Friday, February 18, 2011


It's taken me a while to get back into the mode of things. Lately I've been doing Wii fit and walks to be in shape -.-". So I'm beat. My feet have that tingly sensation that I get whenever I've been on them for too long. Hopefully I'll build some endurance through all this exercise. In my family it's common for the slur to arise that I don't exercise or ~le gasp~ sweat. So I'm hoping to break that image.

Granted the only see me when I'm relaxing. ;)

*leans back in chair* Hmm...this feels nice. There's a light spring breeze blowing through the windows, and I can smell memories surfacing and old senses stirring. A slight cold caresses my skin....and can't you tell I haven't been writing in a while? It's good to be back. I wish every day was like this. There is nothing like a cool wind to smell. And yes, I do label a lot of things by smell.

For example, when ever I catch a whiff of Axe, I think of my guy friend and feel lonely. When I smell summer breezes, I think of days running through mini deserts and small ravines, crawling across a creek on a log, and being young and carefree. When I smell the individual scent of a friend, it makes me happy to remember them. I'm weird that way, but smells really do trigger memories and emotions for me.

Inora: HEY! We're back!!!
Akov: *stretches wings* Man, it's a good feeling.
Tamiki: I guess we're all happy today.
Crystal: You're telling me! Nothing so far seems to have gone wrong.
Icewolf: Spring breezes can do that to you.
Inora: So *nudges Icewolf* what to do today?!
Icewolf: *laughs* aren't you unusually perky?
Tamiki: Can we-
*ding dong*
Mimm: Trick or treat! *winks at everyone and waltzes in*
Icewolf: *author feelings stir and evilly grins*
Akov: *whispers in her ear* What are you planning?
Icewolf: The most perfect abstract character combination in existence.
Akov: Sounds lovely.
Inora: Hey, what's going on?
Icewolf: You'll see!
Tamiki: *pads over to Akov and Icewolf* What are you two doing?
Icewolf: Alright, it goes like this *pulls both of them away from Mimm and Inora (who are in deep conversation in a matter of seconds)* Mimm is an abstract character right? I mean she goes against my original plans?
Tamiki: Yeah...
Akov: *nods*
Icewolf: And Inora isn't a normal character like you guys, right? He just does his own thing.
Akov: *gasp* Ooooh. You predicted the future of this blogworld, didn't you?
Icewolf: Yup. It's perfect too!

And I know you guys probably guessed what I did, but give me your thoughts on my revelation anyway. :D

Icewolf is back!

~Icewolf and characters


The Golden Eagle said...

It's snowing hard right now where I am, so a spring breeze sounds like heaven.

Er, I have ideas . . . but whether they're right? I don't know. :D

Icewolf said...

Well, we shall find out...>:D

Scezzle said...

No ideas. at all.
Girl, It just finished snow!

Scezzle said...

I mean snowing.
It just finished snowing.