Monday, June 28, 2010


Ugh. I slept in till 11am an now my brain is awl fuzzy... my phone vibrated around 9ish, but I feel back asleep, and had a weird dream:

It started out with Dustfinger (character from one of my favorite books Inkheart ((gotta put that on my fav book list))) escaping this castle, obviously again. He runs down multiple paths, consumed by darkness, until he reaches this weird door. To the side of this door is a small one. He bends down, opens it and inside is a necklace with a heart shaped stone, carved elegantly. Dustfinger takes out the necklace, and inserts the stone into the lock. The larger door swings open. He places the necklace back, and dashes through the door. I come (or maybe I was with him all this time, I'm not quite sure) with him, and we hide in this corner with a low (around the shin height) window. The guards supposed to catch Dustfinger, looks through the window, and sees me. Dustfinger grabs me and we race down a white hall.

Along the way, I see one of my friends from church in a green/white tux floating down the hall...and that's all I can remember now. Feh.

Anyway, I'm going to be gone by tomorrow until Sunday. :( Cya later guys! Don't miss me too much!


I'M BACK! For five mementos. I don't know what to say really.
Akov: *still blushy*
Icewolf: *hugs*
Tamiki: Gar, are you going to do that every time?
Icewolf: No, I just felt like hugging!
Sauntoyi: You could hug me!!!
Icewolf: Toyi, I love you, but I love Kovvie better.
Akov: *STILL blushing* *hugs back*
Icewolf: He hasn't said anything yet since last post.
Akov: *blushy*
Inora: Okay, that's getting on my nerves! *shoves Icewolf off the keyboard* Lemme...

Inora's Typing:

Akov: I LURVE you Icewolf
Icewolf: Oh Kovvie! I love y-
waetiou aetaeiuy ralsd a aslkd

*grumble* *shove* *shout*

Icewolf: Now that we're all back...
Inora: *grumble*
Akov: *grin*
Icewolf: and still nothing...


Bye until Sunday or Monday!

Icewolf: Now that

Sunday, June 27, 2010

La di da

Akov: What's the matter?
Icewolf: I didn't know that you had such a troubled past! Waaaahhh!
Akov: What did you tell her?
Inora: Oh, that you were abandoned as a child, abused by Ironamo, and then he gets rejected by someone he loves. No biggie.
Akov: You'll pay for that.
Icewolf: *still crying...*
Akov: Icewolf, you knew that, you wrote me up!
Icewolf: *grin!*
Akov: Oh, you're so difficult.
Icewolf: Love you too!


Akov: *grin* *blush* *brain-dead moment*
Inora: I'm the new love doctor!
Charry (copyright to Shimmer): YAY!
Inora: Wait, I resigned.
Tamiki: Does this mean next year Kovvie gets the Valentine recognition?
Icewolf: *shyly blushes*

Sauntoyi: So, are you two now a couple?
Icewolf: I don't know (yeah, I'm still hugging him, fyi)
Akov: *still grinning happily*

Ah. Now that THAT'S over.

So all is well. Right now I'm working on scratch boards. Fun. They look really cool too. I'll post them later. Bye!

 Click to see bigger. <3

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Inora: I say, you say, we all say SUCKER!!!

Inora: You can't deny that the dance was fun for you.
Akov: *woozy, swaying on the spot*
Tamiki: Hm. If I didn't know any better, I'd say Icewolf likes you too.
Icewolf: I didn't say anything. Hrrr-rarrg.
Akov: !!! *winces*
Icewolf: I'll be in the sky. *turns around, and flies up into the sky*
Akov: Ohhh...*slightly sickly looking*
Sauntoyi: Oh, dear, something went wrong.
Tamiki: Crap.
Inora: What happened. WHAT HAPPENED? *shakes Akov*
Akov: C-can't....say....
Sauntoyi: Poor thing. Have some hot chocolate.
Tamiki: Gimme a second, I'll take a look in your mind so you don't have to say anything!
Akov: *moan* *sips hot chocolate*
Tamiki: GAH! No WONDER you feel hurt and depressed.
Sauntoyi: Tell us!
Inora: Oh pwease!
Tamiki: Some guy Icewolf likes came and she got mushy and Akov got angry and when the guy went away they got into a fight...
Sauntoyi: Dang...
Inora: So?
Inora: Spare me. Honestly, just give her a shiny object and put on that sad face she positively drools over. Then you tell her you like her and you were just jealous.
Akov: Grrr, that's not that easy.
Inora: Oh honestly. *sprouts wings (he has those, you know) and flies up to where Icewolf is. after a while he comes back down, Icewolf behind him*
Icewolf: *blushy* um, sorry Akov for yelling at you and stuff.
Akov: O////O Uh...I'm sorry too...
Icewolf: Uwaaa!!! *bursts into tears and collapses onto Akov in a teary hug*

What da crap is going on here?!

Akov: I wish I knew.

Tune in next time folks for the explanation and wrap-up!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Icewolf: MAHAHAHAAA! *playing in mud leftover from the ran*
(Somewhere else, the others are interrogating Akov, if you need some background info, just look at the comments of Jayden's recent post and you'll see that Jayden has revealed a deep secret of Akov's...)

