Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun little pic...

And a caption contest! What is Yugi saying?

A Tag from Bleah

Thank you Bleah! Something to add fun to my day. 

1. If you could have any animal in the world as a PET, what would you have? [No matter what it is, it would behave!] 
Oh, I would so have a dragon as a pet. What is cooler than a dragon? 
2. If you had to do one activity for a year with only taking breaks for sleeping and eating, what would you do?
Sleep...or read...
3. If you to star/be in a movie, what movie would it be and who would you play? 
I would be in nothing. I'd rather do plays! 

4. If you were a kitchen utensil, what kitchen utensil would you be? 
A FORK! They are killers. *stabs Akov with fork* 
Akov: OW! What was that for?! 
Icewolf: *grin* To prove my point
Akov: Ha ha, that was so funny I forgot to laugh. 
5. You're forced to paint your room a bright NEON colour. Which colour? 
First of all, why did you spell 'color' colour? It's easier 'color'. And I would paint it yellow. It's such a neat color.
6. You're at a theme park [whichever one you know best] and you can only go on ONE ride before you have to leave. Which ride [type]?
The biggest, fastest, most adrenaline-pumping one there. 

7. You're on stage singing opera when all of a sudden you lose your voice! What do you do next?
I wouldn't be singing opera in the first place unless I was drunk, and since I have no intention of being so, thus I shall not be singing opera even in theory.  

8. You are stranded with the person you get along with the least. What do you do?
Try not to strangle them. So far it's worked. Inora is still alive after all! 
9. You are a fish. ><>
Correction: I am a Jesus fish. <><

10. What would you say to the last question if it was said to your face?
The same answer I gave, but maybe I might give them a WTC face. 

I tag:
Golden Eagle


Monday, August 30, 2010

My rant on Twilight

No I am not a fan. No I am not a hater. No I do not like seeing half-naked/sparkling dudes with ego problems. And yes, Kristen Stewart is the worst actor I have yet witnessed.

For starters, let me ramble about the books:

It's a great series, no one can deny. Every word kept you going (but at the end you would be like WTC?!), and the story line had some interest to it. But why on earth does the whole book revolve around Bella? Okay, she is the main character, but she is so freaking self-absorbed, the chic couldn't figure out why Edward would leave her. Hm, I would too if I were him. All she can think about is the perfect life she wants with Edward, and her sadness over Jacob.

And I seriously liked Jacob in the book series. He was such a great character....until the movie professed his Bella-obsession and angry-werewolf sides instead of his humor. And when he did have (sparsely) any form of humor it resulted in me wanting to puke by the way Taylor Lautner acted him. He made Jacob seem like a cool flirt rather than the fun-loving creature who thought he loved Bella.

The movie:

DESTROYED the book. Ripped it up and blew up the bits of romance and fighting scenes. I mean seriously. Yeah, the book was mostly that, but that wasn't all it was! Kristen Stewart can't act for her life, unless she isn't talking. Taylor Lautner can't act, and even Robert Pattinson needs to get over himself. Kristen has no emotion behind her words, Taylor doesn't know his character, and Robert is all emo.

I went to see the first movie, excited and happy to see what was going to happen. I went to the second to watch how the animated the werewolves. I went to the third just to see how crappy it was. And you know what? I was disappointed in all but the last.

So anyway, thanks for bearing with that rant. I hate always having to make the distinction between a werewolf-fan and a Twilight-fan.

Today school has officially started. My one friend has moaned and groaned about it, but I didn't think it was so bad. We only did all the junk that needs to be done, so no work. And I just want to start my classes. I have German, Drama, and Art to look forward to!

Well, I think I squeezed my brain dry. Bye blogworld! 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kingdom Hearts 355/2 Days Button

After much editing, tis complete. Enjoy!

Did you know if you lightly blend red and orange, then go over hard with red (and maybe a slight orange touch-up) you get a brighter red than you would normally get?

