Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So here I am, I don't really know what to type. I just gave JK a hug, and I don't get hugs from him that often! YAY! Huzzah for randomly hugging unwilling people. 

How many of us aren't huggers? I can't seem to grasp the idea of hating to hug other people. It just seems so natural, so human to reach out and just hug. *hugs computer* And it shows what is yours if you hug something possessively, like how I would to my Yugi-oh books. 

I just noticed I spell 'Yugi-oh' wrong. It's actually spelled 'Yu-Gi-Oh', but I like Yugi, thus I spell it Yugi-oh. And it's easier to type than Yu-Gi-Oh. Hyphens are important.

Speaking of hyphens, one time I was riding in a car with my friend. We were talking and I said "Something hyphen something". I can't really remember what I was hyphening, but my friend got a crack out of me verbally saying 'hyphen'. 





Ps: Bleah, how did you create your signature on your blog? I wants one. :)


The Golden Eagle said...

I don't really hug people that often; my mom, occasionally, but not many others . . . I just like keeping my own space AS my own space and leaving other people their own.

Hyphens. I love 'em. :D

Icewolf said...

I LOVE HUGS!!! but I understand when people don't, just don't understand when sometimes I don't. *laughs* Sorry if that confuses you...