Sunday, June 6, 2010

Short break for a tag!

We can pause the investigation for a quick tag by Shimmer!

1. What is your favorite Ice cream flavor?
Moose Tracks! Yum yum yum.

2. Do you eat ice cream in a cone, cup, or out of the tub?
Er, I've never eaten ice cream in my tub, I use that for baths. But I like eating it in a bowl! 

3. Make up an animal/monster out of ice cream! What is it called and what does it look like?
Nom monster! Looks like Tamiki! 

4. Does ice cream give you a brain-freeze?
Naw! I get mouth freeze. 

5. What is the largest amount of ice cream you have ever eaten?
A whole lot....

6. Popsicles or Ice cream?
Ice cream, dur

7. Ice cream is falling from the sky! What do you do?
Dance for joy and devour. 

8. Charry loves ice cream, do you? (He also loves a certain Inny :3)
Inny (who isn't here, but left a message that can't be tracked): spare me
Icewolf: YUSH!

9. Did you enjoy this quiz?

10. Want me to make more?
You bet!!!


The Golden Eagle said...

Haha. I like your answers. :)

Icewolf said...

*bows* thank you, I'll be here all week. :D