Thursday, May 27, 2010

Award Number Three

I am happy again! Thanks Golden Eagle!

I award:
Jayden Black
and Golden Eagle, I would award you if you hadn't already been awarded.

Jayden's blog:
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inora's issues

Spotlight shines dramatically down onto a hunched figure. It's face rises to reveal a wolf, Inora. Around him, is only darkness. He cried out to the sky. 

Inora: wait, is this supposed to be dramatic and teary?

A noise of exasperation, and another wolf comes onto the scene. This one, unlike the pale gray Inora, is brown with majestic red wings.

Icewolf: You bet it is! Look at the freaking italics!   
 Inora: Oh...okay, resume.

The brown wolf grumbles, and ambles off the scene. Once again, the spotlight beams down on Inora and this time, there are tears in his eyes.

Inora: My life was a sad one. *sad music plays* When I was only a pup, my parents were killed by the wolf who would later take my sight.

The music swells, and the audience is to feel emotional moved if they could hear the pathetic music playing. 

Inora: I would only regain my sight by being slapped in the face by another werewolf and
Tamiki: GAR! I shall eat yous!

A white wolf with pure black eyes jumps on top of Inora. With a smile, the wolf turns to the probably bemused audience.

Tamiki: Hey, is this some sort of soap opera?
Inora: It was.
Tamiki: *grins* then I'm glad it was destroyed.
Inora: RAWR! What is with you guys randomly coming and going?

The poor werewolf growls, but deep within his heart he feels a compassionate stirring - 

Inora: Oh, shut it. There's no stirring-
Tamiki: *looks at computer screen* aw! I never knew you had emotions, Inny.
Inora: Don't make me hurt you.
Icewolf: You're so nice
Inora: And of course you come out of nowhere. Just like everyone else in this messed up world
Sauntoyi and Akov in unison: Yo.
Inora: Hmph.
Akov: And why are we all here, Icewolf?
Icewolf: Well, I thought we could share our deepest feelings, and since you are characters of my mine, you shall do so because I type so.
Tamiki: Yeah, but we have free reign *peers at computer again* see, you still type everything I say.
Icewolf: Right...but this time you guys will. Starting with Toyi.
Sauntoyi: Er, what am I supposed to do?
Icewolf: Just start with explaining how you feel
Sauntoyi: about what?
Icewolf: Anything
Tamiki: *softly to Akov* this is going to be good!
Sauntoyi: Well, uh, I feel, er, neutral most of the time with other times I feel like Inora is a twit
Inora: Hey!
Icewolf: He can say that, we're here to talk about feelings. Now, Tamiki, your turn.
Tamiki: I'm really happy most of the time!
Icewolf: ...yes....Akov?
Akov: I think you should stop seeing your therapist, it's causing you to think weirder.
Icewolf: Eh-heh. Okays, Inny?
Inora: Well, I hate going to my therapist. I think this blog-world is going to eventually drive me insane, that every character that you make up is messed-up in some way, that 1+1=11, and everything is meaningless. The name 'Inny' drives me up the wall, Charry drives me up the wall, you drive me anywhere. Sunny days make me want to puke, and I wish I could explode something.
Everybody: O.o"
Icewolf: Alrighty then.....
Tamiki: That was some rant
Akov: I'll say
Sauntoyi: Who knew so much went through his head?

Inora growled, but his head felt clearer than it had felt in days...

Inora: what do you know?!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why not?

Just think about this. Neat, huh?

Less than three

What is with that, huh? Less than three ( <3 and yes, I know that it's a heart)?


So anyways. I just got done with throwing together monkey bread. Do you know how long and tedious monkey bread is? You have to take the whole dough mound, and bit by bit, roll small balls, smother with melted butter, toss in cinnamon sugar, and drop into a pan over and over and over and over...
 But I was proud of myself at the end. :D

Of course I took a bit of the dough to eat myself.  What else would I do?

Ugh. And now, I have a sore throat from singing loudly on Sunday. Sunday! Man, I'm weird. And in any case, I had a headache for the past two day, been going to the school nurse for two days, and had a 99 temperature yesterday and am not really sure if I have one today.

But moves on, doesn't it. And Shimmer, I'm going to morph your pawbook idea a wittle. ;)

Icewolf less-than-threes...chocolate
Icewolf less-than-threes...rain
Icewolf less-than-threes...someone special, (name withheld :D)
Icewolf less-than-threes...LIFE!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just hanging here. Bored. Saturdays are a bit of a drag for me. There's not a lot to do, and I forgot my homework at school (like I'd do it anyway, it's in gym class *rolls eyes* honestly, homework in gym?) so yeah.

Inora says hi. He's calm today, actually. Which is good for me, because I'm not really up to alot today.

Okay, so I have to weed the garden, right? So I do, becoming Conqueror of the Weeds along the way, and then my mother says "Okay, can you weed this for 5 dollars?" And points to this patch of weeds up to 4 feet tall and a desk-area wide. So then I become Uber Conqueror of the 4-foot Tall Weeds! My shoes were dirt encased, my socks dirt-colored, and my toes got a cute dirt tan.


OH! Not to long ago, I figured out how to put out a candle flame with your fingers. WARNING: only do so if you've had experience with playing with flames

1.) Lick fingers (not entirely gross like it sounds)
2.) Pinch flame QUICKLY near the wick, DO NOT keep hands directly above the flame for ANY amount of time over 2 seconds. It burns pretty quickly. Not fun
3.) Laugh maniacally at success or failure

It sounds easy, but the second step is actually pretty hard. Getting around the flame (especially with today's candles that have stupid glass containers) is tough, leaving you to attack from above. Also, if you don't lick your fingers enough, you can get burned.

Hmmm....what else?

Huh, I don't really know.

Kay, byes.


Oh my blog!!! My second award! Yays!

1. Choose ONE of the following options of accepting the OMB award:

(a) Write about your most embarrassing moment.

(b) Write a "Soundtrack of your childhood" post.

(c) Make your next blog a 'vlog'/video blog. Basically, you're talking to the camera about whatever.

(d) Take a picture of yourself first thing in the morning, before you do anything else (hair, make up, etc)and post it.

 I'll do 'a' because I have reasons for not showing you guys my face. I'd prefer to stay safe, thank you very much!

In any case I have a lot of embarrassing moments, but I know one that I'll NEVER live down.

I was on summer vacation with my family, and I'm just sitting there, thinking and thinking. Suddenly, I turn to my dad and say...

"Okay, I know the land force is the army, the sea force is the navy... but what's the air force called?"

Ugh, I was so stupid!

I award:

Intelligence Tag (or lack of)

I'm not sure I have 'intelligence', but I'll take the award anyways! :D

Thanks Shimmer! Visit her awesomest blog!

Awl who wants it! *flies happily*

Friday, May 21, 2010

Cookie Tag

Coming up with tags is sorta fun. You guys should try it some time. Well, once more, here is a tag created by yours truly dedicated to COOKIES!

What is your favorite cookie?
Honestly and truly chocolate chip cookies or great peanut butter cookies. But I make mean sugar cookies. :D

What is your least favorite?
Um....none? Air cookies? (They're quite easy to make)

How many cookies can you eat in one sitting?, at least 5 tops

Make up a cookie!
Chocolate chip cookie batter plus the chocolate chips, add bits of heath pieces and once baked cover with white chocolate frosting! Yummy!

