Friday, August 6, 2010

(Insert title)

I didn't really want to think of one, because I want to just randomly type right now. I haven't done just a random chat with myself in a while....

So to start, my obsession made obvious in the last post - Yugi-oh! It just really is that awesome for me. But honestly, Pokemon is no competition for Yugi.

Pikachu: Pika!!!!!
Yugi: Is that all that mouse can say?
Ash: Urk! N-no!!!
Pikachu: Pika....CHU!!! *lightning blots*
Yugi: *unimpressed* My hair does that. So what about this game?
Ash: Pikachu! Attack that monster thing!
Pikachu: *zolts*
Monster: RAWR! *destroys Pikachu*
Ash: ACK! Pikachu!!!!
Yugi: *sigh* just another wannabe gamer....

ARG! There is this *twitch* enormous fly in the room, and I can't find our fly swatter. world's greatest fly-killer of all time....left weaponless.....

Seriously though, I am pretty wicked when it comes to killing a fly. I know that sounds a bit weak, but it's a great skill to have unless YOU DON'T HAVE A FLY SWATTER!

*sigh* Ah well. Moving on.

Okay, I'm going to start my own tag. No picture, because I just don't feel like it.

Fire and ice? Shadow or light? Which combination?
Shadow ice! I was about to say shadow fire, but how often is the invention of shadow ice come in to play? Hm, that would make a great plot twist....

How often to you feel the urge to fly?
Quite often.

Yugi-oh or Pokemon?
YUGI. Dur. I just want to see how many of you guys agree with me. :D

Card games, puzzles, or board games?
I'm leaning toward card games. I've always liked holding a deck on cards, and puzzles just confuse me. As for board games, they aren't always the best...

Mazes on paper or you in the maze?
On paper. If I start at the end and work my way to start, I can always beat them!

Typing or writing?
Writing first, then typing.

Ice cream or cookies?

Ice or fire?
Arg! Why did I give myself a tough question?

Dragons or griffins.
No competition. As much as I love griffins, dragons will always have a place in my heart.

Which seems more high on crack, the Neverending Story or Alice in Wonderland?
Definitely the Neverending Story. I watched that last night and was WTC? What the crap is going on here?! And I liked Alice in Wonderland.

Like this tag, iffy, or hate?

I tag:
Golden Eagle
Bleh Brian (sorry if I spelled it wrong...) 

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