Akov: Gar, leave me ALONE.
Inora: No way. This is entertaining.
Sauntoyi: Wait, hold up, so Akov what?
Tamiki: He likes Icewolf.
Sauntoyi: Well don't we all?
Inora: Not like this. He LURVES Icewolf.
Akov: Do me a favor...shut up...
Sauntoyi: Oookay...and this started when? 
Tamiki: Probably a long long time ago.
Inora: In a galaxy far away.
Everyone: O.o???
Inora: Sorry, couldn't help it. Go on.
Sauntoyi: So are you going to do anything about it?
Akov: I'm not saying anything.
Tamiki: HEY! I got an ideer!
Inora: And what is this brilliant well-thought-up ideer you have?
Tamiki: A dance at the World of What-not!
Akov: *mortified* (small voice)
Inora: PERFECT! Wait...
Sauntoyi: That means Charry for you, buster!
Inora: Oh goodness...
Tamiki: I call Shimmer! 
Sauntoyi: But she's the only one who isn't that mental!
Tamiki: She's about as mental as me.
Sauntoyi: Whatever.
Akov: Why must you torture me so?
Icewolf:  Hi guys! What's going on? *comes over, mud-splattered*
Everyone: ...
Tamiki: To Da Lovely World of What-not!
Icewolf: Wait, why?


Tis my stroke of happiness:

I love her character Micheal (werewolf-thing, quirky, and my type of guy. Fweee!!!), and she just wrote the most AWESOME chapter EVER! Meheh, I love crappy mushy things in total action/mutant/not-the-mushy-type books because you don't get them often and it's a treat when you do get those moments.

For example (I know this isn't part of my stroke, but this is a rant) Maximum Ride USED to be like that until recently when ALL of it is mushy. Bleh. But in the beginning it wasn't and I loved it when Max was confused about Fang and then all of a sudden something happens and she forgets about it until way later.

But yeah, I'm so happy. You should read Jayden's book! Tis awesome.

Mahahahahaaaaaaaaa!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I'm so HAAAA-PEEE!

Inora: Don't strokes destroy your mind?
Sauntoyi: It obviously destroyed hers.
Tamiki: Oh, give it a rest Akov.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I love windy days. Hearing the wind blow against our house and watching trees bend to something I can't see...not to mention going outside and feeling the wind myself. It makes me happy to feel wind. Sometimes, when I'm allowed to, I'll roll down the window in our car and just stick my head out like a dog. It is SO much fun. I only have to put my head back in if other cars go by so they don't see.

Anyhoo, there's not much else going on. I am mostly tired, seeing as I stayed up till 11pm last night. But that was because I forgot to eat dinner and my stomach wouldn't let me sleep! So I went downstairs and had some pulled pork and a glass of water. Did you know that water helps clear break-outs? It's awesome. One time I got sick and had a glass of water by my bed all the time. And then I noticed that my face was a lot clearer than it had been in forever! Mahaha! Beat that you stupid zits!!!

Wow, I got off track.

(Five hours later)

Thunderstorms!!! Ah, I feel so happy. I stood outside feeling the booms in my chest, feeling the rain, and if I was lucky seeing some lightning. I'm going to go back and stare at the sky. :D


So I want a new title for my blog. So I put up a poll. So now I'm off to go eat lunch. Bya!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


*pant* *wheeze* *groan* least we have 3 seasons of cool or cold and just one with unbearable heat.

Right now we're dog-sitting a boston terrier and he's the cutest thing alive. He likes playing Sock or Fetch (sock entails a long sock with a knot tied in it, consisting of something between tug-of-war and fetch) and almost always keeps his ears drawn back, giving him of the appeal of one heck of a cute dog.

Writing isn't going so well for me. I've added a lot of twists to Outcasts, but I don't have any of it typed. As for other stories, the only other one that I'm actually working with is the dragon story.

I don't know how to give you guys my button code (button is displayed at the bottom!!!) but you can just right-click, hit Copy Image, and paste somewhere. For posts hit 'Copy Image Location' and when you go to upload it hit the 'Web Address URL' and right-click the box then select 'paste' and you should get it.

Ugh, I have to go clean dishes now. Be back later.

Inora: The up of being a character, you don't have to work. :D

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My button!

My button! Thanks Golden Eagle for helping me with the sites and stuff! And I just like the little creature there, it symbolizes my randomness. :D

Thanks again!!!


Create your own banner at!

Nobody else joined in this contest, so I'd like to thank Shimmer for being the only contestant! *claps* This was your photo that I liked the best out of all the ones you entered...

Shimmer Kitty: Cumulus Cover

Happy Belated Father's Day

I was sorta grounded on Father's Day, so here is my Father's Day post.

Take a moment and think of all the things your father has done for you.

Think of your first year in this world of ours.





I'm not a good speech writer, but I just want to say there is not enough words (typed, written, or said) in this whole world in all of the languages to describe all my father has done for me. Is doing for me. Will do for me.

Take a minute to appreciate all the unsaid thanks of your early years. If you don't have a father, then appreciate your mother, or guardian, or anyone who's taken care of you so that you are here today to have the opportunity to blog. That you have been blessed enough to read this with your own computer.