Have you ever made that before?
All but the frosting, yes!

You see an army of angry cookies coming at you. What do you do?
Well, I had a dream about that. I screamed and ran for my life. They were chanting that it was my time to die, and cookies prophesying your death isn't funny. Only after waking up and a week later of getting rid of fright did I laugh.

I tag:
Golden Eagle


Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's been a while, yes

I don't know where we left off with Ice Crystals, so here is what I have so far of Chapter Two.

Chapter Two


            Cougar paced up and down. Shadow lazily followed his movements. I absently picked at the grass. We were yet again facing the city. We all supposed that it was our scientist’s doing that we were stuck in this setting. They thought that we were still dreaming of destroying cities and feeling the pleasurable blood-lust.
            “Can’t we send her back? She does nothing,” Cougar’s tail lashed. Shadow sighed.
            “When we get to the institute we’ll need her to fight,” he explained for the millionth time. Cougar bared his teeth, and then let out a sigh.
            “I’m sorry guys, it’s just that I haven’t hunted since the night we realized our brain-wash. I’m getting hungry. You may not like it Shadow,” Cougar sat back down with us, “but I still need to hunt or I’ll go mad and sorta, err, well…” He shifted.
            “What is it?” I asked. Even Shadow leaned forward.
            “It’s like…like a mix between a werewolf and a vampire. I need to eat something raw or I turn into a full cougar. Fur and all.”
            I couldn’t help but laugh. “Sorry,” I wheezed, “but I just love the way you described it. Sorry, sorry.” I fought to control myself, but when Cougar joined in and Shadow’s mouth quirked I couldn’t.
            When our laughter subsided, I clutched my stomach that had become sore. “Do you think we should get back to the waking world now? It’s bound to be morning by now.” I asked. Shadow nodded, and suddenly disappeared. Cougar stared at the spot he had been at, and then turned to me.
            “You know what Crystal? I’m really glad we aren’t related,” he told me. I recoiled.
            “What?” I exclaimed. He smiled, but then disappeared. As soon as he was gone, rough winds tossed open my wings forcibly. I struggled to remain on the ground, but the wind threw me up into the sky. Below me was the city.
            I closed my eye. No, this is part of the brain-washing. This isn’t what you want to do! But there was an explosion of energy from me, and the city shook. The neatness of the buildings was destroyed. I couldn’t help the happiness bubbling inside of me that nothing was in its right place.
            Without my mind in my own control, my arms raised and spun in a circle in front of me. The rubble from the city rose and followed the path I traced. It spun around, like a hurricane on steroids. Vainly I wished Shadow or Cougar would awaken me at anytime now. Make it stop! I silently asked no one.
            Abrupt as it started, the chaos stopped. My arms were still making circles, but nothing flew anymore spare me. I want to get down! I cried within my mind, struggling to get a hold of myself. The thing controlling me seemed to fight back, making it hard for me to bring in my wings. But slowly and shakily I forced them back onto my back. The ground rose to meet me, welcoming me back.
            I collapsed onto the ground, panting and wings shivering. I heard something rustle. My brain seized control of my body, sending me backward. My feathers ruffled in fear and defense.
            A huge wolf slid out of the sparse shrubbery. It curled its lip up at me. Yellow fangs glinted into the sunset. Coarse silver-red fur rippled as the wolf tensed. Its tail swished in the air.
            It opened its jaws…
            “Crystal! Why are you still sleeping?”
            My eyes snapped open. Above me, Shadow had his hands on his knees. I muttered a sorry and sat up. Cougar wasn’t anywhere to be seen, but Elocin was standing to my left in her usual dark manor. I returned her stare and stood up.
            “Is Cougar hunting?” I asked, not bothering to use the usual secrecy of our dreams around Elocin. She knitted her brows.
            “How did you know that if you were sleeping this entire time?” Her voice sounded strange, and I was hit with the fact that it was the first time that I have ever heard her speak. I looked at Shadow.
            “Yes, no?” I inquired, asking him if I should tell her or not. He nodded.
            “It’s like this,” I started, launching to an explanation. As I continued, Elocin seemed to be getting more and more irked.
            “So all this time, you guys have meetings in your mind…without me?” It sounded like she was jealous. Which was an odd concept for me…and then my brain did a little math.
            Elocin was jealous of me. I could spend alone time with Shadow and Cougar. Thus, either she was jealous of me having that time with Shadow, or Cougar. For both options, I recoiled. As if she could track my thoughts, Elocin glared at me.
            At that moment, Cougar returned. Trotting gracefully, he smiled at me. I recalled the time when he attacked for being an ‘E’ experiment. He seemed so different now. More…likable.
            “Okay, let’s head out,” Shadow turned northward. Automatically, Elocin followed him closely like a dog to its master. Cougar fell in step with me.
            “How did you sleep last night,” he asked lightly.
            “Great, only I got a cryptic message,” I replied in the same tone, so that neither Shadow nor Elocin would suspect me, “maybe you can help me. It said something like, ‘I’m glad we aren’t family’, or something like that.”
            Shadow cast us an alarmed glance. Cougar only purred slightly.
            “Hmm, no, I don’t see an explanation for that one,” he lied smoothly. I scowled. He saw me, and then hissed under his breath. “Later, Crystal.” I composed my features and gave the slightest of nods.
            “Okay, what about another one, ‘sunset and city do we speak, near the shadows doth we behold?’” I hoped that Shadow would understand this one. I mainly meant this to say that we’ll speak about this in our dream tonight. Shadow let out a breath, and I took that as a yes. Cougar frowned.
            “Er, not really,” he turned away from me, picking up his pace so that he was jogging to the head of our small group. Shadow dropped back moments later.
            “Now don’t I feel special,” I growled softly. His mouth quirked. “Oops,” I whispered, “I think I made you smile.”
            “Oh, stop it,” Shadow rolled his eyes and dropped his voice, “What were you talking about back there?”
            “That we’ll discuss this tonight,” I murmured. Just then I spotted something in the distance. It looked old, dusty, and under the grime I could see that there was white. It was very large, and had windows.
            The institute.
            And Spark lay inside.


