Friday, June 11, 2010

The Rescue!

Akov: Remember the plan?
Tamiki: Yup, I'm going in now! *pads off the dock that is far from the one that three other figures stand on and slips into the water, producing his magic air bubble while at it*
Sauntoyi: *takes a deep breath* okay, here I go! *walks toward the figures, looking downcast, adopting his act*
Akov: *flaps wings to view from above*
Sauntoyi walks up the dock, each pawstep thudding against the aging wood. Finally, he reaches the three figures, and they seem to be...laughing...?
Sauntoyi: Uh...Evil Anonymous?
Unknown wolf: Gahahaha....huh, what? Oh, yeah, right. Uh...hand over the mu - Pfffhahahahaha!
Icewolf (who isn't bound in ropes): *snorts in laughter*
Inora: *giggles*
Sauntoyi: O.o" ???
Akov: Hold on *angles wings and glides to them* What's this all about?
Icewolf: Heheheh, worried were you?
Tamiki: *surfaces* hey, that's not funny!
Inora: Sure, it was the best form of comedy.
Tamiki: Shows what you know.
Akov: *grabs Icewolf by the shoulders* I was worried about you! And you're laughing?
Icewolf: Aww, thanks for caring! *hugs*
Akov: *lets go and narrows eyes, but secretly glad that the night is dark enough to hide his blush* What's going on?
Icewolf: Varjo here wanted to meet us in a different way, a way that totally described him.
Sauntoyi: Creepy?
Tamiki: Annoying?
Akov: ...
Icewolf: No, clever! He planned this all!
Inora: I even got a cookie! ^w^ I happily nomed it!
Sauntoyi: So...Varjo?
Varjo: Yo.
Icewolf: Meet Varjo! He's a sneaky little critter, and is now joining us on Randomness is Sweet!
Tamiki: Oh, on that note, hiya Varjo!
Sauntoyi: I'm glad you guys are safe.
Inora: *noming another cookie* I just wish we had cookies like this back on in our blogworld.
Varjo: I can make them.
Inora: Great!
Icewolf: So you were worried about me?
Akov: I said 'you' as in 'you guys'. Inora was laughing too.
Icewolf: Uh-huh. You keep telling yourself that.
Akov: T.T"
Varjo: Hey, you're Akov, right?
Akov: ....yeah...
Varjo: Heh, you're the wolf Icewolf never shut up about!
Akov: I'm trying to decide if that's good or bad
Charry (out of nowhere): I bet Inny never shut up about mesa!
Varjo: ...uh actually yeah...but it's wasn't all to positive
Inora: Gah! How'd you get here?!
Akov: *softly to Icewolf* so you never shut up about me huh?
Icewolf: feh!

So now I'm back, and we have a new member! Thanks for keeping with this!
-Icewolf out!

Akov: wait, what were you DOING all this time?!
Icewolf: Monopoly, Inora kept taking the battleship. 


The Golden Eagle said...

Hello, Varjo! That was one dramatic introduction . . .

Icewolf said...

Varjo: Heh, *rubs back of neck* well, i guess
Akov: I have my eye on you Varjo.
Varjo: Er...why?
Akov: *growls*