Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Say farewell...

Icewolf: I'm sorry Toyi, but you just don't have a personality yet. Let's wait until you are an official character in my story.
Sauntoyi: you're releasing me from the blogworld?
Icewolf: That's the general idea. We'll mis-
Sauntoyi: YES! FREEDOM!!!
Inora: Wait, he gets to leave?!
Icewolf: No, he's still a character, just not here
Inora: Aw come on! I don't even exist yet!
Sauntoyi: I'm free! Bye guys!
Tamiki/Akov: Bye, we'll miss you!
Icewolf: Bye, Toyi! Inora, he isn't even a character!
Inora: But now our group is lopsided...
Tamiki: Lopsided?
Inora: You know what I mean! Unbalanced...
Icewolf: That's why I want to bring in a new (not really) character! Hello Rust! (he's a bit younger than all of us...)
Rust: Uh...h-hi....
Icewolf: He's shy.
Akov: No kidding.
Rust: N-nice to meet you guys.
Tamiki: Don't worry kid! The blogworld isn't sooo bad.
Rust: I see *looks at Sauntoyi who is running away screaming in joy*
Icewolf: Crap...don't get the wrong idea from him. He's a non-character.
Rust: Yeah well. Oh, Inora!!!
Inora: Hi, kid!
*special bond forms*
Rust: I didn't know YOU were here! *jumps up in down happily*
Inora: I didn't know you'd be joining us!

In a faraway land:
Charry: What's this? I feel that my connection with Inny is being threatened...
Noko: What connection?!
*copyright to Shimmer

So welcome young shy Rust!