again.
Then, we all woke up. I quickly jumped out of my cot and raced to Crystal’s area. Once there I launched myself up onto our ledge just as she was coming out clutching her nightgown. I did this so she wouldn’t suspect me of being the shadow, and because she intrigued me like no one else.
 I casually glanced back to watch her fly up. It never ceased to amaze me the way she flew without and preparation. All she did was beat her wings and she was flying.
“Another bad dream?” I asked. She and I were always meeting up after these dreams. The only thing she knew though was that I couldn’t sleep so I perched here to look at the stars. If only she knew.
“I don’t want to go to Chef’s tonight, I feel sick,” she bent her head. I reached out and touched her forehead.
“You don’t look so hot,” I agreed.
“I-oh, wait,” she turned and threw up onto the ground. I glanced around. There was no one else but us.
“Chef might have something for you, she does medicine as well as food,” I picked her up in my arms. She shivered and moaned. I didn’t jump down to the ground, instead walking on the rooftops and ledges to Chef’s area. A couple times Crystal turned and threw up again, but other than that she remained curled to my chest.
“Hello, Shadow. What can I do fo-huh!” Chef gasped as she saw Crystal. “What’s wrong with her?” I gently lowered her onto a table. Crystal moaned for the millionth time, shivering. I had a pretty good idea that she was going into shock, but how could I explain that to Chef. I made myself look confused.
“I found her like this,” I explained. In that moment, Cougar stumbled in, clutching his stomach and looking very ill. Chef glanced at him and was at his side in an instant, guiding him to another table. Crystal looked over at him wearily.
“You too, huh?” she spat out, before she convulsed, throwing up over the edge of the table. Cougar grimaced back. Sympathy for them both hit me, but I knelt down to only Crystal’s eye level. She was ready, Cougar was not.
Crystal, listen closely to me.”
“Uh-ng,” she grunted.
“How long have you had dreams of destroying cities?” I asked. Crystal gasped, and the sudden clench of her stomach caused her to throw up again.
“How do you know about that?” she muttered after she was done. I glanced at Chef. She stared back at me with confused cocoa brown eyes.
            “Get some medicine ready,” I commanded her. She snapped out of her daze and nodded. I then turned back to Crystal.
            “There is a shadow person there that changed the dream cycle and revealed to you things you have forgotten,” I whispered to her. She convulsed once more, and this time she didn’t throw up.
            “How. Do. You. Know?” she spit out painfully. I smiled very sadly and leaned my head so close that our faces were almost touching.
            “I’m E-1, Crystal,” I whispered. She blinked, and then let out a very loud moan. Tears formed at the corners of her eyes. Chef quickly raced over to give her pain medicine. Chef hurriedly opened a book explaining all the compounds of different medicines and created it. She made Crystal swallow a pale white pill. Once it was downed, her expression softened, but only slightly.
            A burst of laughter, and Spark and Sugar entered the scene. Spark’s arm was draped over Sugar’s shoulder, and when Crystal saw them, her face twisted again into pain. She clenched again. Chef rushed at the newcomers, shooing them away.
            “Shoo! I have sick people, and you’re disturbing them,” she chided. Spark, eyes still glowing, glanced over her to see who it could be. His eyes fell on Crystal and he gasped.
            “Oh my goodness!” he raced to her, forgetting all about Sugar. She looked rejected, but at the sight of me, she swayed toward my direction. I glanced away, eyes burning. Flirting for her was never done. Spark was still agape at Crystal’s ill form. His whole body was pulsing with electricity, hair crackling madly. “Oh, Crystal, what’s wrong?” She only moaned. Cougar rasped.
            “Chef,” was all he could say. She spun around from Crystal and tended to him. Sensing that I was not needed here, I picked up Crystal’s hand, kissed it and whispered her luck, turned and left Chef’s area.
            Just as I thought, Sugar towed after me.
            “Hey,” she called out seductively. Luckily I was immune to such acts. I kept walking. Slightly put off by my cold shoulder, Sugar hung back a few steps before bouncing back up. I avoided looking at her, fearful of not liking what I might see.
            “So what’s with Crystal back there?” she tried to approach a topic that hit home. I clenched my jaw, and bravely waded through the assault without any effects. Sugar pouted and tried again.
            “Cougar seemed pretty bad too,” she commented, launching another attack. Nothing. Another try.
             “I wonder why Chef needs that book. Is she stupid or something? Can’t she just whip up the medicine without looking it up?”
            Anger exploded inside me. You can diss me, diss my actions, diss my lack of ability, but diss Chef and you’d better have a weapon. I whipped around at Sugar, all but spewing fire from my mouth.
            “Okay, you try mixing all the right ingredients to fit a mixture that might help someone. You try thinking of every part that would go into it! Now if you don’t shut up and stop prying at me, I’ll have to hurt you! And trust me,” I growled menacingly, “you do not want to do that.” Sugar looked baffled. Haughtily, I spun and couldn’t help but jump up into the night, releasing my own pair of wings. Below me I heard Sugar gasp, and I wheeled to face her.
            “There are many things you do not know about me, and things you don’t want to know, so just quit it,” I snarled. The night ate me up welcomingly, and I fell into the darkness like I was one of the shadows myself. That’s why I’m called Shadow.


