Monday, February 21, 2011

I guess I'm just a weirdo like that

No idea why I have the title like that. But this little noggin *knocks head with fist* well it thinks of some crazy stuff sometimes. By the way, Girnio and the gang say hi! Haven't heard from them in a while, I know, but currently each has their own spot and recently Girnio had his first mission as a writing dragon!
Poor thing had to help me write about himself! XD Which in fact was difficult because we went WAY deep into his personal emotions.

Girnio: *issues a small tendril of smoke and hurrs*

So Girnio's spot is on my bedside table on a book, staring at his journal with a blazing intensity, as if he could stare the butterfly of his book (for those of you who don't know, Girnio has a small green notebook and there happens to be a butterfly perched on it). Ginny rest on the top of my mirror (of which is homemade by my wonderful father) and my first place ribbon from the writing contest hangs down from her tail. Gareth sits on my second beside table with at least 12 dice protected in the curve of his tail.

And last night, I was under my normal temperature and crawled into bed. I took out my notebook of random writings and wrote quite a bit about my dragons. Maybe I'll post it later.

Hm, what else? Nothing much actually...well, later blogworld!


Friday, February 18, 2011


It's taken me a while to get back into the mode of things. Lately I've been doing Wii fit and walks to be in shape -.-". So I'm beat. My feet have that tingly sensation that I get whenever I've been on them for too long. Hopefully I'll build some endurance through all this exercise. In my family it's common for the slur to arise that I don't exercise or ~le gasp~ sweat. So I'm hoping to break that image.

Granted the only see me when I'm relaxing. ;)

*leans back in chair* Hmm...this feels nice. There's a light spring breeze blowing through the windows, and I can smell memories surfacing and old senses stirring. A slight cold caresses my skin....and can't you tell I haven't been writing in a while? It's good to be back. I wish every day was like this. There is nothing like a cool wind to smell. And yes, I do label a lot of things by smell.

For example, when ever I catch a whiff of Axe, I think of my guy friend and feel lonely. When I smell summer breezes, I think of days running through mini deserts and small ravines, crawling across a creek on a log, and being young and carefree. When I smell the individual scent of a friend, it makes me happy to remember them. I'm weird that way, but smells really do trigger memories and emotions for me.

Inora: HEY! We're back!!!
Akov: *stretches wings* Man, it's a good feeling.
Tamiki: I guess we're all happy today.
Crystal: You're telling me! Nothing so far seems to have gone wrong.
Icewolf: Spring breezes can do that to you.
Inora: So *nudges Icewolf* what to do today?!
Icewolf: *laughs* aren't you unusually perky?
Tamiki: Can we-
*ding dong*
Mimm: Trick or treat! *winks at everyone and waltzes in*
Icewolf: *author feelings stir and evilly grins*
Akov: *whispers in her ear* What are you planning?
Icewolf: The most perfect abstract character combination in existence.
Akov: Sounds lovely.
Inora: Hey, what's going on?
Icewolf: You'll see!
Tamiki: *pads over to Akov and Icewolf* What are you two doing?
Icewolf: Alright, it goes like this *pulls both of them away from Mimm and Inora (who are in deep conversation in a matter of seconds)* Mimm is an abstract character right? I mean she goes against my original plans?
Tamiki: Yeah...
Akov: *nods*
Icewolf: And Inora isn't a normal character like you guys, right? He just does his own thing.
Akov: *gasp* Ooooh. You predicted the future of this blogworld, didn't you?
Icewolf: Yup. It's perfect too!

And I know you guys probably guessed what I did, but give me your thoughts on my revelation anyway. :D

Icewolf is back!

~Icewolf and characters

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day!!!

Oh, the day of love. For some reason, not many of my classmates seemed to like this day and it upset me. For once in my life I have a legitimate reason to celebrate this day, and no one else does. Sorta makes me sad, but I will still celebrate on my own!!!

So this weekend, I was on a youth retreat and had a BLAST. The main topic was getting stranded - meaning having bonds with people who could support you. Cause there are times we need to celebrate, and God commands us to do so. Thou shalt party! But also there are times to mourn, and we shall mourn.

Happy Valentines Day people!!!

So today, on the day of love: Inora, you get the mention! Ah, my best character. Through rough and through life, we braved the mental strain of an abnormal author-character relationship.

Inora: Yeah, it's been tough.
Icewolf: But we've gotten through it!
Inora: And I'm back people! Hopefully a character convo soon!

Also, to my lovely, awesome, amazing boyfriend (name withheld), if he reads this. ;) Can't begin to say how much he means to me, my friends.

You know, I'm starting to see Romeo and Juliet weren't so dumb after all. It feels like the world would end if I lost (name withheld). All the stupid things I've read and seen people do for love's doesn't seem to stupid to me anymore.

Signed with flourish and love,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello, and how do you do.

*hums* So you know that I short story I posted a while back? Well it won first place in the contest I entered it in. And tonight was the award ceremony. You know what prize I liked the most? The chocolate. I was given a ribbon, a certificate, money...and a chocolate.

Meheheh...I'm so weird.

Anyway, just wanted to post the final and winning version of that short...wait *facepalm* That's right, sorry. I'm borrowing my mother's laptop right now because JKshooterman caused technical difficulties with our regular computer, and that made me mad. Sheesh.

Aw, that sorta ruins my other plans. Well, next time I'll put them into action.

-Introduce JD
-Post short story
-Um.......character convo? Maybe?

I dunno, as of now, I'm having a total writer's block. And Inny is mad at me. He just won't talk. Which makes me sad, cause I miss him. Eventually I'm going to just YELL at him.


Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hey, yeah, sorry that I haven't posted much. It's just that, I've been brought down to earth with a thundering crash. Yeah, I've fallen in love. Nothing brings you down to earth more than a boyfriend, folks, let me tell you.

Usually, my mind CONSTANTLY thinks. Never blank. I'd be bad at mediating. But finally, my mind went totally blank. It was bliss.

So, have any of you guys heard of I just joined, and it's amazing! It's a website where you can post your stories and people read it. So far I have...20ish reads. :D

Anyway, I can't think of much else, just wanted to let you know I'm checking in every now and then!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Strong emotions

So, there's this topic I feel real strong about. It's called abortion. *pauses, choked up*

I hate it.

There's a tiny life, a person with a future growing inside you. Their brains are forming, hands are developing. Hands you could hold, and a mind you could love. But that person gets torn out of you, and KILLED. Never to hold another hand. Never to feel loved. Never to live.

I don't care if it hasn't even formed yet. I hear that excuse and I want to scream (WARNING: this subject brings out the worst in me). It has a FUTURE.

*sigh* just wanted to bring that out there.