And not only your earthly father, but your Father in heaven. Thank Him for all that he has granted you. Without Him, why you wouldn't be here in the first place. But He did create you, get to know you, and love you the way He made you. Even if you don't believe in Him, just thank Him anyway. There's nothing you have to lose.

Icewolf's Thanks:

Thank you Daddy for all the times I didn't say thank you, or didn't say it enough. Happy Father's Day! I love you! questions....

Justin Beiber or Adam Young?
Er, neither? Meheh.

The Prince Of Peace or Lord of Lords (trick question)? *haha*
They're the same! Amen people!

Peaches or Apricots?
Peaches are my favorite fruit of AWL time!!!

Blogger or Facebook? 
Blogger, dur. >w<

Myspace or Twitter? 
Neither. Don't have one. Lucky me! 

Computers or Cell Phones? 
Computers!!! You can do so much more for free on a computer.

Dating or Waiting? 
Pshhh! I wish I was dating. 

Peaches and Cream or Strawberry Shortcake?
Strawburry shortcake!

Stripes or Polka Dots? 
Ew, neither.

Pink or Blue? 
Going with blue, pink is NOT my color. 

Black or White? 
Black AND white. Why not both? 

Skirts or Shorts? 
Urgle, um, hafta go with skirts. If I'm doing that, shorts just don't look good on me at all. 

Jeans or Slacks?
Jeans, I wear them even in the summer!

Sneakers or Flats? 
Sneakers, omcn. 

Sandels or Flip flops? 

Once Upon a Time or The End? 
The End is a great way to end things. 

History or Mathematics? 
Math. I'm good at math, and not so much at History.

Awards or Tags?
Tags, much more interactive for me. 

Ballet or Soccer? 
Soccer is a FUN game, even though I don't know any of the rules and I hate to run (even though I'm a fast sprinter)

Keyboard or Pen and Paper? 
Awl of dem! 

E-mail or Hand Written Letters? 
e-mail. I love typing more than writing. (well, take into account I type my books up)

Candles or Flashlights? 
Meheh, candles! I LOVE fire. LOVE it LOVE it LOOOOVE it. 

TV or Books?
Books. I need a good book. :(

Action or Romance? 
Again, why not both? 

Cats or Dogs? 
*sigh* once more, WHY NOT BOTH? I'm a cat person, but also a dog person. How does that work out?

More Questions or Stop Now?
Eh, I could go all day....

Friday, June 18, 2010

Writer's Relief

For my fellow writers out there, have any of you guys gone through 'writer's relief'? What it is, is when you've been writing way too much, and your brain starts to hurt, your mind explodes onto a piece of paper. Like, doodling, random writings, etc. Its a brain break for writers and it feels REALLY good after writing too much. I've done it twice during Outcast writings, and once for Ice Crystals. It helps A LOT. Seriously, if your brain starts to feel heavy and tired from writing, just find a scrap of paper (I usually do it in the notebook I happen to be writing in :P) and let your pen do the drawing for once. Just let go....

I did that last night and boy, was I happy. X-filer laughed at me. I laughed with him. And there was much rejoicing.

I'll come back later with an example of what I mean. Laters!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ironamo's past

Okay, here's the shmeal (deal, shmeal?) Flamdura has a sister, Auden, and you meet her later. I have that bit written down, but not typed up yet. So I'll...just go right ahead with Ironamo's past. He didn't start out evil, the poor thing...

-Auden (Flamdura's blue dragon sister) creates a wolf-like creature with powers to erase memories. She names him Steel.

-Steel served (and abused by) Auden for five years. Near his breaking point he (OOPS! Can't tell you. All I can say is, Flamdura's name isn't Flamdura, but originally Nyhira).

-Consumed by hatred, Steel goes to find out what he is. Finds out about werewolves. A pack called the Smoke pack adopts him. After living with them for 7 months Steel accidentally erases a wolf's entire memory, and they banish him.

-word gets out that Steel is dangerous and suffers through rejection and mistrust.

-driven out, Steel wanders, eventually stumbling across a young werewolf girl going through her first transformation

-falls in love with her, and her name is Tara. Ends up becoming the father of Xela, and frightened by what he has done, his power burst out and destroys Tara's memory of him. (bummer)

-Steel, grief-stricken, runs away, wandering once more

-a werewolf pack finds him and they attack him, then leave him for dead

-managing somehow to heal, Steel is filled with hate for werewolves/dragons, and finds a shape-shifter hoard. Persuades them to join him in his quest for mythical domination and destruction of two of the most populous races

-Meets Juniper's mom, Juniper is born, but mom dies during child(er, pup) birth.

-Steel changes his name to "Ironamo" for the destructive weapons humans use, iron ammunition.

-tries to capture Xela to see his daughter, but goes mad before he does and loses his love for anything or anybody

And this is the blurb underneath my notes:

Not every villain starts out evil...
some are innocent...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Okay, visitor! visitor!

This is getting to confusing for me with Varjo and Smoke. They'll visit every now and then, but now, it's just going to be the characters I know and love...