I less-than-three Axel (just thought you should know)

So, I've been playing a lot of Kingdom Hearts 355/2 Days (and you know I've played too long if I know that title by heart, I mean sheesh, how did people come up with that?!). I've fallen in love with Axel, Roxas, and Xion, but mostly Axel. The dude can wield FIRE and has SPIKY (did you know that's how it's spelled? I didn't...) RED HAIR! If you remember my character Ace, he's very much based off of him. I just attempted to draw him...with mixed results. It's not very Axel-like, but I love it. :3

And the best pictures of all...
 *Pictures copyright to respectful owners

Anyhow, coming of yet another obsession...honestly, I need a chill pill. But I'm a sucker for things like Kingdom Hearts, The Last Airbender, Yugi-oh, and fire-wielders. *rubs back of neck*

So today the church sermon was about Habakkuk, and him wondering where God was in all of the evil in the world. The one thing that struck me the most was this:

Think of all the complexity in one cell. Okay, move onto the organism, the body, the human, the environment, the world, our solar system, the galaxy, and then the universe. Now, guess who came up with all that complexity and keeps it in order? Yup. God does. And who's to say that He can't solve what we consider a 'complex situation'? And if He doesn't, He knows what lies in the future and maybe he has a plan for that fall or fail in life.

Awesome, right?

As for the evil, we brought this on ourselves. Next question: why does He let it go on? *looks at self* You're asking me, a mere human who can barely grasp the complexity of God, why He does what he does?

Oh, and finally loaded, is the picture I drew of Axel and Roxas...not the best...

Ah well. Later blogworld!

-Icewolf and characters

Friday, August 27, 2010

Randomness and pickles

Pickles are actually VERY good for you. Low in calories, low in fat, and high in AWESOMENESS! I know some people don't like them, but I find them fantastic to munch on! *munch munch munch*

Recently, my dad got a new laptop, and it is WICKED! I just watched a new Burn Notice on it. Fwaaa (a version a 'fwee'). Burn Notice is about spies, basically. It is so cool watching how they *thinks of how to describe it* put bad guys in their place.

Anyhow. I feel like communing with Inny.

Inora: Why me?
Icewolf: Hey, I know you want to talk to.
Inora: Ferf. (word of annoyance or the expression of something like a bird who has their feathers ruffled)
Icewolf: So Inora, what's on your mind?
Inora: I haven't ranted about my therapist in forever. She died of a heart-attack not to long ago.
Icewolf: -.-" Sure she did.
Inora: *sticks out tongue* You on the other hand...what is that?!
Icewolf: Urm, blogworld nothingness?
Inora: *sigh* *then, brightens* Hey, can I create something?
Icewolf: *le gasp* are you SMILING?!
Inora: *darkens* Don't make me depressed again.
Icewolf: To late. And s-sure... *gives magical ability for a short amount of time* be quick.
Inora: *turns and opens paws to the nothingness*
(a white castle appears, elaborately designed)
Icewolf: Neat.
Inora: *smiling* Isn't it? I think it's going to be part of WOW. How about 'White Flame Castle?'
Icewolf: *ponders* Nah, something more magical...
Inora: 'Ice Kingdom'?
Icewolf: Doesn't fit somehow does it?
Inora: No. *thinks* Ice Jade Castle!
Icewolf: *looks castle over* Yes, that works!
Inora: *smiling widely* I like it.
Icewolf: As do I.
Rust: *walks in* Whoa! I-is Inora smiling?!
Inora: *who is too happy to care* Yup!
Tamiki: *following Rust* Shnazzle berries!!! How did this happen?!
Icewolf: *points to Ice Jade Castle*
Tamiki/Rust: *awe*
Inora: I made it myself!
Akov: In a matter of ten minutes? *walks in*
Icewolf: Hey, Kovvie. *not really paying attention to him*
Akov: Hi.*looks at Inora* Inora?
Rust: *softly to Tamiki* Is something up with them?
Tamiki: *shrug*
Inora: Icewolf gave me some magic!
Akov: Hm. *hands in pockets, looking at castle* That's cool.
Inora: *smile*
Icewolf: I gotta go...see you guys later! *flies off*
Tamiki: Um, okay...
Rust: Is something the matter with her?
Inora: I dunno.
Tamiki: Did something happen between you two?
Akov: Nope.
Inora: *raised eyebrows* Uh-huh.
Akov: Look, we just aren't like that anymore, okay?
Rust: Am I missing something?
Tamiki: *quickly informs him*
Icewolf: *flies back* I bring cookies! I forgot I had them in the oven!
Tamiki: *all else forgotten* COOKIES!
Rust: MINE!!!
Inora: I'll pass. I'm not in a cookie mood.
Akov: Same.
Icewolf: I FORCE COOKIES UPON YE! *throws cookies*

Well. That was interesting. Even I didn't see that coming and I was the one typing!!!

