Monday, February 21, 2011

I guess I'm just a weirdo like that

No idea why I have the title like that. But this little noggin *knocks head with fist* well it thinks of some crazy stuff sometimes. By the way, Girnio and the gang say hi! Haven't heard from them in a while, I know, but currently each has their own spot and recently Girnio had his first mission as a writing dragon!
Poor thing had to help me write about himself! XD Which in fact was difficult because we went WAY deep into his personal emotions.

Girnio: *issues a small tendril of smoke and hurrs*

So Girnio's spot is on my bedside table on a book, staring at his journal with a blazing intensity, as if he could stare the butterfly of his book (for those of you who don't know, Girnio has a small green notebook and there happens to be a butterfly perched on it). Ginny rest on the top of my mirror (of which is homemade by my wonderful father) and my first place ribbon from the writing contest hangs down from her tail. Gareth sits on my second beside table with at least 12 dice protected in the curve of his tail.

And last night, I was under my normal temperature and crawled into bed. I took out my notebook of random writings and wrote quite a bit about my dragons. Maybe I'll post it later.

Hm, what else? Nothing much actually...well, later blogworld!



The Golden Eagle said...

Hi! back, to Girnio and the gang. :)

Scezzle said...

What did you do to Inora and Mimm? I wanna to know! I wanna know!
Yeah, Hi!

Jayden Black said...

Hey! Imma BACK!! Just saying Icewolf, lots of things have changed! Can't wait to hear more!