Sunday, August 29, 2010

I less-than-three Axel (just thought you should know)

So, I've been playing a lot of Kingdom Hearts 355/2 Days (and you know I've played too long if I know that title by heart, I mean sheesh, how did people come up with that?!). I've fallen in love with Axel, Roxas, and Xion, but mostly Axel. The dude can wield FIRE and has SPIKY (did you know that's how it's spelled? I didn't...) RED HAIR! If you remember my character Ace, he's very much based off of him. I just attempted to draw him...with mixed results. It's not very Axel-like, but I love it. :3

And the best pictures of all...
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Anyhow, coming of yet another obsession...honestly, I need a chill pill. But I'm a sucker for things like Kingdom Hearts, The Last Airbender, Yugi-oh, and fire-wielders. *rubs back of neck*

So today the church sermon was about Habakkuk, and him wondering where God was in all of the evil in the world. The one thing that struck me the most was this:

Think of all the complexity in one cell. Okay, move onto the organism, the body, the human, the environment, the world, our solar system, the galaxy, and then the universe. Now, guess who came up with all that complexity and keeps it in order? Yup. God does. And who's to say that He can't solve what we consider a 'complex situation'? And if He doesn't, He knows what lies in the future and maybe he has a plan for that fall or fail in life.

Awesome, right?

As for the evil, we brought this on ourselves. Next question: why does He let it go on? *looks at self* You're asking me, a mere human who can barely grasp the complexity of God, why He does what he does?

Oh, and finally loaded, is the picture I drew of Axel and Roxas...not the best...

Ah well. Later blogworld!

-Icewolf and characters

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