            Systems…faltering. Mind….in pain. Physical body….intact, but felt horrible. Skin…clammy. Emotions….nonexistent.
            I heard another groan. Possibly me. My brain did another systems check. It was like the time where I had taken the pill, but this was a slow burning fire. Eventually, the pain trickled away, and I opened my eyes.
            “Oh!” Spark’s concerned face appeared above me. His hair was sparkling wildly. “Crystal, how are you feeling?”
            “Like a dead man,” I grit my teeth as a wave of last minute pain swept through me. Spark’s face saddened.
            “Chef said you might feel like that, she gave you a lot of medicine. Cougar isn’t doing much better,” he moved slightly so I could see my brother-experiment. He was very still and ghostly. I looked away and sat up.
            Instantly, blood rushed to my head, making me dizzy. I reeled, and Spark held out a hand to steady me. But as soon as he touched me, I was shocked. He pulled away.
            “Sorry,” he muttered, downcast. I giggled, now fully awake, and rested my head on his shoulder. He smiled, and stroked my hair. His hand was slightly buzzed with electricity.
            “Morning!” a chirpy voice pierced our precious moment. I bolted upright, only to see Sugar bouncing in. She was dressing in a sparkly, tight fitting shirt and black skinny jeans. Sunlight flowed in from behind her, creating a halo of gold around her head.
            She swung up to Spark. “Hey, you seem tired,” she commented. I inwardly sighed and leaned away from them. Spark glanced at me, and then shrugged out of her grip.
            “Er, yeah. I stayed up all night,” he inched in my direction. I took this as an invitation to rest my head again, so I did. To my satisfaction, Sugar seemed irked. 
            “You didn’t sleep at all?” she cooed. “Do you want to come at my area to rest up?” Spark stiffened visibly. Happy that Sugar was getting blown off, I let my gaze wander while her and Spark spat it out.
            Cougar was arousing, tail twitching violently. He saw me, and nodded at me. I blinked, and continued my survey. Chef was folded nicely into a chair. There were bangs under her eyes and she was fast asleep. Silently, I thanked her for nursing me back to health.
            Then I remembered Shadow. His experiment name sent shivers down my spine, though I had no idea why. Part of me raged that he revealed that, part of me was confused. What was so important about his name? It meant he was my experiment-brother like Cougar, but was he my blood-brother? Did my parents just call themselves my parents, but didn’t really give birth to me?
            A shriek burst into my bubble. I glanced back at Sugar. She was red in the face, tears welling in her eyes. Chef bolted awake, brown eyes shot. I growled softly to myself for Sugar’s overreaction, and raise my wings in a threat.
            “Why her? What is so special about her?” Sugar wailed. “Shadow likes her, Cougar likes her, you like her? Why?” She drew out the last word into a long cry. Cougar snarled from where he was, Spark electrified fully, and I leapt to my feet.
            “Maybe because I’m not such a whimp and a ditz!” I shouted angrily. “And what the heck do you mean by ‘like’?”
            Sugar glared at me through red, puffy eyes. “They all are obsessed with you!” At this, Cougar snarled ever louder. It resembled much like a real cougar’s growl. His eyes blazed.
            “Get this straight,” he warned, “Shadow nor am I obsessed with Crystal. She’s my freaking sister, and Shadow likes her as a friend. Spark, if you want my opinion, like her because she won’t scream if she finds out that he doesn’t like her.”
            “I don’t know about that,” I muttered to soft for anyone to hear. Spark managed to catch it, because he turned away from Sugar and stared into my eyes adoringly. I smiled quickly, not used to such looks, and looked back at Sugar.
            “She’s not perfect either,” she cried at me, jabbing a finger. Then, with a cry of frustration, she lunged at me.
            I just leaned to one side. She shot past me, and I grabbed her by her tiny wings. She cried out with the pain. I gave them a slight tug, bringing her to my eye level.
            “Get out,” I growled softly to her. Then, with a snort of contempt and a flick of my wrist, I set her tumbling through the air and she hit the stone wall next to the door with her back. Tears streamed down her eyes and she gasped when her wings were crushed. I flinched, thinking of how my own wings would do with the same situation.
            Sugar stumbled to her feet, and staggered out of Chef’s area.  

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter is....

.... yes, Christian! Praise the Lord, He has risen! *smiles and flies into open sky* oh, tis a beautiful day and Icewolf is a happy wolf! Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Card Freak

I can...

a.) separate two combined decks (108 cards) in 45 seconds
b.) play a wicked game of Rummy, Speed (not the drug, the card game), Peanuts, Spoons, and Solitare
c.) deal out cards in a matter of, like, seconds
d.) die after playing 3 hours of Peanuts

All in one day! I am awesome! *punches air* Anyway, just a little random rant. So, yeah, so far I've only written up Outcasts and haven't really gotten to typing. So I am sorry fellow bloggers *bows remorsefully* but you have to wait yet.

And............not much else. I'm metaphorically dead (inside joke, but it's still funny) right now, so I'm just going to, er, uh, post pics. No, I did not draw them. I will post up pictures of my sketches when I have finished drawing out my sketchbook.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I have found inspiration at last! I'm am not getting on to working on Awaking, which is the second book of Outcasts. For a while I avoided my yellow notebook (hey! that would make a great blog title...I'll put up a poll) but today I picked it up and yet again wove Tamiki, Xela, and Akov's story into place. So I'll get that typed up asap. As for Ice Crystals, it's getting there.

That's all for now. Thanks people for reading. Comment please, my blog is getting lonely. ;D