            Electricity bolts were higher than he could take, so Spark let out a scream. His hair stood on end, something that had never happened before. He spasmed, falling to the floor with a harsh thunk. He was still pulsing when the director signaled for the experiment to stop.
            “That’ll do,” he growled, beckoning the guards to come over. “Go in and see what he does. AF27 and ME345, you go on ahead.” Spark had been in this place long enough to know the ‘AF’ stood for animal fusion, and ‘ME’ stood for muscle enhancement.  He feebly watched as a gruesome pair slid onto his chamber.
            The one he guessed to be AF27 looked like a reptile combination. Fangs sprang from his mouth, black and deadly. Instead of human eyes, scale-lidded slits withheld a dangerous red glint. Long, twisting claws clicked together as AF27 smiled at Spark evilly. ME345 was very well built. Behind his thin grey shirt, tan muscles rippled powerfully, ready to strike, and possibly kill.
            Spark tensed. These experiments were not like the ones at the Refuge. They would kill gladly. And why wouldn’t they? They were made to kill, made to be part of experiments. It was all they knew.
            He drew up the electricity he had just been ejected with, just like they wanted him to. Spark let it flow over him just as ME345 threw a wide punch at him. There was a crunch of bones and Spark’s nose broke, but some of the electricity that Spark generated flowed onto his fist. ME345 screamed, and dropped like a dead weight.
            Electrical wasn’t the only shock there. AF27 looked surprised, and then very angry.
            “That was going too far,” he growled in a low tone, red slits becoming even smaller. Spark whimpered, drawing back as far as the small room would allow. AF27 hissed at him. His black fangs were as dark as the deadly plants Chef warned everyone at the Refuge not to eat.
            Chef…memories of the Refuge slid by each other, each one reminding Spark that he might never see any one of those experiments again. Suddenly, the thought of Crystal sprang into Spark’s mind. His heart wrenched painfully.
            AF27 screeched, aiming a clawed hand to Spark’s ribs. Spark yelled, and jumped to one side. His quick instincts spared him his life, but AF27 managed to nick his side. A small red cut swelled. Enraged, Spark whirled to kick AF27, but abruptly he lost consciousness.
            Lights swam before his eyes. Blurry figures slurred across his vision. Spark tired to pull words from what they were jabbering, but the speech was so garbled that Spark had trouble making sense of it.
            “He…stupeed…don at-ak te expeeremnts…till need tem…”
            “N’mi falt. Deed yoo see wt hapen to Emme-tree-for-fiv?”
            Spark frowned, struggling to piece together the words. He slowly began to clarify the words.
            “Still! That was stupid! Get it into your thick skulls that we still need these creatures to understand them…got it?” a woman snarled. A reptilian man bared his fangs, hissing.
            “Yes, Miss.” The snake-man glared at Spark, before turning away. The woman sniffed, and then barked at the small attendant near her.
            “You! Is the experiment stable?”
            “Y-yes, Miss,” squeaked the poor man. I groaned, followed by me sitting up. The woman spun around, a scowl clear on her hawk-like face.
            “Take it back to the holding room.”
            Spark fizzed feebly. His electric-yellow hair cackled like it always did. A sense of dread overcame him as scientists thrust a needle into his arm to sedate him back into nothingness….


            Elocin glared at me once I settled myself onto the dry ground for the night. I couldn’t help but bare my teeth back at her. All day she’d been making it clear (if not in words) that she didn’t like me or my ability to communicate with Shadow and Cougar. Next to me, Shadow sighed in relief. We worked hard today, racing as hard as we could to the institute, but we didn’t get close.
            “See the stars?” Shadow asked, folding his arms behind his head. I rolled on my back, shifting to make my wings more comfortable. I ended up having to turn slightly to one side, so I slightly faced Shadow and the sky above us.
            “Yeah, they’re really shining tonight.” I commented. Cougar’s snores entered the scene, but that didn’t interrupt this moment between Shadow and I.
            “There’s Orion,” Shadow pointed to an area in the sky. I squinted, but I couldn’t see what he was pointing at. When Shadow realized that I wasn’t gasping with excitement, he turned to face me. “Can’t you see him?”
            “Who?” I asked. Shadow inched closer so that his pointing arm was right by my head.
            “See the line of three stars? That’s his belt. Those two stars above it are his arms; the two below are his legs…”
            The sudden image of a mighty man shone in the night sky. His belt stood out greatly, and his arms waved mightily. This time I did gasp.
            “I see him!” I grinned. Shadow let him arm drop between us. He was so close that we were almost touching. I turned my head to look at him. He did the same, and smiled.
            A strange sort of emotion welled inside of me, but the only thing I could do was stare deep into the ice blue of his eyes. He stared right back. Quickly I rolled away, my cheeks burning.
            “Good night, see you in dream-land,” I whispered. A rustle told me that Shadow was getting into a comfortable position. But I was wrong.
            Suddenly, his face was right in front of mine. Stifling a shriek, I barely controlled the urge to leap to my feet. Silently, Shadow raised a hand, and almost hesitantly, stoked my flaming cheek. My eyes stretched wide.  
            “Yo, Shadow, it’s your turn to take night watch.” Elocin called her voice tense.
            “I’ll be there in a minute,” he called back before dropping his voice to say to me, “I’ll join you soon, okay?”
            I mutely nodded, and Shadow did something quite unexpected. Leaning quickly toward me, he planted a small kiss on my forehead. He smiled at me again. As swiftly as he had appeared, Shadow sprung to his feet and took the place of Elocin. She was shaking slightly in the dim starlight. Confused, I fell into a fitful sleep.
            “Finally! I’ve been waiting forever for you guys – hey where’s Shadow?” Cougar pounced at me in the dream. I flapped my great wings hard, rising above his head.

And thus...

GAHAHAHAHA! I dunno, just a random laugh, I guess. Random tip of the day: how to de-shell shrimp!

1.) Pinch the tail between thumb and forefinger
2.) Gently wiggle back and forth until you hear two soft 'cracks'
3.) Tug tail shell off
4.) Pinch the edge of the body's shell
5.) Peel around
6.) DEVOUR (this is my favorite part)

Yeah, I had to do that for a while today. So I just thought I'd share that life-changing skill for those of you who would like some :D!

Right now I'm listening to The Bird and the Worm by Owl City and bouncing in my seat in happiness. I love this artist! I just found their album (through a friend) and I loooove their music. *hums*

Heh, random quiz thinger.

Sun or rain?

Pizza or spaghetti?

Cardinals or robins?

Chips or fruit?

Chocolate or vanilla?

Dark or light?

Red or green?

Tamiki or Akov? (Hey, their opposites ;D)

Name one thing that makes you happy.

You are flying in the sky. You are...
a.) a dragon
b.) griffon
c.) in a plane
d.) your choice

If you had to be one, which would you be?
a.) flower
b.) grass
c.) bush
d.) tree

Do 'Green' people make you sick?

As a person/creature/thing, do you prefer...
Rare or thoroughly cooked meat?

I say chocolate, you say...
I say peanut butter, you say...
I say hi, you say...
I say one, you say...

My answers:

 Sun or rain?

Pizza or spaghetti?
Neither, both make me slightly green

Cardinals or robins?
Cardinals. I see too many robins.

Chips or fruit?
Fruit, chips are slightly dis-crust-ing! (translation: disgusting)

Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate-holic over here!

Dark or light?
Dark and light. ;D

Red or green?

Tamiki or Akov? (Hey, their opposites ;D)

Oh....I'd have to say Akov....

Name one thing that makes you happy.
Happy music!

You are flying in the sky. You are...
a.) a dragon
b.) griffon
c.) in a plane
d.) your choice
A dragon of course!

If you had to be one, which would you be?
a.) flower
b.) grass
c.) bush
d.) tree
Trees. I'm a actual tree-hugger, meaning I go up to a tree and give them a hug. :D 

Do 'Green' people make you sick?
In a way, yes.

