Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Belated Father's Day

I was sorta grounded on Father's Day, so here is my Father's Day post.

Take a moment and think of all the things your father has done for you.

Think of your first year in this world of ours.





I'm not a good speech writer, but I just want to say there is not enough words (typed, written, or said) in this whole world in all of the languages to describe all my father has done for me. Is doing for me. Will do for me.

Take a minute to appreciate all the unsaid thanks of your early years. If you don't have a father, then appreciate your mother, or guardian, or anyone who's taken care of you so that you are here today to have the opportunity to blog. That you have been blessed enough to read this with your own computer.

And not only your earthly father, but your Father in heaven. Thank Him for all that he has granted you. Without Him, why you wouldn't be here in the first place. But He did create you, get to know you, and love you the way He made you. Even if you don't believe in Him, just thank Him anyway. There's nothing you have to lose.

Icewolf's Thanks:

Thank you Daddy for all the times I didn't say thank you, or didn't say it enough. Happy Father's Day! I love you!


Jayden Black said...

:) Very touching Icewolf! I love both my dads too!

Icewolf said...

wait, both your dads?!

Icewolf said...


Icewolf said...

ooooooooooooooooh, i get it now, okay! Me too!