Thursday, August 5, 2010

Inora...has magic?!

Inora: Muhahaha...*plays with dark energy ball*
Icewolf: What is this? You're not supposed to have magic yet! (by the way, the party isn't done yet, so no worries! this is the future conversation)
Inora: Yet? Well maybe under pressure it came.
Sauntoyi: Why is my doctor's appointment taking so long?!
Icewolf: Hush.
Tamiki: You just wish you could be there.
Sauntoyi: OF COURSE I DO! There's dragons and epic fights! Why wouldn't I want to go?
Akov: Because there are dragons and epic fights?
Sauntoyi: If it wasn't at your house you would be happy
Akov: Would you like to pay for my new deck?
Tamiki: *laughs* how did the repairman react?

(scene goes to Akov's house, after the party is done ((which it isn't yet)))

Repairman: What were you doing?!
Akov: Uh...well there was a fire...and er....we tried to put ice on it...and um....
*deck is covered in scorch marks and ice chips, shadow remains and light sparks*
Akov: And a bit of magic overdose?
Repairman: O.o? W-well, there isn't much I can do for this, you're going to have to get a whole new deck.
Akov: *facepalm*

(back in the blogworld)

Tamiki: *laughing hysterically*
Akov: Hrrr....
Icewolf: Hey, blame Inora for the magic overdose.
Inora: I'll take the blame for that gladly.
Icewolf: You are a very difficult character, you know that?

Anyways, so Inny has a new power. Ugh.

It's very windy by me, and hot. So I have a hot

Hm. Not much else. I feel like going and cooking something. So, bye for now blogworld!


The Golden Eagle said...

Ack! Hot wind. What's the point of a breeze if it's not cool?! *sigh*

Icewolf said...

Ever so true...