Akov: You're telling me! When did we have a fight?
Icewolf: *shrug*
Akov: Did we at all?
Icewolf: I don't think so...
Akov: Weird.

So. I'm off to go set up my binders for school (which for me starts soon...) BYE!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Inner Dragon

Your Inner Dragon is the embodiment of Nature and the Earth. Greens spend almost all of their time below the canopy or just above the treetops in tropical rain forests. Not a bad life considering every other creature in the forest looks up to you, figuratively and literally. You speak the language of every animal and plant in your domain and know most of them by first name. If people mess with your forests, you're more than happy to wail on their puny butts. Because of your protector/caretaker role, you are the Earth Elemental dragon.

Naturally your whole life pretty much revolves around the other couple million species you keep an eye on, but that's not your whole dragon. You also like to like to impose your steadfast will on others, commune with Nature, and lobby governments for alternative fuels and conservation. Your favorable attributes are Midnight, Winter, gemstones, mountains, caves, soil, respect, endurance, responsibility, prosperity, and purpose in life. Folks shouldn't get the idea you're a hippy pushover though, because your breath weapon is a nasty Fire/Acid combination. Maybe you should invest in a hemp shirt reading "Don't knock my smock, or I'll clean your clock." *wink* 

Let me see...is that how I would describe myself? *looks self over* Um, nope. I'm a bit more fiery, and plenty loyal. I do not commune with Nature (though I do find myself talking to animate objects and animals, but it's not like I expect them to talk back), cause that's way out of my bounds, and I'm SO not all 'Oh, lets everybody go green!'. Blah. So let me come up with my own inner dragon! 

Your Inner Dragon is the Red Dragon! You are a fiery soul, and tend to have the personality of fire. You like to spark and ignite, but yet you can be calm and cool. Sometimes you tend to put on a stony act, and not want to interact with anyone, but you soon get over it. Flying and being with loved ones is your pleasure, and though you have a fiercely independent mind, you love a pack. Your self image is high, but humble. You also tend to be rash and bold. 

Your skills are heightened senses, and acute understanding of most things. Observing and the lack of help you along your way. You most enjoy being in nature, and stormy weather thrills you.  

Well, that's my true inner dragon! Later blogworld! 

Monday, August 23, 2010


I dunno about the title. I just sorta decided that I'd have that word there. Right now I'm listening to some neat music on Grooveshark. I like it very much so far. My favorite song though is OMG Run by Epic Score. At least I think it's done by them...I dunno. If any of you guys have iTunes, check it out. It's pretty sweet.

Ugh, my tummy still hurts a little. But other than that...not much else....

I'm getting my Yugi-oh book either today or tomorrow because *scream of happiness* I finished half of Sister Carrie! It's a 290-something page book and I finished 160-around pages. Note how I'm not quiet certain of anything other than the fact the I know that I'm halfway through. And I think since my mind has been waiting for this moment I tricked myself into thinking that I'd hit the climax already. *laughs* I amuse myself sometimes.

Oooh. What is this song? *looks onto other tab playing music* 'Quietus'? Hm. It's neat. I'd love to get these songs onto my iPod so I can write to them. They are great songs to write to. Type in 'Grooveshark' on Google and then search for 'Epic Score'. Then select 'play all'. And enjoy. :) It's different music, without words.

At the World of What-not it seems to be a stand-still. Maybe we should have a different event. Any suggestions? I think that's all for now.

Oh, and I have yet to finish typing Card Dueling. I have (heh....) lost the cheat sheet. I'll find it asap!


Sunday, August 22, 2010


Andrew Carnegie is a confusing writer. Seldom is he interesting. I'm trying my best to keep up with him, but how can I possibly keep track of a guy who can barely write a straight sentence like "and then I went home". 

