Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Plan!

Akov: Okay so here's what we do...(btw, thanks Golden Eagle for helping us get a plan!!!)
Akov: So EA is that black dot on the dock, right?
Tamiki/Sauntoyi: Right!
Akov: The gray dots are Icewolf and Inora. That dark blue dot is me, the light blue dot is Tamiki, and Sauntoyi, you are that orange dot. Now, tomorrow night we'll be in our positions...Sauntoyi, you appear to look distraught that you don't have and mula and try to bargain with EA. I observe EA's actions and if he seems to move to push Inora or Icewolf into the water, I'll rush to prevent that. If he does manage however, to push them in, Tamiki will be ready with his magical air bubbles.
Sauntoyi: What am I supposed to bargain with?
Akov: How about giving him one of your fake golden watches, only don't tell him that the gold is fake. If that doesn't work, try pleading. If it goes wrong, you can threaten him with this knife *holds out one* Ready?
Tamiki: Let's do this thing!
Sauntoyi: For Icewolf and Inora!


The Golden Eagle said...

Go! Succeed! Rescue our unfortunate compadres!

Icewolf said...

AKov: We plan to and shall!

Anonymous said...

Akov...uh..Charry snuck out last night to help you guys. He thought you were in the Lovely World of What-Not. I think he's lost there. @-@

Icewolf said...

Akov: Uh-ohs, I'll go there right away!