Tuesday, June 15, 2010


AHHH. *gurgle* Oops, sorry, I'm hungry. I haven't had anything but a pixie stick and two slices of toast today.

Anyways, summer is HERE! Tomorrow, I'm going to enjoy sleeping in with no need to get up whatsoever! Then go hang out with friends, swim, eat, read, draw, type, blog, relax.


-family trips


I'm not a heat kinda person. I'm more of a winter-lover. Hence 'ICEwolf'. I can't really stand to be outside when its hot for more than a couple hours. And I tan too easily. But not like get-brown-in-five-seconds kind of way, but the get-a-good-but-effortless tan. Feh. :P

Maybe I'll just stay werewolf for the whole summer.

All in all, pros verses cons, I'm going to have a good summer.


The Golden Eagle said...

Yeah, I hate heat too. I normally like walking/running/excercising outside, but now it's like You want me to do WHAT?! It's hot. And muggy. And WE NEED AN ICE AGE!

Well, not really. But at least some cooler weather.

Icewolf said...

Amen. Rain would do.