Also, my stomach hurts something awful. :P 

And I still haven't gotten my new Yugi-oh book that is waiting for me at the store. *whimper* That's the worst of it yet!!!

But today, I am bumming it like there is no tomorrow, even though the coming of tomorrow is inevitable and desirable. My plan for tomorrow is to read, read, READ. My list: Andrew (as much as I can without dying), Sister Carrie (another schoolwork book), Bloodhound (sequel to Terrier ((did you know there was one, Eagle?))), and Yugi-oh. Which will consume most of my day. *sigh* 

So today all I've been doing is reading, and playing Kingdom Hearts on my DS. And I can't get past this one level so I'll never know the end of the story!!! 

Yet another thing to add to my woe. 

Last night I went to bed around 1am and woke up in the middle of the night, and when I went back to sleep I swear upon my Yugi-oh books that I blinked and woke up at 7am. Gar...

Today in church we learned about the disciple Thomas, and how he was the factual one of the disciples. He needed the facts and needed to see with his own eyes. To be honest *rubs back of neck* I sorta zoned and forgot half the sermon. I was waiting for the point the pastor was going to make and I think I missed it. Ah, well. I remember a passage saying 'Blessed are those who haven't seen me and believed'. I will always think that line is very cool.

But you know what irks me? The bashing of peers. In school, in Sunday school, anywhere, you are constantly told 'Beware of peer pressure' and today I just wanted to snap. My Sunday school teacher (not my real one, a substitute *hrrr*) is always saying "And you'll be bound to be pressured by your friend, right?"

Pardon me, my fellow human, but I beg to differ. My friends are loyal, and understanding of where I stand and how I feel about certain subjects. It's not like they'd pressure me into drinking or stuff like that. I just got so bristled at her that I barely contained my anger at bursting. I wanted to shout:

"Stop bashing my friends!!! I hate the prejudice against my own peers!" 

It seems to me that adults think whenever you have a peer, they'd pressure you into doing stuff you don't want to do. Now I have no doubt that in the future I'll be pressured, but NOT BY MY FRIENDS. Goodness. 

So instead of shouting I rose my hand and said this with an icy glare.

"My friends know where I stand and wouldn't pressure me to do that."

That was about all I could say without completely sounding like a ignorant brat. *phew* Now that THAT'S outta my system. 

I'm still one the way to completing the Card Dueling rules. All I have to do is write what each and every card does. Fun... I mean seriously people. Imagine coming up with 52 different cards! But that's what I did because I have too much time on my hands. But that's also why I have the Garden Gnome of Death somewhere among the high cards. I WAS BORED.


Ps: Bleah, for the umpteenth time, could you please tell me how I could get a signature?  

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Card Duel

I'll start working on a post for Card Dueling, just to let you know that I'm working on it! It originates from Yugi-oh, Duel Monsters, but this you can play this with a regular card deck with the rule sheets and stuff.




Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ICF ad

Charry (left): copyright to Shimmer
Inora (right): copyright to Icewolf

Me and the word 'FWEEE'

I noticed I use it without telling you guys what it means. *bows in shame* But now I have come to tell you!!!

Fweee: a noise of excitement or extreme joy. Sometimes used when describing brain implodes of happiness. Pronounced 'ff-wee'.

But this post isn't only for the word FWEEE. I also drew this today!!!

Ooh. Blogger updated the picture loader. Neatness. And yup! Charry torturing Inny. I was trying to do something new with the expressions, and I think I did okay. I just love the look on Inora's face. :D


My head hurts....

I doubt that any of you have, but if you have read Andrew Carnegie you'll know why my head hurts. He wrote an autobiography about himself, and it's just so RANDOM and it doesn't make any SENSE. This man is LOONEY! I haven't even finished the second chapter yet. If I was free-reading this book I would have quit right here and now.

But I have to do it for summer work. Darn those teachers. Did they read these books themselves? And how on earth if they did thought them to be worthy enough books to give us to work on over the summer once our brains have rotted a little and procrastinate until the last week?!

(insert word of choice ((and I don't swear)))

I hope I can live through it. Pray for me.

