Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy 100th post!

Happy 100th post to me! *hums the tune of 'happy birthday'* For starters, I'd like to do my favorite, caption contest!

This apple is labeled 'a'. So when you go to write the caption, write 'a.)' and your guess

This is labeled 'b'



Quiz (have fun!)

1.) Is swimming a fun thing to do for you?

2.) Cherry pie...or apple pie?
Apple pie. Om nom nom

3.) Does ranch taste good on anything?
It so does.

4.) Best trait: sarcasm, easy-going, energetic, or moody?
A mix of all of them. :D

5.) Tell me one thing that makes you extremely happy.
Riding roller coasters. Oooohh man...what a rush.

6.) Don't fireflies make you want to smile and laugh? I mean, they're so...amusing, right?
You bet they are!

7.) Egg rolls, or sweet and sour chicken? think I like egg rolls better.

8.) Does Inora amuse you?
Heheh. Yesh!

10.) I say say...
Guten tag! Dang that a fun word... (pronounced goo-ten taa-g)

And last but not least, a convo with my lovely blog buddies, who so deserve a round of applause for their courage and unwavering bravery in this blog world.

Icewolf: *claps paws*
Sauntoyi: Hey, we're being recognized. Hey, guys! Get over here!
Tamiki: Wazsis? *rubs eyes sleepily* I just woke up.
Inora: It's the middle of the day.
Tamiki: So? I slept in is all. Hmph.
Sauntoyi: Anyways, look! See how Icewolf is just in the background, clapping? We have total control!!!
Inora: Really? *produces a lollipop out of thin air* wow! we really do!
Tamiki: *produces a cane and wacks Inora* dummy, I've always had control. You were the only one that had limitations.
Inora: Nu-uh!
Sauntoyi: Um...yea-uh
Tamiki: Burn.
Akov: Yo.
Tamiki: Oy.
Akov: O.o?
Tamiki: You know, 'yo' backwards.
Sauntoyi: Oh! I love spelling words backwards!!!    !!!sdrawkcab sdrow gnilleps evol I !hO!
Everyone: .......


-Icewolf out and gone. Alls well that ends well.

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The Golden Eagle said...


d) Ah, cower, evil human! I shall shred you and burn you to ashes once I can . . . get . . . out of . . . this . . . garbage can.

*MREOW is heard outside on the street*