Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My head hurts....

I doubt that any of you have, but if you have read Andrew Carnegie you'll know why my head hurts. He wrote an autobiography about himself, and it's just so RANDOM and it doesn't make any SENSE. This man is LOONEY! I haven't even finished the second chapter yet. If I was free-reading this book I would have quit right here and now.

But I have to do it for summer work. Darn those teachers. Did they read these books themselves? And how on earth if they did thought them to be worthy enough books to give us to work on over the summer once our brains have rotted a little and procrastinate until the last week?!

(insert word of choice ((and I don't swear)))

I hope I can live through it. Pray for me.

Oh! Yesterday, X-filer and I created a card game that is based off of Duel Monsters, which is a major game in Yugi-oh. Since we do not have decks of our own, we decided to create a game of our own.

Tell me if you guys want to hear about it or not, because I know I'm alone in this Yugi-oh geek thing. Later blogworld!


The Golden Eagle said...

That book sort of reminds me of something I'm free-reading right now: Timequake but Kurt Vonnegut. It's very random with paragraphs and parts that are scattered all over the place.

Sure, I'd like to hear about it!

Icewolf said...