Oh! Yesterday, X-filer and I created a card game that is based off of Duel Monsters, which is a major game in Yugi-oh. Since we do not have decks of our own, we decided to create a game of our own.

Tell me if you guys want to hear about it or not, because I know I'm alone in this Yugi-oh geek thing. Later blogworld!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So here I am, I don't really know what to type. I just gave JK a hug, and I don't get hugs from him that often! YAY! Huzzah for randomly hugging unwilling people. 

How many of us aren't huggers? I can't seem to grasp the idea of hating to hug other people. It just seems so natural, so human to reach out and just hug. *hugs computer* And it shows what is yours if you hug something possessively, like how I would to my Yugi-oh books. 

I just noticed I spell 'Yugi-oh' wrong. It's actually spelled 'Yu-Gi-Oh', but I like Yugi, thus I spell it Yugi-oh. And it's easier to type than Yu-Gi-Oh. Hyphens are important.

Speaking of hyphens, one time I was riding in a car with my friend. We were talking and I said "Something hyphen something". I can't really remember what I was hyphening, but my friend got a crack out of me verbally saying 'hyphen'. 





Ps: Bleah, how did you create your signature on your blog? I wants one. :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

I IS BACK!!!!!!

*phew* I had a great time! We went down to the Chesapeake Bay! First we went fishing, and I caught a few fishies. And along the way I got bit by one! I got angry and shoved it into the bucket where we kept the fish...until I noticed I was bleeding like crap. It hurt! Darn fishie. Anyhow, we went tubing later and boy was THAT fun. Let me explain.

I'm a bit insane. Thus I liked nearly falling off a 50mph riding tube into water where there might possibly be jellyfish. I did epically fall head first into the water a couple times, so that was fun!

And we ate crabs. The darned things kept trying to crawl out of the pot. Didn't they know the less they moved the quicker it'd be over? Hmph, some things just don't want to go peacefully.

So anyway, now that we're all caught up.

Rust: The others told me to tell you that they don't want to talk.
Icewolf: That's okay.
Rust: R-really?
Icewolf: Yeah. I'm pretty bushed, so I'm probably going to go and rest.
Inora: OH COME ON! We wanted to get you all worked up.
Icewolf: Meh.
Tamiki: I don't think it's working.
Akov: Great observing smart one.
Icewolf: *sighs* *sends them to back of the mind*
*they go without arguing*

They know when I'm in no mood it mess around. :)

Later blogworld.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Icewolf go bye-bye one last time

Yeah, I know I said that the last time. But really! And I'll just be gone for the weekend too. And don't worry, Inny will brush his teeth, Akov will refrain from going assassin over my Yugi-oh books, Tamiki won't bomb the car, and Rust will remain Rust. So yeah. I'm off to go do something else now. Bye for now blogworld!
So I'm thinking about a new profile picture, but I just can't find the right one. I mean, the one I have now perfectly describes me, happy and carefree. BUT I NEED SOMETHING NEW!!! Help, fellow bloggers, HELP!

This is what I'm thinking of, but please, help me find some awesome out-of-this-world pictures that you think should go on my profile picture.

If you see one that you like, please send me a link! Or, if you like one of the above, tell me! Thank you bloggers!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My history with dragons

It starts when I was the young dork in class in third grade, the one who read above what she should be able to. It was reading time, time to get your book out and read quietly to yourself. I had already finished my book, and was off on a to get a new one in the section of the classroom that withheld our supply of books. The class buzzed as they prepared to read their small puny books.

A green-yellow book caught my eye. If I remember it correctly, the book was call The something, The girl, and the Dragon. It was something about this girl who had issues doing magic, and near the end a dragon came into play. I was captivated. The thrill of the mythical world and magic seized hold in my mind. I began to scour my library for anything with dragons, about the good in them, proving to others that dragon weren't as bad as they were cut out to be.

And though I moved on and read about other creatures, dragons still had a place burning in my heart. I researched about them, read up on them, and collected many dragon items. The serpentine figures and fire breath thrilled me. I saw them as beautiful when others saw them as horrendous.

To this day, I still love dragons. They are such wonderful creatures.

