Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Okay, visitor! visitor!

This is getting to confusing for me with Varjo and Smoke. They'll visit every now and then, but now, it's just going to be the characters I know and love...

Icewolf: Inora, Tamiki, Akov, and Sauntoyi!!!
Inora: Feh. Why am I always listed first?
Akov: *mumble* I wanna be first
Icewolf: And why is that Kovvie?
Akov: Gah! Er, don't call me 'Kovvie'!
Tamiki: Why, is it this special nickname she calls you when you're alone?
Sauntoyi: *snorts*
Akov: NO! She just randomly does it to annoy me!
Icewolf: *grins* Randomness is my middle name!
Akov: *growls*
Sauntoyi: Who wants pizza?
Tamiki: BAM! *produces pizza* I'm magical!!! >w<

Anyways, that's all I have to say. Now I must rest my mind....


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