As a person/creature/thing, do you prefer...
Rare or thoroughly cooked meat?
Rare *sighs gleefully*

I say chocolate, you say...chips!
I say peanut butter, you say...jelly!
I say hi, you say...*giggle* hiyas!
I say one, you say...two!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010



Poll answers!

*drum roll*

For the popularity contest:
First place: Tamiki, Flamdura, and Akov!
                  Tamiki: Wow! I feel so loved!
                  Flamdura: Hey, I'm just as surprised. Who would've thought a
                                 dragon who doesn't do much of anything in the book get
                                  a win?
                  Akov: Eh, I'm just liked for my personality
                  Tamiki: yeah, right

Second place: Aurum, Dragon, Ace, and Inora!
                    Aurum: depression
                    Dragon: well, at least I got one vote. More than I expected
                    Ace: come on! :(
                    Inora: I couldn't care less

Last place: Xela, Kayla, Emmy, and Ironamo
                    Xela: Hm.
                    Kayla: T.T"
                    Emmy: :< ???
                    Ironamo: But I'm evil! Who doesn't like evil people?!

For what I would most likely do... all of them! But most voted for 'running into a wall (i have done that actually...)' and 'laughing at something random'.

Come back soon and I'll have more polls up for no reason! :D


My fishie died. It was a beautiful goldfish that was red with black top scales and fins named Flamdura Srepiuk. I guess my dad's goldfish (a gray one named Gary) bit FS's fin and he couldn't swim, so he starved and died. Not my fault, and there was nothing I could do! But Flamdura Srepiuk fought bravely until the end, desperatly swimming as hard as he could. I'll miss him. But Gary is nice and healthy, so I hope he'll live.

*moment of silence*

Anyways, all is well in Icewolf-land. I took a field trip today at school, and it was sorta fun. Oh, and my mom bought Chinese food and guess what happened!

I got three fortunes in one cookie!

And they all said the same thing too....'The only one without the thorn is friendship'. Is it trying to tell me that I only have one friend?! That's nice...*sarcastic look*

Monday, May 17, 2010

Randomness is sweet

A couple things. One, I got a stroke of inspiration to change the title to 'Randomness is Sweet'. It's been my model for a while, and I just remembered it. Yes, no?

Second, quiz from Shimmer. Visit her!
Mustard or Ketchup? Ketchup on everything and anything!
Pickles or Mushrooms? MUSHROOMS!
Cats or dogs? Both! ;D
Salt or Pepper? Looove salt
Night or day? Well, I like sleep. But I love day. I have mixed feelings.
Rural or Urban? Rural baby!
Modern or classic? Both.
~Next part!~

I am... weird
I am feeling... weird
I smell.... normal
I taste.... rice crackers
I'm hungry for... more rice crackers
I want... rice crackers (sensing a pattern yet?)
I see.... my computer screen
I believe.... in Jesus Christ! ;D
I need... more rice crackers
I laugh.... every few seconds
I cry.... when I'm really sad. Who cries when they're happy? Honestly...
I try... to live...?
I am excited.... to see what my dream will be tonight (it's always messed up but cool)
I care... about all my friends
I understand... very little
I like... rice crackers
I hate.... fights
I am.... who I am, and your opinion is neither requested nor desired! :D (Remember that folks, for those who like cute sayings and store them in your mind for future use)

And since many of you liked the chat I did a couple days ago...

Inora: WHY?!?!?!
Tamiki: Because people liked it, that's why.
Inora: But it's so scary in here! Things happen that no one can see! Just sneaks up on yo-
Sauntoyi: Like this?
Inora: Gah! Y-yes, like that. Now, I shall kill you, Toyi, for doing that to me...
Akov: Honestly, Inora, don't make me get Icewolf
Akov: T.T" I've been here for a while now
Inora: *eye twitch*
Tamiki: He's losing it
Sauntoyi: You would too if you had to deal with Icewolf all the time
Akov: Poor thing...
Tamiki: Did he get to his therapist yet?
Sauntoyi: Yeah, but it makes him worse
Akov: I think he gets points for rhyming
Tamiki: How much?
Akov: 5
Tamiki: That makes 7 good points for Inora so far
Sauntoyi: What's the other 2?
Icewolf: For going
Akov/Tamiki/Sauntoyi: *whips around*
Tamiki: Inora's right, everything is random here
Akov: He's having a break-down over there if you want to go and help him
Icewolf: Wow, so early?
Everybody but Icewolf and Inora (who is still going mad): O.o???
Icewolf: I thought he'd last 5 seconds.
Tamiki: Naw, he lasted 1
Icewolf: *grumbles, digs in pocket, then throws money at Sauntoyi* here, take your bet
Sauntoyi: Much obliged
Icewolf: Shut it
Akov: You two made a bet?
Icewolf: I said he wouldn't last 5 seconds...he predicted-
Sauntoyi: 2. But I'm closer.
Tamiki: *shakes head* you amaze me yet.
Icewolf: There's no sky, honey. Just the blog-world-roof
Inora: BIRDS! *points to random bird*
Sauntoyi: He's right
Tamiki: But that's one bird
Akov: He must be seeing double
Icewolf: That's a bit more than double if he thinks they're everywhere....
Inora: *drops to the ground with a thud*
Tamiki: And he fainted.
Sauntoyi: Wow. Poor pup.
Akov: He didn't even make it five minutes.
 Icewolf: Well, that sorta wraps things up, doesn't it?
Tamiki: *snorts* not by a long shot!
Icewolf: Yeah, I think I should. This is getting sort of long.
Akov: *peers at computer screen* you're right. We should go.
Sauntoyi: Should we leave Inora here?
Icewolf: Yeee-up!
Sauntoyi: Okay...byes!
Tamiki/Akov: BYE!
Icewolf: *click!*