Back to my history:

The next year, in fourth grade, I began to write. Stories unfolded, creatures that had never been known before became alive on paper. The more creative I became, the more I wrote. Sometimes it was dragons, sometimes it was foxes (my favorite animal before I liked wolves), and sometimes it was a mix of both. But dragons never seemed to stray from me.

Dragons reign in my very core. They describe me like no other animal: not what everybody thinks they are, but inside a fire rages, ready to defend for what they believe and always prepared to take flight into an open sky.

My stories and how they are written

Bleah has this link that you who you write like. These are what I got:

The Dragon Story: J.R. R. Tolkien (me: *blank amazement*)
Whispers: Stephanie Meyer (Oh goodness)
Ice Crystals: Stephanie Meyer (Hrrrrrr)
Outcasts: Stephanie Meyer (If I get her one more time...)
Awaking: Rudyard Kipling (who now? *googles* urm....no)

But the most I got was Stephanie Meyer?! Okay, just because I have werewolves doesn't automatically connect it to Twilight. THE NERVE!!! *rant* Stephanie Meyer is a good writer (not to mention she has the first half of my pen name: Stephanie Sky), there isn't a doubt, but I hate how obvious the connection between my book and hers is!!!

*takes deep breath*

Anyhow, I'm making sugar cookies!!!! They have chocolate chips in them, and I don't like it because it's hard to roll them into perfect little store-bought-looking shapes, but my mom like them so....blah. I'm told that I make the best sugar cookies, but for some reason I can never eat my own cookies. It's weird. I just don't want to eat them...except chocolate chip cookies! I love those, and I don't make them enough. I tried making oatmeal cookies not to long ago, and they didn't turn out too well...

I NEED NEW EARPHONES! I hate the ones I have on my iPod right now. They hate me and I hate them.

Speaking of hated items, last night my mom and I went grocery shopping at 9, and I got this cart that I named Elsie. It's a slur of 'ELC', Evil Little Cart. Elsie hated me and I hated Elsie, right away. When I selected her (you'd think she'd be grateful for the work, the bum) and started to drag her out, she fell over! Making a fool of me already! So grumbling, I righted her up, and pushed her over to where my mom was waiting. Her front wheels start doing this spazz dance, singing and moving left and right with the speed of Charry when he sees Inora. Her voice isn't very pretty either. And when it all ends, and I put her back, the stupid cart started moving on its own right back toward me!

Beware of Elsie carts.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Say farewell...

Icewolf: I'm sorry Toyi, but you just don't have a personality yet. Let's wait until you are an official character in my story.
Sauntoyi: ....so you're releasing me from the blogworld?
Icewolf: That's the general idea. We'll mis-
Sauntoyi: YES! FREEDOM!!!
Inora: Wait, he gets to leave?!
Icewolf: No, he's still a character, just not here
Inora: Aw come on! I don't even exist yet!
Sauntoyi: I'm free! Bye guys!
Tamiki/Akov: Bye, we'll miss you!
Icewolf: Bye, Toyi! Inora, he isn't even a character!
Inora: But now our group is lopsided...
Tamiki: Lopsided?
Inora: You know what I mean! Unbalanced...
Icewolf: That's why I want to bring in a new (not really) character! Hello Rust! (he's a bit younger than all of us...)
Rust: Uh...h-hi....
Icewolf: He's shy.
Akov: No kidding.
Rust: N-nice to meet you guys.
Tamiki: Don't worry kid! The blogworld isn't sooo bad.
Rust: I see *looks at Sauntoyi who is running away screaming in joy*
Icewolf: Crap...don't get the wrong idea from him. He's a non-character.
Rust: Yeah well. Oh, Inora!!!
Inora: Hi, kid!
*special bond forms*
Rust: I didn't know YOU were here! *jumps up in down happily*
Inora: I didn't know you'd be joining us!

In a faraway land:
Charry: What's this? I feel that my connection with Inny is being threatened...
Noko: What connection?!
*copyright to Shimmer

So welcome young shy Rust!

My Story eh?

Well, why not let a character take the spotlight then?

1. Hello there! Introduce yourself!
My name is Rust. You guys haven't met me yet, but I'm come in around the end of the second Outcasts book, half of the third book (Icewolf is planning something pretty sweet), and in the fourth and last one. I'm a Shadura, the one and only. I'm basically a shadow of someone who's made a dramatic change to who they were originally. But I have a body and stuff. 