Icewolf: Inora, Tamiki, Akov, and Sauntoyi!!!
Inora: Feh. Why am I always listed first?
Akov: *mumble* I wanna be first
Icewolf: And why is that Kovvie?
Akov: Gah! Er, don't call me 'Kovvie'!
Tamiki: Why, is it this special nickname she calls you when you're alone?
Sauntoyi: *snorts*
Akov: NO! She just randomly does it to annoy me!
Icewolf: *grins* Randomness is my middle name!
Akov: *growls*
Sauntoyi: Who wants pizza?
Tamiki: BAM! *produces pizza* I'm magical!!! >w<

Anyways, that's all I have to say. Now I must rest my mind....


Icewolf's Photography

These are all copyright to me! Enjoy. These are some of the better ones that I have...


First one: Touching the Sky
Second one: Stone Path
Third one: Growth where there is none
Fourth: Drops (creative, right?)
Fifth: Stormy Sky

Well, you like?

I got it! How about we have a photography contest! Take pictures of nature that ARE YOUR OWN and DO NOT SHOW ANY SPECIFIC LOCATION. I'll make a quick tag...
A) Take 3 pictures of nature and DO NOT SHOW ANY SPECIFIC LOCATION
B) Download from camera to computer
C) post the tag
D) post the pics
E) have fun and be creative
F) spread the joy!

Also, I plan to award the best pictures, so if you participate in this, please comment me a link to your blog! Which means, people, if you tag somebody else, be sure to tell them that I am judging and if they would like to win an award they'd better present me with a way to their blog! Good luck!

Create your own banner at!
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AHHH. *gurgle* Oops, sorry, I'm hungry. I haven't had anything but a pixie stick and two slices of toast today.

Anyways, summer is HERE! Tomorrow, I'm going to enjoy sleeping in with no need to get up whatsoever! Then go hang out with friends, swim, eat, read, draw, type, blog, relax.


-family trips


I'm not a heat kinda person. I'm more of a winter-lover. Hence 'ICEwolf'. I can't really stand to be outside when its hot for more than a couple hours. And I tan too easily. But not like get-brown-in-five-seconds kind of way, but the get-a-good-but-effortless tan. Feh. :P

Maybe I'll just stay werewolf for the whole summer.

All in all, pros verses cons, I'm going to have a good summer.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I just noticed that all my blogging buddies are guys. So introducing Smoke, our newest member.

Oh, the blurb is nothing. She's an orphan, or lost her parents, I'm still deciding. She's going to be part of Outcasts, so might as well let her join, right?

Smoke is almost like a quieter, but just as cynical, female Inora. But there's also a bit of Sauntoyi in her, she's a thoughtful one. She has Akov's powers (darkness abilities...muhahaha) and Tamiki's humor. So yeah, she's a bit of everybody. And yet all her own.

Smoke: ....Am I supposed to say something?
Icewolf: Not really.

Man, this is getting confusing. I should go write this down somewhere. Be right back blogworld.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

*shrugs* I don't have a the post!!!

You know what I like the smell of? Minced garlic. Seafood. Bacon. Mostly food items. I mean, who has a favorite smell that isn't food? Cinnamon buns. Salmon. Chocolate Cake. Food affects us the most right? Like, you smell a food, and you want it so bad that you feel almost faint?

There are only a few smells that I love that aren't foods. Rain, nature, forests, campfires/smoke, just-blown-out candles, cool mornings. *inhales happily*

Summer is almost here! It's an up and a down for me. I love being free, but I don't get to see my friends from school (spare one who lives near me) and heat doesn't do well with me. And I tan way too easily. And I'm not a big fan of tanning. Another good side though is that I'm going to have on heck of a summer. So posting might slow a little...

But I'll find some time, I promise!

Right now, Outcasts is waging a war against me and I can't write. So I blog, listening to 'Masquerade' from the Phantom of the Opera. It's one of my favorite songs and favorite scenes. Where they awl go around playing with masks... I want to see that movie soon. We watched bits and parts in music class, but I want to see the whole thing.

*hums to music*

Friday, June 11, 2010


Welcome! You are a kit. What is your name and who are your parents/siblings?
I am Wolfkit! My parents are Fireleaf and Willowbranch. I have only one other sibling, Dawnkit. She's quieter, but just as energetic as I am!

Nice name! You are left alone with your siblings (If you have any). What do you do? (Ex: Run away into forest, stay...ect.)
Together we race to the elder's den and see if any of them have good stories. We promise we'll stay awake this time.

It's your apprentice ceremony! Who is your mentor?
My mentor is Ripplewing, called so for his speed. He is kind, but quick-thinking and sometimes goes too fast for me. One day I'll beat him in a race!

Great! What is your favorite kind of training? (Ex: Tree climbing, battle training...ect.)
I love tree climbing. Touching the sky and tasting the's very soothing if I want to get away for a while. Maybe my warrior name will be Wolfsky.

Oh no! Shadowclan is attacking! What do you do?
Rush into battle, trying to find my sister, Dawnpaw. A warrior pounces on top of me, causing me to end my search. Frantic, I twist and land a blow to his shoulder. The tom cries out, and bites my scruff. Suddenly, Ripplewing comes out of the fray to help me. Together we defeat this tom. To my surprise, it's the deputy! 

