Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Icewolf's Photography

These are all copyright to me! Enjoy. These are some of the better ones that I have...


First one: Touching the Sky
Second one: Stone Path
Third one: Growth where there is none
Fourth: Drops (creative, right?)
Fifth: Stormy Sky

Well, you like?

I got it! How about we have a photography contest! Take pictures of nature that ARE YOUR OWN and DO NOT SHOW ANY SPECIFIC LOCATION. I'll make a quick tag...
A) Take 3 pictures of nature and DO NOT SHOW ANY SPECIFIC LOCATION
B) Download from camera to computer
C) post the tag
D) post the pics
E) have fun and be creative
F) spread the joy!

Also, I plan to award the best pictures, so if you participate in this, please comment me a link to your blog! Which means, people, if you tag somebody else, be sure to tell them that I am judging and if they would like to win an award they'd better present me with a way to their blog! Good luck!

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Icewolf said...

actually, just clicking on the tag sends you here! :D

Anonymous said...

Nice photgraphy! You're talented! ^^ I LOVE the storm clouds one! For some reason, it makes me feel safe. >w<;;
I'll do the tag right away, ma friend!

The Golden Eagle said...

Great images. :)

I'm not going to do this tag/contest (sorry about that) because I haven't taken that many photos recently, and the only camera we have is film--and costs 10 bucks to develop.

Icewolf said...

Shimmer: That one is my favorite along with the Stone Path thinger! Been to your blog, and I like your cloud pictures too! Clouds are so pretty...

Golden Eagle: Aw. Sorries.