Monday, August 23, 2010


I dunno about the title. I just sorta decided that I'd have that word there. Right now I'm listening to some neat music on Grooveshark. I like it very much so far. My favorite song though is OMG Run by Epic Score. At least I think it's done by them...I dunno. If any of you guys have iTunes, check it out. It's pretty sweet.

Ugh, my tummy still hurts a little. But other than that...not much else....

I'm getting my Yugi-oh book either today or tomorrow because *scream of happiness* I finished half of Sister Carrie! It's a 290-something page book and I finished 160-around pages. Note how I'm not quiet certain of anything other than the fact the I know that I'm halfway through. And I think since my mind has been waiting for this moment I tricked myself into thinking that I'd hit the climax already. *laughs* I amuse myself sometimes.

Oooh. What is this song? *looks onto other tab playing music* 'Quietus'? Hm. It's neat. I'd love to get these songs onto my iPod so I can write to them. They are great songs to write to. Type in 'Grooveshark' on Google and then search for 'Epic Score'. Then select 'play all'. And enjoy. :) It's different music, without words.

At the World of What-not it seems to be a stand-still. Maybe we should have a different event. Any suggestions? I think that's all for now.

Oh, and I have yet to finish typing Card Dueling. I have (heh....) lost the cheat sheet. I'll find it asap!



The Golden Eagle said...

I don't really listen to songs, and iTunes always acts up on the computer for some reason. :P

Busch Gardens? 10 Downing Street?

LOL. Maybe not . . .

Anonymous said...

EPIC SCORE!!! YAAY! I like it a lot, as do you, I suppose! ^^ Haha that sounded wierd lol.
Maybe for DLWOW-N (Da Lovely World of What-Not)we could go enchanted forest that has a magical pond. If you step into the pond or drink it, you fall in love with the first person of the opposite gender that you see.
LOL sorry for the long comment! Words spew out of my mouth uncontrollably, I guess! ^^;;

Icewolf said...

Naw, I like it when I get long comments.

And that is actually a very good idea. We haven't had an old WOW (world of what-not) adventure, where the world was unexplored...