Shadowclan has been defeated! Because of your bravery, you get to go to the Gathering tommorow at Moonhigh!
I smile and nuzzle Dawnpaw, who also is going for excellent hunting. 

At the gathering, you see a cute cat from a different clan. S/He's from Riverclan and is an apprentice too. What do you do and what is her/his name?
Heat surges underneath my fur as they approach. Dawnpaw grins at this newcomer. 
"Hi!" the cat says, "I'm Nightpaw."
"Wolfpaw," I mutter softly. Dawnpaw introduces herself, but I barely seem to hear her...

What a fun gathering! Now it's time for your warrior ceremony! What is your new name?
Wolfsong. :D

You meet a really nice cat in your clan that likes you. What is her/his name? Do you like her/him or that Riverclan cat?
His name is Redfire. Confused, I climb a tree for solstice. After going through my feelings, I decide that I like Nightpaw, now Nightmoon.

You now have three kits! What are their names?
Firekit (for the cat I nearly loved)
Starkit (for she belongs with her father, just as the stars belong in the night)
and Dapplekit (for her tortoiseshell coat)


Heheh, I'm doing this without his consent, but here's a picture I found of Akov (yush, photobucket, and it was PERFECT). Meheheheh. Shhh... Fwee!

Isn't it adorable?!?!
I love Akov! He's so awesome.
He's half a werewolf, former assassin, experienced escapee, skilled robber, fast talker, cunning creature, agile bugger, and cheater at chess! What's not to like?

Akov: I do NOT cheat at chess.
Icewolf: Yeah-huh. All you do is push all my pieces off the board and say "I WIN"
Akov: I thought the goal of the game was to get all your opponent's pieces off the board.
Icewolf: Maybe I should have explained that more...

The Rescue!

Akov: Remember the plan?
Tamiki: Yup, I'm going in now! *pads off the dock that is far from the one that three other figures stand on and slips into the water, producing his magic air bubble while at it*
Sauntoyi: *takes a deep breath* okay, here I go! *walks toward the figures, looking downcast, adopting his act*
Akov: *flaps wings to view from above*
Sauntoyi walks up the dock, each pawstep thudding against the aging wood. Finally, he reaches the three figures, and they seem to be...laughing...?
Sauntoyi: Uh...Evil Anonymous?
Unknown wolf: Gahahaha....huh, what? Oh, yeah, right. Uh...hand over the mu - Pfffhahahahaha!
Icewolf (who isn't bound in ropes): *snorts in laughter*
Inora: *giggles*
Sauntoyi: O.o" ???
Akov: Hold on *angles wings and glides to them* What's this all about?
Icewolf: Heheheh, worried were you?
Tamiki: *surfaces* hey, that's not funny!
Inora: Sure, it was the best form of comedy.
Tamiki: Shows what you know.
Akov: *grabs Icewolf by the shoulders* I was worried about you! And you're laughing?
Icewolf: Aww, thanks for caring! *hugs*
Akov: *lets go and narrows eyes, but secretly glad that the night is dark enough to hide his blush* What's going on?
Icewolf: Varjo here wanted to meet us in a different way, a way that totally described him.
Sauntoyi: Creepy?
Tamiki: Annoying?
Akov: ...
Icewolf: No, clever! He planned this all!
Inora: I even got a cookie! ^w^ I happily nomed it!
Sauntoyi: So...Varjo?
Varjo: Yo.
Icewolf: Meet Varjo! He's a sneaky little critter, and is now joining us on Randomness is Sweet!
Tamiki: Oh, on that note, hiya Varjo!
Sauntoyi: I'm glad you guys are safe.
Inora: *noming another cookie* I just wish we had cookies like this back on in our blogworld.
Varjo: I can make them.
Inora: Great!
Icewolf: So you were worried about me?
Akov: I said 'you' as in 'you guys'. Inora was laughing too.
Icewolf: Uh-huh. You keep telling yourself that.
Akov: T.T"
Varjo: Hey, you're Akov, right?
Akov: ....yeah...
Varjo: Heh, you're the wolf Icewolf never shut up about!
Akov: I'm trying to decide if that's good or bad
Charry (out of nowhere): I bet Inny never shut up about mesa!
Varjo: ...uh actually yeah...but it's wasn't all to positive
Inora: Gah! How'd you get here?!
Akov: *softly to Icewolf* so you never shut up about me huh?
Icewolf: feh!

So now I'm back, and we have a new member! Thanks for keeping with this!
-Icewolf out!

Akov: wait, what were you DOING all this time?!
Icewolf: Monopoly, Inora kept taking the battleship. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Plan!