Friday, May 14, 2010

Another chat once more

Sauntoyi: Oh, we're here again.
Inora: Yeah, Icewolf likes randomly dragging us here for random chats that she randomly feels like doing
Tamiki: =That's a lot of 'randoms'.
Inora: I don't care.
Sauntoyi: *pads off to one side, sniffing* I don't think Icewolf is here yet.
Inora: thank you, Captain Obvious *rolls eyes* she just wants to keep us waiting, that's what.
Sauntoyi: Don't you think we should go and find her?
Tamiki: If she isn't here, then that's that
Icewolf: Buuuuuuut TADA! Here I am. And Inora, if you don't lighten up I shall drag your therapist over here too.
Inora: Oh! Look at that beautiful sky! And those flowers, they're simply stunning! Ah, my life is so wonderful! *throws up paws and dances*
Icewolf/Tamiki/Sauntoyi: O.o?
Inora: *drops paws* yeah, not working to well.
Sauntoyi: I think that was the best acting ever.
Tamiki: Yeah, for a second I thought Xela must've played a trick on us and disguised herself as Inora
Sauntoyi: What is she still is in disguise?
Icewolf: the only way to find out is for 'Inora' to pull an that!
Inora: *sarcastic glare only that he can do*
Icewolf: That's the one!
Tamiki: *sighs* it's amusing to watch her, isn't it?
Sauntoyi: She's so....yeah, amusing
Icewolf: And what do you mean by that?!
Tamiki/Sauntoyi: N-nothing!
Akov: Yo.
Icewolf: *jumps in fright* why does everyone here have to just randomly come out of nowhere!
Akov: because this is a blog-world, and we have free reign within your mind, remember?
Icewolf: ....
Akov: Anyhoo, wazzup Toyi?
Sauntoyi: Nothing much. (in an undertone) I think we should light Inora's tail on fire for a little excitement for his day, huh?
Akov: agreed
Icewolf: what are you guys hissing about?
Sauntoyi to Tamiki: distract Icewolf for us
Tamiki: sure can do! Hey, Icewolf, *produces shiny object* look at what this is...
Icewolf: SHINY!
Akov: *whips out a box of matches (Sauntoyi: we are so going to be in trouble! Akov: So? ;D), strikes a match, and whips it onto Inora's tail*
Inora (who's back was stupidly turned): YEOOOOOWW! *leaps into the air, swatting his tail*
Icewolf: Huh? Akov! Toyi! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
Inora/Tamiki: Uh-oh *wide-eyes*
Tamiki: I haven't seen her this mad since we accidentally pushed her off a hill
Inora: *puts out fire, still watching Icewolf wide-eyed* here we go...
Inora: What?
Sauntoyi: Er, sorry Icewolf. We'll tell you next time
Akov: *nods vigorously*  yeah, totally!
Icewolf: You! Especially you! *glowers at Akov* I thought you of all werewolves (hybrid or not!) would've let me in on this!
Akov: *winks* next time
Icewolf: o///o 'kay
Inora: *rolls eyes* why can he always wrap her around his finger?
Tamiki: Akov has skill

Thus concludes today's chat with Icewolf and her characters. 
Inora: stuff it!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


La di da dum! *prances around happily* Lalalalalaaaaaaaa! *fancy spin in mid-air* LLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *scream at top of lungs*
Inora: *winces* as of now, my eardrums are burst
Icewolf: nu-uh!
Inora: what'd you say?
Icewolf: :P

Anyhoos, I'm happy and I don't really know why. Just one of those happy spells, you know? You just suddenly feel great for no apparent reason, and even though it's really early in the morning, that's only because I have school and I'm bored right now. Bored, yet happy.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm riled up, ready to kill.

X-filer is being a crap-head. *lets out angry breath* Grant him that I did puff up at him taking my sandals without asking, which isn't that big of a deal, but does he have to blow up in my face if I ask him most kindly (which I honestly, swear-upon-my-story did) to ask me next time to use my things? Hrrrg, I kept my cool, ("X-filer, all I'm saying is when you know that it's mine, could you please ask me?") he went all bristly ("But I didn't know this was yours!" *me sighs* "Yes, I understand that and I forgive you for that, but next time if you know..." *door slams* me: T.T" me go blog about him now for sheer rudeness)

He's such a butt-munch nowadays. I say one comment and he sets off like a rocket. Spare me the times when I blow up at him, which happens, but does he have to lord it over me and sulk for a week! I try to mend things, saying sorry, and he scoffs "doubt it"! SERIOUSLY!!! I APOLOGIZED, NOW TAKE THE FREAKING APOLOGY BEFORE I SHOVE IT FORCIBLY UP YOUR STUCK UP BUTT! AND IF I ASK YOU NICELY, I'M NOT TRYING TO KILL YOU SO LISTEN!

*snorts* Didn't think I'd blog about him did he? Embarrassed, he shall

It's not just this time either. Other times its gotten ugly and I've had to just leave, my heart aching something awful. I hate fighting with him, but it happens so often now. If he saw that last sentence he'd laugh horribly and swear I'm lying.

Uh, no. I know myself thank you.

Anyways, I was going to talk about Outcasts. I haven't done so in a long time. So far, I'm getting near the end of the second chapter (wow, that's sound more brilliant than it is) and I have the plot jotted down...which has never helped me before, but now I know where I should be heading with it. By the way, I need help figuring out what to call the whole series. Tis basically about a werewolf pack called Outcasts, a prophecy, and the War of Blood.

So.....yeahs. Oh! There's less than a week left until Flux might reply! I say might, because I found out that they reply in 4 months if they really want you, 6 months if they might or don't. *sighs* So I wait. A bit more. For another 2 months.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy 100th post, Golden Eagle!

She's having a blog parade for it! Even Inora is revved! 

Create your own banner at!
Make your own banner at!

1. Do you have a favorite color? Or do you like several?
Red. I love red. 

2. Name a random favorite book:
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. 

3. Do you listen to music often?

4. Given these option, you would prefer to:
a) Ride a zipline in South America
b) Go sky diving
c) Surf in Hawaii
d) Climb a mountain
e) Learn how to fly a fighter jet
Sky diving!!!

 5. Do you like animals in general?
*offended look* of course!

6. If you found yourself in an empty alleyway blocked at both ends by international assasins, what would you do?
a) Unsheath your sword and charge at the people at one end, going, "Yah! Fear me, for I am a swordsman/woman!"
b) Jump up, grab a nearby clothesline, and start scaling the wall via windowsills and other clotheslines
c) Curl up and hope they don't notice you
d) Attack them with fireballs that drain your energy based on how many you throw
e) Scream. Loudly.
My answer: f.) go werewolf and maul them! =D

7. Science fiction, fantasy, or paranormal genres?
I write fantasy...I wonder which to choose?

8. Movies that make you cry, movies that make you laugh, movies that make you scream in fright, or movies that make you freeze up as the heroic hero battles the enemies?
Laughing movies. I love laughing. 

9. Cats, dogs, or skunks?
Cat and/or dogs. Why skunks? 

10. What do you think of these questions so far? (Go on. Be truthful.)
I like answering them sarcastically. *grins*

11. Do you think the word "antidisestablishmentarianism" is cool?
What the chicken?

12. Black panthers, tigers, or lions?
Tigers, they have some sort of grace about them...

13. Snakes or Spiders or Bears?
I can handle spiders.

14. Pizza?
Um, not really. 

15. Do you like Memorial Day as a holiday, or do you treat it as a memorial of the people serving?
A brief moment of silence, but other than that I love sleeping in for it.

16. A guy with a purse is ruching towards you and police are chasing after him. You are the only one closest to him before he reaches the exit door, so you
a) Jump out and scream "STOP RIGHT THERE!"
b) Trip him up
c) Shrink back and hope that the police trained for the Olympics
d) Stumble out and ram him with your super-heavy shopping bag filled with high-heeled, spiky shoes.
e) Shove your friend out in front instead
Probably a combination of tripping and attacking him. 

17. Artemis Fowl (yes, he's a boy despite the name!) is a popular series. Have you ever read a book in the series? If so, which one(s) and what did you think?
I tried. Couldn't get into it for the life of me. 

18. Is anyone missing from your life right now?
Or perhaps the question should be 'are you missing a life right now?' *laughs* no, not really. 