2. Wonderful! Now, what is your story called?
Erm, i'm in a lot...so the Outcast Series I guess. 

3. Cool! What's the main plot about?
Um, I'm not the main character. Sorry I can't help you there, but my plot is to find Tamiki and Akov and see if they can create another Shadura for me. I'm pretty lonely you know, being the only one of your kind. 

4. Awesome. Who is your favorite good guy in your story?
I'd have to say, I look up to Inora a lot. Don't get me wrong, he's a bit different in the story than he is in the Blogworld. Here his sarcasm and cynical traits are much more emphasized, but he's really a caring character. He's loyal to the bone, humor as dry and sandpaper, but a voice as leading more than anything I've ever seen. 

5. Favorite baddie?
Heh, that'd be my original, Ironamo.  I have all his memories and stuff. It's hard to hate a guy who's been through all that he has. Also, I'm biased, without him I wouldn't be alive. 

6. Okay, make up a character right now! Use this chart:
1. Name: Petal
2. Age status (Like Teen, young adult, kid, ect.): Teen
3. Gender: female
4. Kin: none
5. Species: Shadura
6. Bio: she's going to be my future fellow Shadura! I don't know exactly her personality, but I hope it's a bit like mine.

7.  Have you ever dreamed of making a sequel? What would be its name?

I am in a sequel! It's called Awaking. 

Aw, Rust is such a sweet character (I'd have changed the font back, but I don't know how). All he wants is someone like him. I'm still debating whether or not to give him someone, or if he'll learn to accept himself -

WAIT! I have an idea. Rust, you're dismissed, this is your future!
Rust: Erm...okay *leaves*

So here's the story: 

Shadura only can be created from creatures who have made a dramatic change from their original self, and are usually the form of what the creature's old self was like. This process can only be done right before the said creature dies with high quantities of useless magic. That Shadura will then become like the creature's former self, the one before the change. To move on and find it's light partner, or a Lethina, it has to come to terms with who they are. Not as easy as you think, because they still feel what their originals felt: self-hatred and poor self confidence. For Rust, he has to accept that he is the only one of his kind, just like Ironamo didn't (he was a created werewolf and rejected constantly throughout his whole life before he went mad). Once they have done that, a new being exists for them: their other half. If Shadura's are the shadow's of one's former self, then Lethina's are the light of them. 

Muahahaaa. I rule. Thanks Shimmer for the tag that helped me plan a plot twist! 

I tag:
Any writer willing to share their story. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Thanks Golden Eagle!

What do you write your stories on?
First, I write it. Then, once I type it, I add stuff and BAM! 

What is your favorite kind of character?
The dark, yet caring, and witty type. And dark doesn't always mean appearance, just general mood. Most people assume dark means dark hair, dark eyes, etc. But that doesn't matter that much to me (of course it always is a plus....)

When you're asked what your story is about, what is your usual reaction?
I think a bit, then say fantasy. 

What is your biggest writing pet peeve?
Right now whenever I highlight something in Word, and then hit backspace, it doesn't work and it's beginning to irk me...

What is the biggest turn-off for you when reading a book?
No form of relationships. There has to be a bit of romance, but not too much. Also, dark/light balance stuff. I'm always thrilled with the idea of Yin and Yan. 

Your favorite era in history?
Erm........history.....the era we live in....?

How many words on average do you punch out in one sitting? 
Too many.

Are you a fast typist?
I would like to think so. I do type faster than anyone in my family spare my parents, but they don't count. :) Does hitting the backspace often count as well?

What do you do for inspiration?
Listen to music and wait for the urge. 

The truest writing quote you've ever heard
............................ ( i like this one because it's so informational)

Does the font and page affect the way you write?
YES! I like writing in italics most of the time because it fun. But I don't, so when I do, it's a treat. 

Do you listen to music when you write?
All the time. 

Does your brain implode after too much writing?

Do you find that reading helps you write more?
Of course! 

Now add two of your own questions to this and send it on!

And Bleah, I would tag you, but do you write stories? If not...this isn't your tag. Sorry.