Akov: Okay so here's what we do...(btw, thanks Golden Eagle for helping us get a plan!!!)
Akov: So EA is that black dot on the dock, right?
Tamiki/Sauntoyi: Right!
Akov: The gray dots are Icewolf and Inora. That dark blue dot is me, the light blue dot is Tamiki, and Sauntoyi, you are that orange dot. Now, tomorrow night we'll be in our positions...Sauntoyi, you appear to look distraught that you don't have and mula and try to bargain with EA. I observe EA's actions and if he seems to move to push Inora or Icewolf into the water, I'll rush to prevent that. If he does manage however, to push them in, Tamiki will be ready with his magical air bubbles.
Sauntoyi: What am I supposed to bargain with?
Akov: How about giving him one of your fake golden watches, only don't tell him that the gold is fake. If that doesn't work, try pleading. If it goes wrong, you can threaten him with this knife *holds out one* Ready?
Tamiki: Let's do this thing!
Sauntoyi: For Icewolf and Inora!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Inora/Icewolf Missing!

Tamiki: I can't wait a week!
Akov: Neither can I.
Sauntoyi: We just have to find Evil Anonymous before then. Let's check out that interview that Icewolf took with Charry before she was taken.
Akov: *clicks mouse and opens screen* here we go!

Blogger Icewolf said...
Charry, what did you do the day Inora was kidnapped, around 12ish?
Blogger Shimmer the Cat(Admin) said...
Charry: I was at home...I think...I can't remember!!!! AMNESIA!!! AMNEEE-- Shimmer: *Throws rock at Charry* CALM DOWN. GEEZ!! Charry: Sorry...ok, um...I was at my house, in my Inny shrine. Shimmer: *Facepaw* That's SO not suspicious, Charry!
Blogger Icewolf said...
Okays... describe this... "Inny shrine"...
Blogger Shimmer the Cat(Admin) said...
Charry: *Twinkly eyes* Oh! Well in my closet- Shimmer: What?! How did I not know about this..? Charry: HUSH. Anyways, in my closet, I have built a beautiful shrine dedicated to my fantabulous Inny! There are rose petals every where, and little plush Innys everywhere! And Inny candles, and Inny candy, Inny portraits...Oh, and, uh...A life-sized Inny doll!
Blogger Icewolf said...
Uh-huh...have you ever felt the urge to add another 'addition' to that Inny shrine? Like a life-like Inny?
Blogger Shimmer the Cat(Admin) said...
Charry: Well....I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want that! Yes. I've always wanted a real Inny for my own! Shimmer: You talk about him like he's a pet dog... Charry: He IS a canine. Shimmer: Touche....

Tamiki: So Charry has an Inny shrine, but why would he take Icewolf too?
Akov: Maybe she knows too much.
Sauntoyi: Or maybe it wasn't Charry. Who would want a bajillion mula and take our two best wolves to get it?
Akov: You don't know how much that sounds like a cheesy movie.
Suddenly, there is a rustle by the window. Tamiki immediately rushes to the window, only to see a bit of black fur caught on the edge. 
Tamiki: Whoever they are, they have black fur.
Akov: *blinks* how do you know that was Evil A?
Tamiki: They placed a note right here on the window signed 'EA'
Sauntoyi: EA games?
Tamiki: No, dummy! Evil Anonymous.
Akov: *snatches note* it says 'You will never know who it is until the end. Your friends aren't doing to well, they tried to resist...' *holds up a baggie with a piece of bloody white fur in it*
Sauntoyi: That's just gross.
Akov: 'I will lower the price to 100,000 mula. And I will be at the docks by the sea every night to see if you have the mula. If not, you're friends will take a nice swim.'
Tamiki: I'll tear that guy limb from limb!
Akov: What now?

Sauntoyi: We need your help! What do you guys think we should do? HELP!!!


Evil Anonymous is being kind and briefly letting me do this tag. Then I shall return to my prison...and I am forbidden to tell you anything. Anyhoo! Thanks Golden Eagle!

Be extremely beautiful or extremely intelligent?
I would like to see what it's like to be smart....

Go without brushing your teeth for a year or go without washing your hair for a year?
 Gross. Neither. *shudders*

Be rich or famous?
Is there a difference? I'd like to just be rich. Fame would get to my head. Bleh.

Have an amazing shoe collection or an amazing makeup collection?
MAKEUP! SPARE ME! I'd rather have neither, but I'll go with shoes.

Be able to sing or be able to dance?
Sing! I love singing, and a better voice would be nice. :D

Be stranded on a Desert Island or in the Desert?
Um.....? Island....?

Have a computer or a TV?
Computer!!!! I barely use my TV

Wear spots or stripes for the rest of your life?
Spots are horrid. Stripes definitely.
Drink out of a Teacup or a Mug?
Mugs have a nice homey feel to them. More personal. Teacups are sorta exclusive. 
Receive a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolate?
Ooh, toughie. I'd like assorted chocolates! I'm a chocolate-person very much.

Have a hug or a kiss from someone you love?

Wear Converse or Stilettos?
??? Whozuwhatnow?

Meet Johnny Depp or Robert Pattinson?
Robert Pattinson? You have GOT to be kidding me. Jonny Depp wins. Btw, I now just realize I've been saying Robert Pattinson's name wrong...I've been saying Patterson....oops.

Be a Fairy or a Mermaid?
*shivers* again, not one of them.

A coffee or a cup of tea?
Maybe tea. Green tea is good. 
Pink nails or blue nails?
Erm, blue?

