Monday, August 16, 2010

I IS BACK!!!!!!

*phew* I had a great time! We went down to the Chesapeake Bay! First we went fishing, and I caught a few fishies. And along the way I got bit by one! I got angry and shoved it into the bucket where we kept the fish...until I noticed I was bleeding like crap. It hurt! Darn fishie. Anyhow, we went tubing later and boy was THAT fun. Let me explain.

I'm a bit insane. Thus I liked nearly falling off a 50mph riding tube into water where there might possibly be jellyfish. I did epically fall head first into the water a couple times, so that was fun!

And we ate crabs. The darned things kept trying to crawl out of the pot. Didn't they know the less they moved the quicker it'd be over? Hmph, some things just don't want to go peacefully.

So anyway, now that we're all caught up.

Rust: The others told me to tell you that they don't want to talk.
Icewolf: That's okay.
Rust: R-really?
Icewolf: Yeah. I'm pretty bushed, so I'm probably going to go and rest.
Inora: OH COME ON! We wanted to get you all worked up.
Icewolf: Meh.
Tamiki: I don't think it's working.
Akov: Great observing smart one.
Icewolf: *sighs* *sends them to back of the mind*
*they go without arguing*

They know when I'm in no mood it mess around. :)

Later blogworld.


The Golden Eagle said...

*huzzahs* ICEWOLF IS BACK! :D

I LOVE Chesapeake Bay! Once when I was down there with my mom I saw TWO bald eagles. TWO! That really got me excited.

Icewolf said...

We saw one coming back...while waiting for a policeman. We were speeding 65 on a 50. :P