Saturday, June 26, 2010

Inora: I say, you say, we all say SUCKER!!!

Inora: You can't deny that the dance was fun for you.
Akov: *woozy, swaying on the spot*
Tamiki: Hm. If I didn't know any better, I'd say Icewolf likes you too.
Icewolf: I didn't say anything. Hrrr-rarrg.
Akov: !!! *winces*
Icewolf: I'll be in the sky. *turns around, and flies up into the sky*
Akov: Ohhh...*slightly sickly looking*
Sauntoyi: Oh, dear, something went wrong.
Tamiki: Crap.
Inora: What happened. WHAT HAPPENED? *shakes Akov*
Akov: C-can't....say....
Sauntoyi: Poor thing. Have some hot chocolate.
Tamiki: Gimme a second, I'll take a look in your mind so you don't have to say anything!
Akov: *moan* *sips hot chocolate*
Tamiki: GAH! No WONDER you feel hurt and depressed.
Sauntoyi: Tell us!
Inora: Oh pwease!
Tamiki: Some guy Icewolf likes came and she got mushy and Akov got angry and when the guy went away they got into a fight...
Sauntoyi: Dang...
Inora: So?
Inora: Spare me. Honestly, just give her a shiny object and put on that sad face she positively drools over. Then you tell her you like her and you were just jealous.
Akov: Grrr, that's not that easy.
Inora: Oh honestly. *sprouts wings (he has those, you know) and flies up to where Icewolf is. after a while he comes back down, Icewolf behind him*
Icewolf: *blushy* um, sorry Akov for yelling at you and stuff.
Akov: O////O Uh...I'm sorry too...
Icewolf: Uwaaa!!! *bursts into tears and collapses onto Akov in a teary hug*

What da crap is going on here?!

Akov: I wish I knew.

Tune in next time folks for the explanation and wrap-up!


Jayden Black said...

Mike and I make a ton of trouble don't we??

Jayden Black said...

Akov, you gotta tell her how you FEEL!!

The Golden Eagle said...

Go on, you two. Things shall only get worse unless you confess . . .

Icewolf said...

Akov: How I FEEL? Gah.
Icewolf: C-confess? O.O

Yush, you do make a ton of trouble.