Live somewhere sunny or somewhere cold?
Loooove winter. Loooooove snow. *laughs*

Have an amazing house or an amazing car?
Um, I'd like a house. Cars aren't that important.

Be kind or funny?
Why not both?

Eat sweets or cake?
Cake! Om nom nom.

Hold a tarantula or a snake?
Snakes are awesome to hold!

Wear a necklace or a ring?
Rings. Necklaces somewhat repulse me.

Laugh or smile?

Be hated or be a hater?

Wear Pearls or Beads?

If you had to choose, lose your sight or your hearing?
Hearing, I guess. You can get help for that.

Love or be loved?
Both! <3

I tag:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Inora's missing, part two

Icewolf: I can't find him!!!
Tamiki: No crap...
Sauntoyi: He's not at the police office
Akov: I just checked the emo rehab center. Zero.
Tamiki: He's not even at the ice cream shop!!!
Icewolf: And I bet he wasn't in the ice cream cone either. *scowls at ice cream stain on Tamiki*
Tamiki: It's was a hot day! And I could smell it! Sorry if the world still spins even if Inora's gone.
Sauntoyi: *sits on hind paws, gazing around sadly* It's weird how we are all worried, seeing how we treat Inora when he's here.
Icewolf: True. But it's not like we utterly hate him. I for one don't hate him.
(Everyone nods)
Icewolf: Now, begone stupid pep talk! On with trying to find suspects and clues.
Akov: How about starting with the crime scene?
Icewolf: Well...

Sauntoyi: 'Kay. Look at (a) the walls. Scratch marks. Usually a sign of a fight.
 Akov: Were those there before, Icewolf?
Icewolf: No.
Akov: Okay. Exhibit (b) door marks. On the door frames, there's marks of claws, probably showing that Inora was probably dragged against his will. Claw marks on the floor and the door itself also prove this.

Tamiki: Also the bed is torn up.
Icewolf: And Mr.Fuzzums is still on the bed.
Sauntoyi: Let us not forget Mr.Fuzzums.
Akov: So, okay, there was a struggle. We don't know who could've done it!
Icewolf: There was a smashed window...
Tamiki: Where?
Icewolf: In the hallway leading into the bedroom.
Akov: So they broke in. That doesn't tell us anything about them!
Icewolf: Well, what if they cut themselves on the window? What then?
Sauntoyi: Blood would be on the window....
Icewolf: Give the pup a cigar.
Tamiki: Should we go see this window?
Akov: We'd better. Let's go.


Icewolf: Nothing. No blood.
Tamiki: I feel like I'm in some CSI show or something.
Sauntoyi: Don't we all.
Akov: UGH! I can't take this! *punches a wall* I hate not knowing things.
Icewolf: This is so depressing....
Tamiki: What is it supposed to be? Happy and fun? One of us is missing, and so is the joke.
Sauntoyi: Now that takes the cake!
Akov: Maybe the kidnapper took the cake for all we know!
Everyone: O.O? .....
Akov: It was supposed to be a joke.
Icewolf: Well, it didn't work.
Akov: *droops*
Icewolf: *lets out angry breath* Fine, lets all take a break. I'll run to the store and buy ice cream.
Tamiki: I vote chocolate chip!
Akov: Meanwhile, hey Toyi! Want to play a game of Monopoly?
Sauntoyi: I call the battleship!
Akov: No! You're always the battleship!
Sauntoyi: *awkward silence* .......Inora was always the battleship.....
Akov: *sigh*

Icewolf goes to get ice cream. Sauntoyi and Akov play a successful game of Monopoly. Tamiki does whatever he does in his spare time. After an hour, Icewolf still hasn't returned.

Tamiki: *stops playing with fireballs* Hey guys, shouldn't Icewolf be here by now?
Sauntoyi: You're right!
Akov: Ha! I won - wait, what?
Tamiki: Where's Ic-
*rock smashes through window with a note attached to it*
Akov: *picks up rock, unties note* 'I have captured two of you. Surrender a bajillion mula to me in a week's time or else they die. Enjoy your terror. Evil Anonymous. PS. Inora says he would like a cookie when you see him again.'
Sauntoyi: A bajillion mula?!
Tamiki: We don't have a bajillion mula!!!
Akov: *softly* then Icewolf and Inora is doomed.

So, my fellow bloggers. I have been kidnapped and now with Inora. Oops. So, until next time...


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Short break for a tag!

We can pause the investigation for a quick tag by Shimmer!

1. What is your favorite Ice cream flavor?
Moose Tracks! Yum yum yum.

2. Do you eat ice cream in a cone, cup, or out of the tub?
Er, I've never eaten ice cream in my tub, I use that for baths. But I like eating it in a bowl! 

3. Make up an animal/monster out of ice cream! What is it called and what does it look like?
Nom monster! Looks like Tamiki! 

4. Does ice cream give you a brain-freeze?
Naw! I get mouth freeze. 

5. What is the largest amount of ice cream you have ever eaten?
A whole lot....

6. Popsicles or Ice cream?
Ice cream, dur

7. Ice cream is falling from the sky! What do you do?
Dance for joy and devour. 

8. Charry loves ice cream, do you? (He also loves a certain Inny :3)
Inny (who isn't here, but left a message that can't be tracked): spare me
Icewolf: YUSH!