19. Do you wish your family was bigger? Smaller? Is it the perfect size?
Can't really say. 

20. Do you go to the movies often?
Not really. I would like to go often. 

21. What's your opinion of books being turned into movies?
I HATE how they DESTROY it and TEAR it to BITS and PIECES! 

22. Italian or Asian cuisine?
Asian. Loooove it. 

23. Do you prefer home cooking, home-delivery, or restaurants?
Hm, I like home-delivery. 

24. Is exercise something you do a lot? e.g. walking, jogging, running, stretching, jumping, sports.
No way. 

25. Are trends something you follow, or do you like what you like when you like it?
Heck no! I tend to shy away from trends, I find them sort of vulgar. 

26. Would you become a Dragon Rider, given the chance?
I would like to ride a dragon, yes, but not have to share thoughts with it or do energy-draining magic with its own language. 

27. Do you enjoy blogging right now?
*sarcastic look* 

28. What's the thing you don't like about Blogger?
When I play iTunes it gets all choppy. 

29. Name some random-ish fact about yourself:
I dream every night, but don't often remember them spare the fact that I know that I did have a dream. 

30. The questions are over! Did you hate it? Love it?

My first award *beams*


I'm happy. I've never been awarded before! Thanks, Golden Eagle! I award:

Shimmer, if your still visiting
and many thanks to Golden Eagle!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

National Days of the Year


January 1 is …First Foot Day and Z Day
January 2 is …Run Up the Flagpole and See if Anybody Salutes It Day
January 3 is …Festival of Sleep Day
January 4 is …Trivia Day and Humiliation Day
January 5 is …Bird Day
January 6 is …Bean Day
January 7 is …Old Rock Day
January 8 is …National JoyGerm Day and Man Watcher's Day
January 9 is … Play God Day
January 10 is … Peculiar People Day
January 11 is … National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day
January 12 is … Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day
January 13 is … Make Your Dream Come True Day and Blame Someone Else Day
January 14 is … National Dress Up Your Pet Day
January 15 is … Hat Day
January 16 is … Hot and Spicy Food International Day and National Nothing Day
January 17 is … Blessing of the Animals at the Cathedral Day
January 18 is … Winnie the Pooh Day
January 19 is … National Popcorn Day
January 20 is … National Buttercrunch Day
January 21 is … National Hugging Day
January 22 is … National Answer Your Cat's Question Day and National Blonde Brownie Day
January 23 is … National Handwriting Day, National Pie Day, and Measure Your Feet Day
January 24 is … Eskimo Pie Patent Day
January 25 is … Opposite Day
January 26 is … Australia Day
January 27 is … Punch the Clock Day and Thomas Crapper Day More Info on Thomas Crapper Day
January 28 is … National Kazoo Day, Clash Day, Rattle Snake Round-Up Day
January 29 is … National Cornchip Day
January 30 is … Escape Day
January 31 is … National Popcorn Day and Child Labor Day


February 1 is … Serpent Day
February 2 is … Purification Day
February 3 is … Cordova Ice Worm Day
February 4 is … Create A Vacuum Day
February 5 is … Disaster Day
February 6 is … Lame Duck Day
February 7 is … Charles Dickens Day
February 8 is … Kite Flying Day
February 9 is … Toothache Day
February 10 is … Umbrella Day
February 11 is … White Tee-Shirt Day and Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day
February 12 is … National Plum Pudding Day
February 13 is … Get A Different Name Day and Dream Your Sweet Day
February 14 is … Ferris Wheel Day and National Heart to Heart Day
February 15 is … National Gum Drop Day
February 16 is … Do A Grouch A Favor Day
February 17 is … Champion Crab Races Day
February 18 is … National Battery Day
February 19 is … National Chocolate Mint Day
February 20 is … Hoodie Hoo DayMore Info on Hoodie Hoo Day
February 21 is … Card Reading Day
February 22 is … Be Humble Day
February 23 is … International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
February 24 is … National Tortilla Chip Day
February 25 is … Pistol Patent Day (Samuel Colt)
February 26 is … National Pistachio Day
February 27 is … International Polar Bear Day
February 28 is … Public Sleeping Day
February 29 is … National Surf and Turf Day


March 1 is … National Pig Day and Peanut Butter Lover's Day
March 2 is … Old Stuff Day
March 3 is … I Want You To Be Happy Day, Peach Blossom Day and National Anthem Day
March 4 is … Holy Experiment Day
March 5 is … Multiple Personalities Day
March 6 is … National Frozen Food Day
March 7 is … National Crown Roast Of Pork Day
March 8 is … Be Nasty Day
March 9 is … Panic Day
March 10 is … Festival Of Life In The Cracks Day
March 11 is … Johnny Appleseed Day and Worship of Tools Day
March 12 is … Alfred Hitchcock Day
March 13 is … Jewel Day
March 14 is … National Potato Chip Day
March 15 is … Buzzard's Day and Everything You Think Is Wrong Day
March 16 is … Everything You Do Is Right Day
March 17 is … Submarine Day
March 18 is … Supreme Sacrifice Day
March 19 is … Poultry Day
March 20 is … Proposal Day and Festival Of Extraterrestrial Abductions Day
March 21 is … Fragrance Day
March 22 is … National Goof-off Day
March 23 is … National Organize Your Home Office Day and National Chip and Dip Day
March 24 is … National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day
March 25 is … Pecan Day and Waffle Day
March 26 is … Make Up Your Own Holiday Day and Spinach Festival Day
March 27 is … National "Joe" Day More Info on National "Joe" Day
March 28 is … Something On A Stick Day
March 29 is … Festival Of Smoke and Mirrors Day
March 30 is … I Am In Control Day
March 31 is … Bunsen Burner Day and National Clams On The Half Shell Day


April 1 is … One Cent Day
April 2 is … National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
April 3 is … Tweed Day and Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day
April 4 is … Tell-A-Lie Day
April 5 is … Go For Broke Day
April 6 is … Sorry Charlie Day More Info on Sorry Charlie Day
April 7 is … No Housework Day
April 8 is … All Is Ours Day
April 9 is … Winston Churchill Day and Name Yourself Day
April 10 is … Golfers Day
April 11 is … Eight-Track Tape Day
April 12 is … Look Up At The Sky Day
April 13 is … Blame Somebody Else Day
April 14 is … National Pecan Day
April 15 is … Rubber Eraser Day
April 16 is … National Stress Awareness Day and National Eggs Benedict Day
April 17 is … National Cheeseball Day
April 18 is … International Jugglers Day
April 19 is … Garlic DayMore Info On Garlic
April 20 is … Look Alike Day
April 21 is … Kindergarten Day
April 22 is … National Jelly Bean Day
April 23 is … Read Me Day and World Laboratory Animal Day
April 24 is … National Pigs In A Blanket Day
April 25 is … National Zucchini Bread Day
April 26 is … Richter Scale Day and National Pretzel Day
April 27 is … Tell A Story Day
April 28 is … Great Poetry Reading Day and Kiss-Your-Mate Day
April 29 is … National Shrimp Scampi Day
April 30 is … National Honesty Day


