Monday, August 9, 2010

To da ice cream shop! *singing*

X-filer is better now! Just something funky I guess.

Anyhow. I worked a bit on Outcasts...but nothing much. Today isn't a writing day I guess.

My characters are really silent right now....bummer. I wanted a talk.

Icewolf: HEY! WAKE UP!
Tamiki: Meh...
Inora: zzzzzzz
Akov: SLEEP!
Icewolf: Hrrr....*light bulb* *splashes water*
Inora: ARG! What was that for?
Icewolf: Now you're all awake!
Sauntoyi: Yeah, but now we REALLY don't want to talk to you.
Icewolf: Come on! I have ice cream coupons!
Tamiki: ICE CREAM?!
*everyone migrates to ice cream shop* *shop owner looks perplexed at the amount of wolves at his counter*
Shop owner: Um, this isn't a zoo.
Tamiki: The nerve! *transforms into human*
Inora: Honestly. How rude. Here we are...*mutter mutter* *changes into human*
Sauntoyi: *grumble* *does the same*
Akov: (already human) That right there mister was bad service.
Icewolf: Absolutely rude!
Shop owner: *jaw drop* O.O Wh-what are you?
Inora: Rainbow unicorns. Now I want a small banana split please.
Tamiki: Moose Tracks!
Sauntoyi: Just regular vanilla please.
Icewolf: Chocolate moose tracks!
Akov: Strawberry please.
Shop owner: *overwhelmed* Er...
Icewolf: Now, Mr.Shopkeeper, here we come, with money and craving bellies, and you are hesitating because we aren't human? Species-ist.
Akov: Look, here's the money *slaps down a $20*
Tamiki: So please be as kind as to get what we ordered.
Inora: Or I will torch you with dark magic! *holds up hand with black fire on it*
Icewolf: Inny! That's no way to ask someone to get you food.
Inora: *lowers hand* B-but...
Icewolf: No! You're going to go to your room once we get home.
Inora: *droops* Yes, Icewolf.
Shop owner: Icewolf?
Icewolf: Now, sir, we would like our ice cream.
Shop owner: O-okay...
*everyone receives what the asked for*
 Tamiki: Thank you!
Sauntoyi: Thanks!
Akov: Thank you.
Icewolf: Thank you sir. Inora, where are you manners today?
Inora: Wha? Oh, thanks!
Shop owner: *shaking in fear (he doesn't know what's going on, the poor guy)*
*all walk out*
Akov: Ha! Did you see the look on his face?!
Inora: Priceless.
Sauntoyi: If it wasn't I'd be paying on heck of a price to see it.
Tamiki: Let's start it at $50.
Sauntoyi: I'm not paying you to go back in there and scare the guy
Inora: I will!
Icewolf: Inora! Stop it right now. You're already in trouble.
Inora: Oh, right. *spoons some of his ice cream into his mouth*
Tamiki: But I could've gotten rich...
Icewolf: *glare*
Tamiki: *sigh*


Jayden Black said...


*wipes tear*
I love you and your characters Icewolf!!

The Golden Eagle said...

Ditto! Although, I think I might have emitted a longer stream of HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. :P

Jayden Black said...

I think this calls for text language, LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!

And Eagle, of course you would. You're the Golden Eagle!!! :D

Icewolf said...

Thanks guys!
Inora: You love me?
Jayden: Hm, I'd have to think about that one...
Tamiki: Well of course she loves me. I'm just awesome like that.
Inora: *drops water ballon on the dolt's head*
Tamiki: Hey! And why did you call me a dolt, Icewolf?
Icewolf: *grin*