9. Did you enjoy this quiz?

10. Want me to make more?
You bet!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Akov: How do you know he hasn't run away?
Tamiki: Knowing the poor soul, he probably has.
Icewolf: He hasn't! There a sign of a struggle!
Sauntoyi: Well, that's an issue.
Tamiki: What sign?
Icewolf: He forgot his teddy bear, and there were claw marks at the door, so I conclude that he was fighting to get to it.
Everyone: .....O.o?
Icewolf: Inora NEVER leaves without Mr.Fuzzums. Never!
Tamiki: Well....let's think of suspects...
 Charry (right, hugging victim)                           Inora's Evil sister who has no name
Motive: obsession                                               Motive: hatred, loneliness, or just 
((copyright to Shimmer))                                     no other reason

Easter Bunny
Motive: bad day, and hates Inora
for trying to kill when he tried to 
hide Easter eggs in his house.

Icewolf: Well, that helps a lot. 
Tamiki: Better than nothing, right?

 Tune in next time for the interviewing of the suspects.

 End note: Shimmer, on Da Lovely World of What not, could we interview Charry? NO ONE ELSE GO, UNLESS YOU WANT A SPOILER!!!


Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy 100th post!

Happy 100th post to me! *hums the tune of 'happy birthday'* For starters, I'd like to do my favorite, caption contest!

This apple is labeled 'a'. So when you go to write the caption, write 'a.)' and your guess

This is labeled 'b'



Quiz (have fun!)

1.) Is swimming a fun thing to do for you?

2.) Cherry pie...or apple pie?
Apple pie. Om nom nom

3.) Does ranch taste good on anything?
It so does.

4.) Best trait: sarcasm, easy-going, energetic, or moody?
A mix of all of them. :D

5.) Tell me one thing that makes you extremely happy.
Riding roller coasters. Oooohh man...what a rush.

6.) Don't fireflies make you want to smile and laugh? I mean, they're so...amusing, right?
You bet they are!

7.) Egg rolls, or sweet and sour chicken? think I like egg rolls better.

8.) Does Inora amuse you?
Heheh. Yesh!

10.) I say say...
Guten tag! Dang that a fun word... (pronounced goo-ten taa-g)

And last but not least, a convo with my lovely blog buddies, who so deserve a round of applause for their courage and unwavering bravery in this blog world.

Icewolf: *claps paws*
Sauntoyi: Hey, we're being recognized. Hey, guys! Get over here!
Tamiki: Wazsis? *rubs eyes sleepily* I just woke up.
Inora: It's the middle of the day.
Tamiki: So? I slept in is all. Hmph.
Sauntoyi: Anyways, look! See how Icewolf is just in the background, clapping? We have total control!!!
Inora: Really? *produces a lollipop out of thin air* wow! we really do!
Tamiki: *produces a cane and wacks Inora* dummy, I've always had control. You were the only one that had limitations.
Inora: Nu-uh!
Sauntoyi: Um...yea-uh
Tamiki: Burn.
Akov: Yo.
Tamiki: Oy.
Akov: O.o?
Tamiki: You know, 'yo' backwards.
Sauntoyi: Oh! I love spelling words backwards!!!    !!!sdrawkcab sdrow gnilleps evol I !hO!
Everyone: .......


-Icewolf out and gone. Alls well that ends well.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I was grounded, and now I'm not. Long story, can't say. But I'll be visiting the posts I missed, so yay!

Also, this is my 99th post! The next one is going to be something fun, but I really don't know why. *shrugs* I'll figure it out.


Inora: Frankly, I didn't miss a thing.
Icewolf: Yes, you did. I caught you crying your eyes out yesterday.
Inora: W-what?! O////O Uh...that, Tamiki! He took my form to trick you!
Icewolf: Nice try, but Tamiki was with me.
Inora: *disappears*
Icewolf: Wow! He finally went away!!!

In any case. I started a new story. Its about a girl named Mara. Her and her family own a dragon farm, but no one knows about it. They're slowly re-introducing dragons back into the world. And it's not just the kind of dragon that we think of, it's all different sorts from different countries.

Mara wants to raise a dragon on her own, and an American dragon (regular four-legged, winged, fire-breathing dragon) at that. But her father, who was attacked by one when it got out of control, point-blank hates the idea.

Heart-broken, Mara returned to the house (wait, let me back up, Mara lives down in a normal house with her mom ((no, parents are not divorced)) where they raise the baby dragons without parents. Her dad lives up on the ranch where the adult dragons are kept on a wide expanse of land, and he is assisted by a wyvern) and pours out her sorrow to the young Chinese dragon, Honey. Honey realized how much Mara's heart set in the task of raising a dragon, and steals an American dragon egg for Mara to raise.

Meanwhile, her parents are seeking a second pair of hands to help work at the ranch that aren't dragons. They hire a boy from Mara's grade, Blaize, who spells his name 'Blaze'.  He has all the symptoms of a Rider, which Mara later finds out that she too is a Rider and a Hatcher.

Wow, that's longer than I hoped. Anyways, bye!