May 1 is … Mother Goose Day and Save The Rhino Day
May 2 is … Fire Day
May 3 is … Lumpy Rug Day
May 4 is … National Candied Orange Peel Day
May 5 is … National Hoagie Day
May 6 is … Beverage Day
May 7 is … International Tuba Day, Paste Up Day, and National Roast Leg of Lamb Day
May 8 is … No Socks Day and Have A Coke Day More Info on Coke
May 9 is … Lost Sock Memorial Day
May 10 is … Clean Up Your Room Day
May 11 is … Eat What You Want Day and Twilight Zone Day
May 12 is … Limerick Day
May 13 is … Leprechaun Day
May 14 is … National Dance Like A Chicken Day
May 15 is … National Chocolate Chip Day
May 16 is … Wear Purple For Peace Day
May 17 is … Pack Rat Day
May 18 is … International Museum Day and Visit Your Relatives Day
May 19 is … Frog Jumping Jubilee Day
May 20 is … Eliza Doolittle Day
May 21 is … National Memo Day and National Waitresses/Waiters Day
May 22 is … Buy-A-Musical-Instrument Day
May 23 is … Penny Day
May 24 is … National Escargot Day
May 25 is … National Tap Dance Day
May 26 is … Grey Day
May 27 is … Body Painting Arts Festival
May 28 is … National Hamburger Day
May 29 is … End Of The Middle Ages Day
May 30 is … My Bucket's Got A Hole In It Day
May 31 is … National Macaroon Day


June 1 is … Dare Day
June 2 is … National Rocky Road Day
June 3 is … Repeat Day
June 4 is … Old Maid's Day
June 5 is … Festival Of Popular Delusions Day
June 6 is … Teacher's Day and National Applesauce Cake Day
June 7 is … National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
June 8 is … Name Your Poison Day
June 9 is … Donald Duck Day
June 10 is … National Yo-Yo Day
June 11 is … National Hug Holiday and King Kamehameha Day
June 12 is … Machine Day
June 13 is … National Juggling Day and Kitchen Klutzes Of America Day
June 14 is … Pop Goes The Weasel Day
June 15 is … Smile Power Day
June 16 is … National Hollerin' Contest Day
June 17 is … Watergate Day and Eat Your Vegetables Day
June 18 is … International Panic Day
June 19 is … World Sauntering Day
June 20 is … Ice Cream Soda Day
June 21 is …Cuckoo Warning Day More Info on Cuckoo Warning Day
June 22 is … National Chocolate Eclair Day
June 23 is … National Pink Day
June 24 is … Museum Comes To Life Day
June 25 is … Log Cabin Day
June 26 is … National Chocolate Pudding Day
June 27 is … National Columnists Day
June 28 is … Paul Bunyan Day
June 29 is … Camera Day
June 30 is … Meteor Day


July 1 is … Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day and Build A Scarecrow Day
July 2 is … Visitation Of The Virgin Mary Day
July 3 is … Stay Out Of The Sun Day and Compliment Your Mirror Day
July 4 is … National Country Music Day and Tom Sawyer Fence-Painting Day
July 5 is … Workaholics Day
July 6 is … National Fried Chicken Day
July 7 is … National Strawberry Sundae Day
July 8 is … Video Games Day
July 9 is … National Sugar Cookie Day
July 10 is … Clerihew Day
July 11 is … National Cheer Up The Lonely Day
July 12 is … National Pecan Pie Day
July 13 is … Fool's Paradise Day
July 14 is … National Nude Day
July 15 is … National Tapioca Pudding Day and Respect Canada Day
July 16 is … International Juggling Day
July 17 is … National Peach Ice Cream Day
July 18 is … National Ice Cream Day and National Caviar Day
July 19 is … Flitch Day
July 20 is … Ugly Truck Contest Day
July 21 is … National Tug-Of-War Tournament Day
July 22 is … Ratcatcher's Day
July 23 is … National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
July 24 is … Amelia Earhart Day
July 25 is … Threading The Needle Day
July 26 is … All Or Nothing Day
July 27 is … Take Your Pants For A Walk Day
July 28 is … National Milk Chocolate Day
July 29 is … Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day
July 30 is … National Cheesecake Day
July 31 is … Parent's Day


August 1 is … Friendship Day and National Raspberry Cream Pie Day More Info on Pies
August 2 is … National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
August 3 is … National Watermelon Day
August 4 is … Twins Day Festival
August 5 is … National Mustard Day
August 6 is … Wiggle Your Toes Day
August 7 is … Sea Serpent Day
August 8 is … Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Night
August 9 is … National Polka Festival
August 10 is … Lazy Day
August 11 is … Presidential Joke Day
August 12 is … Middle Child's Day
August 13 is … Blame Someone Else Day
August 14 is … National Creamsicle Day
August 15 is … National Relaxation Day and National Failures Day
August 16 is … Bratwurst Festival
August 17 is … National Thriftshop Day
August 18 is … Bad Poetry Day
August 19 is … Potato Day
August 20 is … National Radio Day
August 21 is … National Spumoni Day
August 22 is … Be An Angel Day
August 23 is … National Spongecake Day
August 24 is … Knife Day
August 25 is … Kiss-And-Make-Up Day
August 26 is … National Cherry Popsicle Day
August 27 is … Petroleum Day
August 28 is … World Sauntering Day
August 29 is … More Herbs, Less Salt Day
August 30 is … National Toasted Marshmallow Day
August 31 is … National Trail Mix Day


September 1 is … Emma M. Nutt Day
September 2 is … National Beheading Day
September 3 is … Skyscraper Day
September 4 is … Newspaper Carrier Day
September 5 is … Be Late For Something Day
September 6 is … Fight Procrastination Day
September 7 is … Neither Rain Nor Snow Day
September 8 is … National Date Nut Bread Day and Pardon Day
September 9 is … Teddy Bear Day
September 10 is … Swap Ideas Day
September 11 is … No News Is Good News Day
September 12 is … National Pet Memorial Day and National Chocolate Milkshake Day
September 13 is … Defy Superstition Day
September 14 is … National Cream-filled Donut Day
September 15 is … Felt Hat Day
September 16 is … Stay Away From Seattle Day and Collect Rocks Day
September 17 is … National Apple Dumpling Day
September 18 is … National Play-doh Day
September 19 is … National Butterscotch Pudding Day
September 20 is … National Punch Day
September 21 is … World Gratitude Day and International Banana Festival
September 22 is … Hobbit Day and Dear Diary Day
September 23 is … Checkers Day and Dogs In Politics Day
September 24 is … Festival Of Latest Novelties
September 25 is … National Comic Book Day
September 26 is … National Good Neighbor Day and National Pancake Day
September 27 is … Crush A Can Day
September 28 is … Ask A Stupid Question Day More
September 29 is … Poisoned Blackberries Day
September 30 is … National Mud Pack Day


October 1 is … World Vegetarian Day and Magic Circles Day
October 2 is … Name Your Car Day
October 3 is … Virus Appreciation Day
October 4 is … National Golf Day
October 5 is … National Storytelling Festival
October 6 is … German-American Day and Come and Take It Day
October 7 is … National Frappe Day
October 8 is … American Tag Day
October 9 is … Moldy Cheese Day
October 10 is … National Angel Food Cake Day
October 11 is … It's My Party Day
October 12 is … International Moment Of Frustration Scream Day
October 13 is … National Peanut Festival
October 14 is … Be Bald and Free Day and National Dessert Day
October 15 is … White Cane Safety Day
October 16 is … Dictionary Day
October 17 is … Gaudy Day
October 18 is … No Beard Day
October 19 is … Evaluate Your Life Day
October 20 is … National Brandied Fruit Day
October 21 is … Babbling Day
October 22 is … National Nut Day
October 23 is … National Mole Day
October 24 is … National Bologna Day
October 25 is … Punk For A Day Day
October 26 is … Mule Day
October 27 is … Sylvia Plath Day
October 28 is … Plush Animal Lover's Day and National Chocolate Day More Info On Chocolate
October 29 is … Hermit Day
October 30 is … National Candy Corn Day
October 31 is … National Magic Day and Increase Your Pyschic Powers Day


