Monday, May 17, 2010

Randomness is sweet

A couple things. One, I got a stroke of inspiration to change the title to 'Randomness is Sweet'. It's been my model for a while, and I just remembered it. Yes, no?

Second, quiz from Shimmer. Visit her!
Mustard or Ketchup? Ketchup on everything and anything!
Pickles or Mushrooms? MUSHROOMS!
Cats or dogs? Both! ;D
Salt or Pepper? Looove salt
Night or day? Well, I like sleep. But I love day. I have mixed feelings.
Rural or Urban? Rural baby!
Modern or classic? Both.
~Next part!~

I am... weird
I am feeling... weird
I smell.... normal
I taste.... rice crackers
I'm hungry for... more rice crackers
I want... rice crackers (sensing a pattern yet?)
I see.... my computer screen
I believe.... in Jesus Christ! ;D
I need... more rice crackers
I laugh.... every few seconds
I cry.... when I'm really sad. Who cries when they're happy? Honestly...
I try... to live...?
I am excited.... to see what my dream will be tonight (it's always messed up but cool)
I care... about all my friends
I understand... very little
I like... rice crackers
I hate.... fights
I am.... who I am, and your opinion is neither requested nor desired! :D (Remember that folks, for those who like cute sayings and store them in your mind for future use)

And since many of you liked the chat I did a couple days ago...

Inora: WHY?!?!?!
Tamiki: Because people liked it, that's why.
Inora: But it's so scary in here! Things happen that no one can see! Just sneaks up on yo-
Sauntoyi: Like this?
Inora: Gah! Y-yes, like that. Now, I shall kill you, Toyi, for doing that to me...
Akov: Honestly, Inora, don't make me get Icewolf
Akov: T.T" I've been here for a while now
Inora: *eye twitch*
Tamiki: He's losing it
Sauntoyi: You would too if you had to deal with Icewolf all the time
Akov: Poor thing...
Tamiki: Did he get to his therapist yet?
Sauntoyi: Yeah, but it makes him worse
Akov: I think he gets points for rhyming
Tamiki: How much?
Akov: 5
Tamiki: That makes 7 good points for Inora so far
Sauntoyi: What's the other 2?
Icewolf: For going
Akov/Tamiki/Sauntoyi: *whips around*
Tamiki: Inora's right, everything is random here
Akov: He's having a break-down over there if you want to go and help him
Icewolf: Wow, so early?
Everybody but Icewolf and Inora (who is still going mad): O.o???
Icewolf: I thought he'd last 5 seconds.
Tamiki: Naw, he lasted 1
Icewolf: *grumbles, digs in pocket, then throws money at Sauntoyi* here, take your bet
Sauntoyi: Much obliged
Icewolf: Shut it
Akov: You two made a bet?
Icewolf: I said he wouldn't last 5 seconds...he predicted-
Sauntoyi: 2. But I'm closer.
Tamiki: *shakes head* you amaze me yet.
Icewolf: There's no sky, honey. Just the blog-world-roof
Inora: BIRDS! *points to random bird*
Sauntoyi: He's right
Tamiki: But that's one bird
Akov: He must be seeing double
Icewolf: That's a bit more than double if he thinks they're everywhere....
Inora: *drops to the ground with a thud*
Tamiki: And he fainted.
Sauntoyi: Wow. Poor pup.
Akov: He didn't even make it five minutes.
 Icewolf: Well, that sorta wraps things up, doesn't it?
Tamiki: *snorts* not by a long shot!
Icewolf: Yeah, I think I should. This is getting sort of long.
Akov: *peers at computer screen* you're right. We should go.
Sauntoyi: Should we leave Inora here?
Icewolf: Yeee-up!
Sauntoyi: Okay...byes!
Tamiki/Akov: BYE!
Icewolf: *click!*


Anonymous said...

tee hee! Rice crackers make the world go 'round, right? :D

The Golden Eagle said...

I like finding out what my dreams turn out to be, too. Although I get really strange ones most of the time.

Icewolf said...

Gotta love rice crackers!

My dreams are the weirdest ever! Like, one time, I had this dream where this girl named Mara was smoking in my parents bathroom....

It was WEIRD

The Golden Eagle said...

I've dreamt that I was being chased by gigundo Komodo dragons. That was weird, too, since it took place in a house we used to live in but not any more.

Icewolf said...

I had a dream where I was in a theme-park inside a store in the sky. Beat that!

Anonymous said...

I had a dream that spiders wanted to marry me....*Shudders* I'm afraid of spiders now..