Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ironamo's past

Okay, here's the shmeal (deal, shmeal?) Flamdura has a sister, Auden, and you meet her later. I have that bit written down, but not typed up yet. So I'll...just go right ahead with Ironamo's past. He didn't start out evil, the poor thing...

-Auden (Flamdura's blue dragon sister) creates a wolf-like creature with powers to erase memories. She names him Steel.

-Steel served (and abused by) Auden for five years. Near his breaking point he (OOPS! Can't tell you. All I can say is, Flamdura's name isn't Flamdura, but originally Nyhira).

-Consumed by hatred, Steel goes to find out what he is. Finds out about werewolves. A pack called the Smoke pack adopts him. After living with them for 7 months Steel accidentally erases a wolf's entire memory, and they banish him.

-word gets out that Steel is dangerous and suffers through rejection and mistrust.

-driven out, Steel wanders, eventually stumbling across a young werewolf girl going through her first transformation

-falls in love with her, and her name is Tara. Ends up becoming the father of Xela, and frightened by what he has done, his power burst out and destroys Tara's memory of him. (bummer)

-Steel, grief-stricken, runs away, wandering once more

-a werewolf pack finds him and they attack him, then leave him for dead

-managing somehow to heal, Steel is filled with hate for werewolves/dragons, and finds a shape-shifter hoard. Persuades them to join him in his quest for mythical domination and destruction of two of the most populous races

-Meets Juniper's mom, Juniper is born, but mom dies during child(er, pup) birth.

-Steel changes his name to "Ironamo" for the destructive weapons humans use, iron ammunition.

-tries to capture Xela to see his daughter, but goes mad before he does and loses his love for anything or anybody

And this is the blurb underneath my notes:

Not every villain starts out evil...
some are innocent...


The Golden Eagle said...

Very cool. I love complicated villains; they're boring if they start out completely evil.

Icewolf said...

i know right? And I think I did pretty well with Ironamo.

Jayden Black said...

Indeed you did! Like I always say, Vader was framed.