Saturday, August 7, 2010

Classes I hated and why

Rant time!!!

Independent Living:

Okay, I admit, I couldn't stand the teacher. Or the way she taught. I'm a hands-on learner, and I think there is some form of name for that, but I can't remember...anyway. I learn by trying things on my own, but she liked to talk. And talk. And TALK. She would take fifteen minutes to explain something that was completely self-explanatory. I would get so BORED in her class, and this class was supposed to be hands-on. In this class you were supposed to learn how to live independently (whoa, couldn't get that from the title), which means cooking, sewing, and relationships.

I could tolerate the relationship part, because you can't really do a 'hands-on relationship' and sewing you needed to take step-by-step. But for cooking we had to plan each and every step, and ORGANIZE. I'm not the world's most anti-organizer, in fact I enjoy a little organization. But hence the little. I just can't STAND neat, orderly things. For example, place a perfectly aligned row of pens in front of me. I get twitchy. I just have to mess one little thing, and then I'm good.

But everything was planned. And amidst all this organization, chaos managed to still happen. The cooking part was always hectic, and not everybody had a job to do, so most of us stood watching and got lesser grades for doing so. My group also consisted of a peppy blonde who laughed like a donkey, an athlete who I didn't quite like, and others who were quite and tried to join in the jokes. And then there was me. *bangs head on table*

All in all, not my class.

Reading/Writing workshop:

Let me clarify: I love the subjects. I love writing, and I love reading. But this year, they (I had two teachers with personalties totally opposite of each other)  BUTCHERED it. To ITSY BISTY TINY WEENY PIECES.

The reading part was weak. We read one book together all year, You Don't Know Me. Yes, it was one of those teenager-problem-stories. I used to love the book, but it was destroyed and torn before my eyes. All year we had to learn about 'teenager problems' and 'current issues'.

Um, hello? The class is called 'reading/writing' and you bring the whole thing to 'teen problems/current issues'?! IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS OR AM I JUST CRAZY?!

And the writing was ALL essays. Oh we did one poem...AT THE START OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. And I hated how we had to write about ourselves. I'm not a (mostly :D) self-centered person, and don't enjoy talking all about myself. People just don't seem to get where I'm coming from, so there isn't a need for me to publicize it. There was NO creative writing what-so-ever, and I knew how to write an essay, so ARG.

Another class I really couldn't stand.

Okay. Now classes I LOVED!


I loved my teacher. SO very much. She was the first person to read Outcasts (besides Friend ((who is a follower!)) thanks, Friend!) and she encouraged me through it all. Also, she made class really fun, and going through Shakespeare, Midsummer Night's Dream, was better than it sounds.

Also, she taught us how to tie our shoes and how to whistle. Awesomeness right there.


Again, the teacher was great. He was funny and....I guess the word is eccentric. He was just all over the place, telling us stories and somehow getting the lesson in at the same time.

Like he would talk about his family, places he went, things he did, and fit teaching math in the same day. I swear he plans it. But he doesn't cause it's totally random brought up by students.

And I'm good at math. Not great, but good enough. I know most people say that they suck at math, but I make it through.

*phew* Done! Bye blogworld! For now....:D



♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

hehe.... I love your views of everything... lol. I find myself agreing with you 100% of the time. I just wish I could word things as wittyly sa you do. I mean... for you it seems so effortless. I'd love to be in yor mind for one day, one hour. Yeah. anything. You're amazing! :)

I laugh everytime I read a post. :)

With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann

Icewolf said...

*smiles* Thanks, that means a lot to me. In real life, I'm not that witty, but when I have time to think about it, I can spew. As for the mind thing, one minute would be enough

Inora: It isn't the best...

I'm glad you liked the post! :D

The Golden Eagle said...

I read You Don't Know Me! I really liked that book! REALLY too bad they messed it up.

I love math. :) Glad you got a good teacher!