Tuesday, August 3, 2010

*gobble* *munch* *yum!*

Who knew that sausage could ever taste actually mouth-watering?! I'm not a big fan of sausage, and I used to loathe the very sight of it. But now I'm trying to be more open, and *om nom nom* I want MORE. *rushes into kitchen* *downs another spoonful* And usually I hate the texture of ground beef, but YUM.

My eyes have been opened.

My mom is making casserole, thus the reason for me tentatively trying the apple sausage going in there. Glorious! Delicious!

I tried to work on Outcasts today (after completing a bit of my summer packet!!!), but as said in the parentheses, doing work before attempting to ooze creative juice in the form of words doesn't quite work. I wrote two sentences before my juice ran dry.

Ooh, I can feel that sausage grease going to my head...

Anyway, I found out that there aren't a lot of acclaimed Yugi-oh fans in the blogworld. Out of the millions of bloggers, only around 77 of them put 'Yugi-oh' in their favorite books, and about 20 of them put it in 'intrests'. Gar. WHO IS WITH ME?!

Well, I haven't really been a fan for long. So yeah...

But I am a fan. :3


*glance around*


Sauntoyi: *pokes head out of mind door* Are you done working?
Icewolf: With what?!
Sauntoyi: That *shudder* history what-not.
Icewolf: For now-
*door opens slightly*
Tamiki: Promise?
Icewolf: Cross my heart and hope to lose my wings!
Inora: And that is saying something.
*they emerge*
Akov: Can we end the party at my house? I wanted to go TP Tamiki's house.
Tamiki: WHY?!
Akov: You told them to do a fire-dragon!!!
Tamiki: *giggle* That makes it worth it then
Icewolf: No, we are not ending the party yet.
Inora: Hey, Icewolf, what is this? *picks up book lying on the ground*
Icewolf: Gimme that! *snatches book* That's not mine.
Sauntoyi: What was it?
Inora: O Pioneers?
Icewolf: A book that I have to read. *pout* Stupid honors class.

I have to go now. Byas!

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The Golden Eagle said...

The party's continuing? LOL, that's good. I'm having fun at Akov's. :D