Monday, August 2, 2010

The Pack is back!

Well, the blogworld Pack is. I have a bunch of friends in the realworld and we call ourselves the Pack (and no, we are not gangsters, though we are just as beastly :D).

Inora: Google Chrome is getting to me.
Tamiki: Yeah, they think our names are spelled wrong! *looks at computer screen* Gar them.
Icewolf: I can fix that, guys, and I like this user better than Firefox. Thanks Elphaba for converting me! *waves at friend* She's going home now, so she'll be on her own blog in due time.
Sauntoyi: Well it's good to see you're gloomy instead of scowling, Inora. Did you get over Noko?
Inora: You shut it.
Akov: *gasp* Aw. You're still attached to her as I see.
Inora: *growl* I can wait. I can be patient.
*giggle* *snort*
Inora: When I want to be!
Icewolf: Oh yes, I sure designed you that way, just like Tamiki is supposed to be emo.
Tamiki: Really?
Icewolf: I'll spell it slowly. S-A-R-C-A-S-M.
Inora: Is an art!
Akov: Not really. You so do not have an artistic streak.
Inora: frph.
Icewolf: *poke* *poke* *poke*
Icewolf: *poke* Heh, the oldest annoyance trick in the book! *poke*
Inora: Hey, that looks like fun *poke* *poke*
Sauntoyi/Tamiki: *poke*
Akov: GAR. *storms off*
Icewolf: Anyway, did you guys know that everybody but the Constipated Guy is in tie at the poll?
Tamiki: Wow.

Okay, how many Yugi fans are out there? *whimper* Please don't tell me I'm alone...


Icewolf said...

Oh, and Zef only has one vote. COME ON! HE'S A ZEBRA!!!

The Golden Eagle said...

LOL. I think it's a good thing the Constipated Guy isn't up with the others. :P