Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Story eh?

Well, why not let a character take the spotlight then?

1. Hello there! Introduce yourself!
My name is Rust. You guys haven't met me yet, but I'm come in around the end of the second Outcasts book, half of the third book (Icewolf is planning something pretty sweet), and in the fourth and last one. I'm a Shadura, the one and only. I'm basically a shadow of someone who's made a dramatic change to who they were originally. But I have a body and stuff. 

2. Wonderful! Now, what is your story called?
Erm, i'm in a the Outcast Series I guess. 

3. Cool! What's the main plot about?
Um, I'm not the main character. Sorry I can't help you there, but my plot is to find Tamiki and Akov and see if they can create another Shadura for me. I'm pretty lonely you know, being the only one of your kind. 

4. Awesome. Who is your favorite good guy in your story?
I'd have to say, I look up to Inora a lot. Don't get me wrong, he's a bit different in the story than he is in the Blogworld. Here his sarcasm and cynical traits are much more emphasized, but he's really a caring character. He's loyal to the bone, humor as dry and sandpaper, but a voice as leading more than anything I've ever seen. 

5. Favorite baddie?
Heh, that'd be my original, Ironamo.  I have all his memories and stuff. It's hard to hate a guy who's been through all that he has. Also, I'm biased, without him I wouldn't be alive. 

6. Okay, make up a character right now! Use this chart:
1. Name: Petal
2. Age status (Like Teen, young adult, kid, ect.): Teen
3. Gender: female
4. Kin: none
5. Species: Shadura
6. Bio: she's going to be my future fellow Shadura! I don't know exactly her personality, but I hope it's a bit like mine.

7.  Have you ever dreamed of making a sequel? What would be its name?

I am in a sequel! It's called Awaking. 

Aw, Rust is such a sweet character (I'd have changed the font back, but I don't know how). All he wants is someone like him. I'm still debating whether or not to give him someone, or if he'll learn to accept himself -

WAIT! I have an idea. Rust, you're dismissed, this is your future!
Rust: Erm...okay *leaves*

So here's the story: 

Shadura only can be created from creatures who have made a dramatic change from their original self, and are usually the form of what the creature's old self was like. This process can only be done right before the said creature dies with high quantities of useless magic. That Shadura will then become like the creature's former self, the one before the change. To move on and find it's light partner, or a Lethina, it has to come to terms with who they are. Not as easy as you think, because they still feel what their originals felt: self-hatred and poor self confidence. For Rust, he has to accept that he is the only one of his kind, just like Ironamo didn't (he was a created werewolf and rejected constantly throughout his whole life before he went mad). Once they have done that, a new being exists for them: their other half. If Shadura's are the shadow's of one's former self, then Lethina's are the light of them. 

Muahahaaa. I rule. Thanks Shimmer for the tag that helped me plan a plot twist! 

I tag:
Any writer willing to share their story. 

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