Monday, August 30, 2010

My rant on Twilight

No I am not a fan. No I am not a hater. No I do not like seeing half-naked/sparkling dudes with ego problems. And yes, Kristen Stewart is the worst actor I have yet witnessed.

For starters, let me ramble about the books:

It's a great series, no one can deny. Every word kept you going (but at the end you would be like WTC?!), and the story line had some interest to it. But why on earth does the whole book revolve around Bella? Okay, she is the main character, but she is so freaking self-absorbed, the chic couldn't figure out why Edward would leave her. Hm, I would too if I were him. All she can think about is the perfect life she wants with Edward, and her sadness over Jacob.

And I seriously liked Jacob in the book series. He was such a great character....until the movie professed his Bella-obsession and angry-werewolf sides instead of his humor. And when he did have (sparsely) any form of humor it resulted in me wanting to puke by the way Taylor Lautner acted him. He made Jacob seem like a cool flirt rather than the fun-loving creature who thought he loved Bella.

The movie:

DESTROYED the book. Ripped it up and blew up the bits of romance and fighting scenes. I mean seriously. Yeah, the book was mostly that, but that wasn't all it was! Kristen Stewart can't act for her life, unless she isn't talking. Taylor Lautner can't act, and even Robert Pattinson needs to get over himself. Kristen has no emotion behind her words, Taylor doesn't know his character, and Robert is all emo.

I went to see the first movie, excited and happy to see what was going to happen. I went to the second to watch how the animated the werewolves. I went to the third just to see how crappy it was. And you know what? I was disappointed in all but the last.

So anyway, thanks for bearing with that rant. I hate always having to make the distinction between a werewolf-fan and a Twilight-fan.

Today school has officially started. My one friend has moaned and groaned about it, but I didn't think it was so bad. We only did all the junk that needs to be done, so no work. And I just want to start my classes. I have German, Drama, and Art to look forward to!

Well, I think I squeezed my brain dry. Bye blogworld! 


The Golden Eagle said...

I hate half-naked/sparkling dudes too. They just don't make sense to me. :P

Jacob was okay, until it got to the "I'm going to run away from Bella and crawl into a hole" stuff which I felt like punching him for. I mean, come on! Can't at least one person be sane for the whole series?!

Icewolf said...

Very much agreed.