Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Tag from Bleah

Thank you Bleah! Something to add fun to my day. 

1. If you could have any animal in the world as a PET, what would you have? [No matter what it is, it would behave!] 
Oh, I would so have a dragon as a pet. What is cooler than a dragon? 
2. If you had to do one activity for a year with only taking breaks for sleeping and eating, what would you do?
Sleep...or read...
3. If you to star/be in a movie, what movie would it be and who would you play? 
I would be in nothing. I'd rather do plays! 

4. If you were a kitchen utensil, what kitchen utensil would you be? 
A FORK! They are killers. *stabs Akov with fork* 
Akov: OW! What was that for?! 
Icewolf: *grin* To prove my point
Akov: Ha ha, that was so funny I forgot to laugh. 
5. You're forced to paint your room a bright NEON colour. Which colour? 
First of all, why did you spell 'color' colour? It's easier 'color'. And I would paint it yellow. It's such a neat color.
6. You're at a theme park [whichever one you know best] and you can only go on ONE ride before you have to leave. Which ride [type]?
The biggest, fastest, most adrenaline-pumping one there. 

7. You're on stage singing opera when all of a sudden you lose your voice! What do you do next?
I wouldn't be singing opera in the first place unless I was drunk, and since I have no intention of being so, thus I shall not be singing opera even in theory.  

8. You are stranded with the person you get along with the least. What do you do?
Try not to strangle them. So far it's worked. Inora is still alive after all! 
9. You are a fish. ><>
Correction: I am a Jesus fish. <><

10. What would you say to the last question if it was said to your face?
The same answer I gave, but maybe I might give them a WTC face. 

I tag:
Golden Eagle



Rachel B said...

I spelled it 'colour' because I am Canadian and that's how we spell it in Canada :P

Definitely love the dragon idea... That would be totally awesome!

Question! What is a WTC face?

The Golden Eagle said...

LOL to answer 7. I'm not much for opera either . . .

Great answers!

Icewolf said...

Rachel: I don't swear, so WTC stands for 'What the crap'. And thanks for answering why you spelled color the Canadian way. :)

Eagle: Thanks! Opera is like, in a different language...

The Golden Eagle said...

Yeah. And don't mention the lyrics! I hate the lyrics. It's like a really sappy and ridiculous Baroque version of Twilight.