Friday, August 27, 2010

Randomness and pickles

Pickles are actually VERY good for you. Low in calories, low in fat, and high in AWESOMENESS! I know some people don't like them, but I find them fantastic to munch on! *munch munch munch*

Recently, my dad got a new laptop, and it is WICKED! I just watched a new Burn Notice on it. Fwaaa (a version a 'fwee'). Burn Notice is about spies, basically. It is so cool watching how they *thinks of how to describe it* put bad guys in their place.

Anyhow. I feel like communing with Inny.

Inora: Why me?
Icewolf: Hey, I know you want to talk to.
Inora: Ferf. (word of annoyance or the expression of something like a bird who has their feathers ruffled)
Icewolf: So Inora, what's on your mind?
Inora: I haven't ranted about my therapist in forever. She died of a heart-attack not to long ago.
Icewolf: -.-" Sure she did.
Inora: *sticks out tongue* You on the other hand...what is that?!
Icewolf: Urm, blogworld nothingness?
Inora: *sigh* *then, brightens* Hey, can I create something?
Icewolf: *le gasp* are you SMILING?!
Inora: *darkens* Don't make me depressed again.
Icewolf: To late. And s-sure... *gives magical ability for a short amount of time* be quick.
Inora: *turns and opens paws to the nothingness*
(a white castle appears, elaborately designed)
Icewolf: Neat.
Inora: *smiling* Isn't it? I think it's going to be part of WOW. How about 'White Flame Castle?'
Icewolf: *ponders* Nah, something more magical...
Inora: 'Ice Kingdom'?
Icewolf: Doesn't fit somehow does it?
Inora: No. *thinks* Ice Jade Castle!
Icewolf: *looks castle over* Yes, that works!
Inora: *smiling widely* I like it.
Icewolf: As do I.
Rust: *walks in* Whoa! I-is Inora smiling?!
Inora: *who is too happy to care* Yup!
Tamiki: *following Rust* Shnazzle berries!!! How did this happen?!
Icewolf: *points to Ice Jade Castle*
Tamiki/Rust: *awe*
Inora: I made it myself!
Akov: In a matter of ten minutes? *walks in*
Icewolf: Hey, Kovvie. *not really paying attention to him*
Akov: Hi.*looks at Inora* Inora?
Rust: *softly to Tamiki* Is something up with them?
Tamiki: *shrug*
Inora: Icewolf gave me some magic!
Akov: Hm. *hands in pockets, looking at castle* That's cool.
Inora: *smile*
Icewolf: I gotta go...see you guys later! *flies off*
Tamiki: Um, okay...
Rust: Is something the matter with her?
Inora: I dunno.
Tamiki: Did something happen between you two?
Akov: Nope.
Inora: *raised eyebrows* Uh-huh.
Akov: Look, we just aren't like that anymore, okay?
Rust: Am I missing something?
Tamiki: *quickly informs him*
Icewolf: *flies back* I bring cookies! I forgot I had them in the oven!
Tamiki: *all else forgotten* COOKIES!
Rust: MINE!!!
Inora: I'll pass. I'm not in a cookie mood.
Akov: Same.
Icewolf: I FORCE COOKIES UPON YE! *throws cookies*

Well. That was interesting. Even I didn't see that coming and I was the one typing!!!

Akov: You're telling me! When did we have a fight?
Icewolf: *shrug*
Akov: Did we at all?
Icewolf: I don't think so...
Akov: Weird.

So. I'm off to go set up my binders for school (which for me starts soon...) BYE!



The Golden Eagle said...

Pickles! My mom recently made some of those . . . they were good.

Shimmer the Cat(Admin) said...

I love pickles!! Oh, and I hope your not-much-of-a-fight with Akov gets better!
FWAAA!! I have to do my reading part for my summer homework still, and I only have a week and a half! I hope starting in a different school won't be stressful..

Icewolf said...

Lucky, I have until Monday...

Whiskfang said...

Uhhh you said the p word