About this blog

1.) random
2.) Totally wack
3.) not of this world

Well, I started this blog originally for my stories. But then it evolved into something different, a place where my characters have free reign, my imagination explodes, and stories unfold. Every now and then I create a tag for people, and watch it run through the blog world.

About me? Well, I'm a writer, drawer, imaginer, dreamer, and one weird wolf. My wings are vibrant red, my fur deep brown, and I'm a freaking werewolf people! Rawr.

I have two other blogs, Random Convos, where me and my siblings occasionally visit and blog. The second is Da Lovely World of What-not, a place where anything can happen, and this blog, and totally random world.

...Randomness is certainly sweet! XD

Characters of this blog:

Inora: mostly moody whiteish gray werewolf
Tamiki: happy white werewolf, magical
Akov: Tamiki's opposite, doesn't really care about a lot, black werewolf-human hybrid
Sauntoyi: curious and thoughtful creamy/light brown werewolf

Those are the main characters that show up, but sometimes others arrive, and I introduce them and if not, well comment and ask me.

Overall, comment!