November 1 is … Plan Your Epitaph Day
November 2 is … National Deviled Egg Day
November 3 is … Sandwich Day and Housewife's Day
November 4 is … Waiting For The Barbarians Day
November 5 is … Gunpowder Day
November 6 is … Saxophone Day and Marooned Without A Compass Day
November 7 is … National Bittersweet Chocolate With Almonds Day
November 8 is … Dunce Day
November 9 is … Chaos Never Dies Day
November 10 is … Forget-Me-Not Day
November 11 is … Air Day
November 12 is … National Pizza With The Works Except Anchovies Day
November 13 is … National Indian Pudding Day
November 14 is … Operation Room Nurse Day
November 15 is … National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
November 16 is … Button Day
November 17 is … Take A Hike Day
November 18 is … Occult Day
November 19 is … Have A Bad Day Day
November 20 is … Absurdity Day
November 21 is … World Hello Day and False Confessions Day
November 22 is … Start Your Own Country Day
November 23 is … National Cashew Day
November 24 is … Use Even If Seal Is Broken Day
November 25 is … National Parfait Day
November 26 is … Shopping Reminder Day
November 27 is … Pins And Needles Day
November 28 is … Make Your Own Head Day
November 29 is … Square Dance Day
November 30 is … Stay At Home Because You're Well Day


December 1 is … National Pie Day and Eat A Red Apple Day
December 2 is … National Fritters Day
December 3 is … National Roof-Over-Your-Head Day
December 4 is … Wear Brown Shoes Day
December 5 is … National Sacher Torte Day
December 6 is … National Gazpacho Day and Mitten Tree Day
December 7 is … National Cotton Candy Day
December 8 is … Take It In The Ear Day
December 9 is … National Pastry Day
December 10 is … Festival For The Souls Of Dead Whales
December 11 is … National Noodle Ring Day
December 12 is … National Ding-A-Ling Day
December 13 is … Ice Cream and Violins Day
December 14 is … National Bouillabaisse Day
December 15 is … National Lemon Cupcake Day
December 16 is … National Chocolate Covered Anything Day More Info on Chocolate
December 17 is … Underdog Day and National Maple Syrup Day
December 18 is … National Roast Suckling Pig Day
December 19 is … Oatmeal Muffin Day
December 20 is … Games Day
December 21 is … Look At The Bright Side Day, National Flashlight Day, National French Fried Shrimp Day, and Hamburger Day
December 22 is … National Date-Nut Bread Day
December 23 is … Roots Day
December 24 is … National Egg Nog Day
December 25 is … National Pumpkin Pie Day
December 26 is … National Whiners Day
December 27 is … National Fruitcake Day
December 28 is … Card Playing Day and National Chocolate Day
December 29 is … Pepper Pot Day
December 30 is … Festival Of Enormous Changes At The Last Minute and National Bicarbonate Of Soda Day
December 31 is … Unlucky Day

Eh, bored, thus...

A new tag. So here we go:

Create your own banner at!
Make your own banner at!

List 5 things that you would most likely like to do!
My answers:

1.) grow wings and fly with them
2.) control fire
3.) sing
4.) read minds at will
5.) FLY

I tag:

Golden Eagle

Copy tag picture and put on post
name your answers to the tag
tag more people!
and enjoy!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ah, a sunny day

*warms self* Nice weather. I think today Inora would like to chat.

Inora: I never 'chat' but I would like to just, er, speak.
Icewolf: Sure it Inny, suuuure
Inora: Shut you useless pile of fur
Icewolf: Don't make me eat you. Besides, you shouldn't be angry with me any more, I got rid of the comics
Inora: Lair! You're working on one now!
Icewolf: Upon orders of X-filer, Inora *sighs and shakes head* I didn't want to do it, honest
Inora: You know, you're a perfectly good liar
Sauntoyi: Yo.
Icewolf: Oh, guys, meet Sauntoyi, our new werewolf. He's white-tan-ish with curious blue eyes. I just drew him one day and the word from one of my stories just stuck with him. Sauntoyi means 'to rule' by the way, for those keeping track
Sauntoyi: why was I named after an alien word?
Icewolf: *laughs nervously* see what I mean by curious folks? A-hehehe...
Inora: *rolls eyes* You know, Toyi, she wanted a Finnish word for destruction, but it was too long, so she went with a tweaked version of the Finnish word for rule?
Sauntoyi: Thank you, Inora *sarcastic glance*
Inora: *gasps* we are so very similar. I think we will be become best friends
Icewolf: I don't think Charry would like that.
Inora: *shrugs*
Sauntoyi: As I was saying- GAH!
Tamiki: 'sup.
Sauntoyi: *holds paw to chest* Icewolf, who is this weird creature?!
Tamiki: Hey, now
Icewolf: He's Tamiki. Tamiki, Sauntoyi. Toyi, Tamiki.
Tamiki and Sauntoyi: Hi.
Icewolf: and since this is getting a bit long, I'll cut this short. Byes!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sorry guys that I haven't posted any of my stories in a while, but I really haven't gotten to them much. Mostly I've been working on Awaking. Oh! And I found out that Flux replies after six months tops, four months if they really want you. Urg.

Inora: Hey, I'm in blogworld again. Huh.
Icewolf: Shut it, I'm sulking
Inora: No! I came here on my own free will!
Icewolf: *sighs* anyway. There's not much else going on in my nearly pointless life. The sun is a-rising, the birds a-chirping, my brother a-waking :D
Inora: You're so dramatic
Icewolf: *rolls eyes*

So I still need to get around to stories....later.

Oh! I get it! I should rant about one of my favorite foods of all time! It's a Netherland-Dutch dish call Borco. Basically it's mashed potatoes, bacon, and traditionally red cabbage, but any leafy plant food thing would do. I love it to death. It may sound gross, but it is so very heavenly.

Eh, that's it for now. So, yeah. Byes.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I was sorta grounded. Basically I got mad and sorta destroyed something...yeah. I paid for it, but I'm not going to be getting a new book. *tear tear* Oh well, next time.

Anyhoo, today is May 1, which means only seventeen days left until Flux (a publisher that I sent Outcasts to) replies. I doubt I'll get in though, it's a 0.0000000000001 chance in 1000000000000000 to get in. And that's a rough guesstamite.

So far in Icewolf-land, Inora is his normal self, X-filer is a bit jerky right now, JKshooterman is despressed, and I'm...good. Mostly. *shrugs* But then again, when have I ever been normal?

Hmmm, what should I do? ................................(thinking, thinking).............................I got it! Caption contest! Best caption wins!